Friday, November 30, 2007

Introducing Duffy MTV interview

Interview by MTV. Here it is, pasted in below.
Introducing Duffy
We interview our tip for 2008 who says: “I’m just a girl from Wales. Can I survive this?”…

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer,” says Duffy at the start of revealing interview. “I’d go to hang out at gigs and try to get into studios but not tell anyone- It was torturing me.”

The pretty 22 year old is not only disarmingly honest during her chat with MTV News but also talkative, funny and very cute.

Duffy is the latest young British soul diva to hit the music scene, following Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. Her voice is already as big and we’re predicting her career will go the same way.

But coming from a small North Wales community her life could have been different: “The record store was three buses away I’d tell people at home I wanted to make a record and they would laugh.”

“When I moved to London I had this amazing introduction to music. I was lucky to meet Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee (Rough Trade supremos), I was just a kid they believed in me. If I hadn’t met them I might be washed up in Wales.”

Working with Rough Trade as her management and now signed to major label A&M (“I thought ‘you only live once’,”- she says), Duffy was teamed up with producer Bernard Butler. The former Suede member has worked with The Libertines, The Cribs and Aimee Mann.

For Duffy he’s recreated a 60’s influenced classic sound influenced by Dusty Springfield, Northern Soul and big band numbers. The vocalist herself was listening to Bowie, Dylan, Arcade Fire, Scott Walker, Candi Staton and Betty Swan while making her debut album.

Lead single Rockferry, out now, showcases her style: “It’s a song about struggle- Rockferry is the place everyone is trying to get to in their life. It took me about six or seven months to be able to listen to it back.”

Otherwise many of the pretty singer’s tracks are about moving from Wales to London- aside from her next excellent single Mercy which is ‘about something quite sexual.’

Although Duffy freely admits she’s not the most experienced person when it comes to love she can still write about romance. “I’m a young girl writing about love… I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic but I don’t really know love.”

The young star dominates the stage when performing live but in reality she’s a sensitive slightly unsure twenty-something: ““My family have never heard me sing live and now I’m being revealed and I feel vulnerable. It’s a bit scary.

“I’m just a girl from Wales, I mean can I survive all this? There’s a part of me that gets frightened but the artist inside of me is just glad people enjoy my music.”

Duffy adds: “I’m understanding myself more and more every day.”

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