Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duffy Live DVD - Is it Official?

The saga continues - read my earlier blogpost about it.

I was sent this photo from Duffysmate (Massive thanks Duffysmate!) who procured a copy from an Amazon marketplace seller for under a tenner. Make sure you guys don't get ripped off and pay £17+ for this (which an ebay seller is trying to get for it) as we still aren't sure whether it is official or not.
Click the photo for a larger image.

Duffysmate says:
I have received the Japan DVD and I have to say that both the visual and audio quality are superb. From the credits it looks like the production has been done by a small Japanese company, maybe licensed by Universal Group. Duffy's performance is one of the best I have seen her give. Certainly worth buying in my opinion, the box contains a picture disc and flyer with the same pic as the front cover and a track listing.
Personally I'm a happy with the version which was recorded from Japanese TV so I'm giving this one a miss for now....

Please leave a comment if you have any opinions or info about whether this DVD is official.

Merry Christmas Duffy fans!

Duffy Diary Photos - Looking back to 2008

Joy posted photos of the Guardian's Feb 2008 Duffy Diary article featuring some photos. You can still read the Duffy Diary article here or here.

But the reason I'm posting is that Ellegirl used these same photos and more similar photos way back in 2008 also. I linked to it on my blog way back in May 2008 but I figured I'd post these photos so that all can see them, now that Duffy fans are talking about them on Joy's blog....

Joy's blog is mainly from a fashion perspective and she features photos of magazine articles and mainly stuff about Duffy's outfits etc. Keep up the good work Joy!

Duffy Dumps Manager?

As reported today by the Daily Star - whether or not it is true it seems to be already spreading like wildfire throughout the internet "news".


Daily Star, Dec 23rd 2009

MEGA-selling Duffy has sacked the manager who guided her to stardom.

Jeannette Lee signed the Welsh star, 25, when she was a struggling waitress.

One insider told me: “Duffy claims Lee wanted her to do cheesy TV shows, when Duffy wants her career to be just about her music.”

Monday, December 14, 2009

Duffy Live in Japan DVD

Despite the fact that there are a ton of links out there to webshops from Denmark and other countries for this DVD please proceed with caution.

The exact same concert (from the Liquid Room in Tokyo) was aired in Japan last December. Since then the bootleg dvd of this concert has been freely (or "swapably") available amoungst the dvd bootlegging community. I haven't checked it yet (busy Christmas time for my business)

Please be aware that some have said this is available on Amazon. It's not available officially through Amazon, it is only offered by Amazon marketplace sellers i.e. anyone could have added the entry on Amazon.

I don't know for sure whether this is a fake, but I suspect it is because of a number of reasons:

1) The entire DVD contents have been freely available on the net since this October 2008 concert was aired on Japanese TV in December 2008.
2) The cover photo is freely obtainable on the net since it is from the 2007 SPIN magazine photoshoot. Scans of that magazine article and photos are available on the net.
3) There is no Duffy logo and no (typically black and white) Duffy signature on it.
4) We've had no advertising for this item in the UK. The UK is the biggest market for a Duffy DVD because we've made Duffy a top 10 artists here so many times already.
5) No mention of this item on the official Duffy websites (not that I have found as yet aanyway, but if you find someonething do let me know).
6) No hmv or official listing for this release (akthough if it was to be a non-UK release there probably wouldn't be one anyway).

On the otherhand there are only a few reasons to believe it is genuine:
1) The time is ripe for a Duffy live release, especially before Christmas.
2) The cover appears to have a barcode which when searched on google brings up listings from Danish online music shops.
3) The release date seems to be quoted as 23rd Nov or 30th Dec.

Please do keep me posted if you find anything to prove/disprove it.

Merry Christmas!