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29 Mar: Duffy @ Downing Street, London

Duffy arrives in Downing Street on March 29, 2011 in London, England. Aimee Ann Duffy, known as Duffy, attended a meeting hosted by the charity 'Save The Children'.

ABOVE: Duffy, Lord Coe and Natasha Kaplinski attend Save The Children's 'No Child Born to Die' event supported by Save the Children Ambassador Samantha Cameron at Downing St on March 29, 2011 in London, England. The campaign was launched in January this year to try and save eight million children who die around the world each year from treatable illnesses.

The Daily Mail says:
Duffy is leading the 'Born to Sing' part of the campaign, which promotes fund raising through performing. Born to Sing is also supported by The X Factor 2010's finalists.

ABOVE: Duffy with Samantha Cameron and charity child fundraisers Josh and Gabrielle Black aged 9 and 10 from Ayreshire.

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Full Concert - Duffy@NRJ Live Sessions (inc Band of Gold, Hard For the Heart & Distant Dreamer)

You can now watch the full concert from the NRJ Live Sessions! (More photos and details about the NRJ Sessions here.)

Well Well Well
My Boy
Keeping My Baby
Don't Forsake Me
Warwick Avenue
Hard For The Heart
Band Of Gold
Rain On Your Parade

Distant Dreamer

Video 1, Well Well Well and My Boy:

Video 2, Keeping My Baby and Don't Forsake Me has been blocked by youtube. :-(

Video 3, Warwick Avenue and Hard For The Heart:

Video 4, Band Of Gold and Rain On Your Parade:

Video 5, Lovestruck and Mercy:

Video 6, Distant Dreamer:

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Duffy - Well Well Well Remixes - White Label Limited Picture 12" Vinyl

This white label 12" picture vinyl is due for release 28th March 2011.

Click here to listen to samples of the Remixes. You can also buy at that link.


A1: Digital Dog Club Mix
A2: Digital Dog Dub Mix

B1: DJ Prince House Remix
B2: Dan Clare Club Mix Feat Varski
B3: Low Sunday Remix

Catalog Number:

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11 Mar: The Sun Biz Live Sessions from December


Edgy and distinctive ... Duffy in the Sun studios

Duffy performed these live sessions back in December, when she covered Nat King Cole's classic Christmas Song. Now The Sun have put up more songs from the Session.

Endlessly video:

The Sun article says:

Duffy's new 'mockney twang'

DUFFY has one of the most recognisable voices in the music business.

But the Welsh wonder has picked up a "city twang" since moving to London a year ago.

Professional ... Duffy
Ultimate professional ... Duffy

The singer set up home in the British capital mid-way through making her second album Endlessly.

Her rugby star fella MIKE PHILLIPS still lives in Wales and during a recent trip back their pals gave Duffy a royal ribbing.

"I'm sounding more and more English," she said.

"I've picked up a mockney twang. My friends tell me I have a city twang when I go home."

It wasn't evident during her Biz Session, which included single Well, Well, Well, Don't Forsake Me and Endlessly.

Instead Duffy's edgy vocals were backed by a soulful band which incorporated a BEER bottle into the set's percussion.

No doubt a nod to Duffy's fondness for a stiff drink.

The pint-sized singer is now preparing to move on again, both in her career and home.

A recent debut in small-time indie flick Patagonia has opened up her eyes to the movie world.

She's also seeking a move to France as she conjures up ideas of a third album.

Duffy said: "The film was brilliant. I got to become someone else for a little holiday during shooting for a few weeks.

"My character Sissy was the girl I used to be in Wales. A real misfit."

Of selling her London pad, Duffy added: "I get itchy feet. I've only had my place a year but don't like staying in one place for too long.

"One day when life makes a bit more sense, I might live with Mike or he'll live with me.

"We'll go to France. I feel embraced there. They treat me as one of their own."

The star then turned her attentions to future collaborations, adding: "JAY-Z is somebody who would be intriguing to observe.

"I also have a lot of respect for DIZZEE RASCAL. He's very cheeky."

Movie debut ... Duffy's character Sissy livens up an Argentinian chap's travels
Movie debut ... Duffy's character Sissy livens up an Argentinian chap's travels

Watch this space.

Patagonia Movie Soundtrack (OST): Listen to Desearia and Ar Lan Y Mor by Duffy

As you may know, the Soundtrack to the Patagonia Movie was recently released, complete with two new songs sung by Duffy, one in Spanish and one in Welsh.


1. Desearia (Hope There's Someone) - Duffy
2. Opening Titles
3. Welcome To Patagonia
4. To Patagonia
5. Redondel (The Circle Song) - Kirsty Almeida
6. Sun to Museum
7. Road to Bed
8. Dyma gariad fel y moroedd - Bryn Terfel
9. Heroic to Missing
10. Sad Sad Feet - Cate le Bon
11. Stars to Tango
12. Mi Buenos Aires Querido - Carlos Gardel
13. Ripped to Wet
14. Tyrd Ir Ogof - Meic Stevens
15. Duerme Negrito - Kirsty Almeida
16. Rain to Underwater
17. Grave to Cholila
18. Ar Lan Y Mor - Duffy
19. Patagonia

Thanks to all involved (DM especially) who have made these songs, the Welsh and Spanish lyrics and English translations available to the Duffy fans around the world. Here they are:

Desearia (Spanish adaptation of "Hope There's Someone" by Anthony and the Johnsons)

Spanish Lyrics:
Desearía que cuidaras de mí
si me voy, si muero.
La esperanza nunca la perdí,
ni el valor del consuelo.
Si me cuentas, mi amor, dime siempre la verdad.
Libre es el corazón
y tan dulce de verdad.
Desearía saber que estás aquí,
no sentirme abandonada.
Tengo miedo de estar en el lugar
entre la luz y la nada.
Si me cuentas, mi amor, dime siempre la verdad.
Libre es el corazón
y tan dulce la verdad.
Desearía sentirme junto a ti
descansar mi cabeza.
En la vida eres todo para mí,
la alegría y la tristeza.
Desearía que cuidaras de mí,
si me voy, si me muero.
Qué alegría, me haces tan felíz.
Qué alegría, yo te quiero.

Original English Lyrics to "Hope There's Someone":

Hope there's someone
Who'll take care of me
When I die, will I go
Hope there's someone
Who'll set my heart free
Nice to hold when I'm tired
There's a ghost on the horizon
When I go to bed
How can I fall asleep at night
How will I rest my head
Oh I'm scared of the middle place
Between light and nowhere
I don't want to be the one
Left in there, left in there
There's a man on the horizon
Wish that I'd go to bed
If I fall to his feet tonight
Will allow rest my head
So here's hoping I will not drown
Or paralyze in light
And godsend I don't want to go
To the seal's watershed
Hope there's someone
Who'll take care of me
When I die, Will I go
Hope there's someone
Who'll set my heart free
Nice to hold when I'm tired

Ar Lan Y Môr

Welsh Lyrics:
Ar lan y môr mae rhosys cochion
Ar lan y môr mae lilis gwynion
Ar lan y môr mae 'nghariad inne
Yn cysgu'r nos a chodi'r bore.

Ar lan y môr mae carreg wastad
Lle bum yn siarad gair âm cariad
O ddeutu hon fe dyf y lili
Ac ambell sprig o rosmari.

Ar lan y mor mae tawod melyn
Ar lan y mor mae ton ac ewin
Ar lan y mor mae hen atgofion
sydd o hyd yn torri nghalon

Ar lan y mor mae cri’r wylan
Ar lan y mor mae mam a'i baban
Ar lan y mor ymhell o Gymru
Mae na un y rwyf ei garu

English Translation:
By the sea shore there are red roses
By the sea shore there are white lilies
By the sea shore my love and I
Sleep the night and rise at daybreak

By the sea shore there's a flat stone
where we spoke about love
around it grow the lilies
and a few sprigs of rosemary

By the sea shore there is yellow sand
By the sea shore there are waves and foam
By the sea shore there are old memories
that still break my heart

By the sea shore the cry of the seagull
By the sea shore there's a mother and her baby
By the sea shore far from Wales
there's someone who I love

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Duffy @ Paris Fashion Week

This Telegraph article shows us why Duffy looks like she is visiting a recently extinguished active Volcano in the above photo..... No, she didn't take a quick holiday to see the old Planet Of the Apes set in Tenerife.... She was just standing in front of the stage for Chanel's Autumn/Winter 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week. Duh!

Thx to Gui for the five photos below (credit: Carlos Eduardo)

Reply from Polydor regarding Duffy's second single

I got a reply to my email which asked two things:
1. Is Duffy giving up music for good?
2. Will Duffy's second single "My Boy" (and bonus track "Tell Me") be released?

The answer was a one-liner similar in wording to what we have read in a couple of articles. Here is is in it's entirety:

Hi Danyelle,

Thanks for your email

With regard to the below, Duffy is taking a break before starting work on her next album


As you can see, it doesn't answer the second question, so I promptly emailed back to confirm whether the second single would be released or not...and then got this reply:

That’s correct it won’t be released


So at this stage it looks like the second single will not be released. Who knows whether this means bonus track "Tell Me" is lost forever. It seems to me though that, since Duffy is making a few public appearances right now, it would be a great time to release a second single - even if it was just a download-only.

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05 Mar: Telegraph interview Duffy about Patagonia

The Telegraph have the following article about Patagonia. With all this press it is a real shame that a second single wasn't released to coincide with the movie. :-(

Duffy: My role is like the misfit I used to be
The Welsh pop star tells Bernadette McNulty that she didn't have to look too far from home to find inspiration for her acting debut.
By Bernadette McNulty, The Telegraph

'Patagonia is so alluring because it is almost like an imaginary place, like El Dorado. Does it have a flag? Or borders? Nobody knows.” Cardiff-born director Marc Evans is explaining to me the ideas behind his new film, Patagonia. It is a gorgeous, tender road movie set half in the inhospitable desert of Patagonia, the Argentinian colony established by Welsh settlers in the 19th century, and half in the lush mountains of Wales.
Interweaving two stories – in one, a thirtysomething Cardiff couple travel to South America and find their relationship unravelling; in the other, an old Patagonian woman, Cerys, returns to the country of her ancestors with a young neighbour, Alejandro, in tow – the film portrays both the dream of flight and the impossibility of escape.
Patagonia was, says Evans, “the perfect place to make a film about the duality of leaving and longing. If you stay somewhere you want to leave. And if you go somewhere there is always a desire to come back.”
Patagonia also happens to star Wales’s biggest pop star of the past few years, Duffy, in her first acting role. The 26-year-old singer has a small but pivotal part as Sissy, the alluring Welsh student with whom Alejandro strikes up a sweet holiday romance. Appropriately for a film about chance encounters, it was a dashing gesture from the director that persuaded the singer to make the leap onto the big screen.
“I had a lot of interest in film and it was something that I was considering when I received a romantic and heartfelt letter from Marc,” Duffy says. “It said all the right things, comparing my presence to all these beautiful actresses. As a girl I was wooed.”
Evans, who is married to the film’s lead actress, Nia Roberts, explains: “From Duffy’s style, I knew that her influences were very cinematic. I knew from [the promotional video she made for her single] Rockferry that I would get reaction – the most important part in film acting. And that’s exactly what I got.
“My favourite bit with Duffy in the film is when she is saying goodbye to Alejandro at the bus stop. Not only has she got mascara running down her cheek but she wipes it away. That is about being in the moment.”
Sissy, Duffy says, “is a bit like the misfit I used to represent. You get a bit more polished as you get older. You learn to hold your champagne glass by the stem rather than at the top. In the past I would have probably been holding the bottle.”
In her scenes as a siren-like, ukulele-playing character, Duffy gives the film a real lift, filling the screen with the glamorous, enigmatic presence of an old-fashioned movie actress such as Diana Dors or Julie Christie. She also seems impressively natural, despite having to cover a lot of emotional ground in a short time, from an intimate love scene to a funeral and a tearful farewell.
'I know as a young woman you make mistakes. The twist between real love and holiday romance is so bitter sweet,” she says. “I liked that [Sissy] didn’t mind what people think of her. She was totally at one with herself. And she has a liberty because she is a nobody.
“She reminded me of part of my former self who didn’t care,” she adds, wistfully.
Patagonia seamlessly shifts between Welsh and Spanish with only a smattering of English, another reason Evans approached Duffy, who he knew had grown up speaking Welsh as her first language.
“I thought it was really good that the first film Duffy would make would be in Welsh. But then of course I didn’t realise she would actually be speaking Spanish for most of it,” he says, laughing.
“I hate the mythology that when an English man goes into a pub in Wales, he thinks everyone starts speaking Welsh — the presumption being that they would rather speak English and that they do it to exclude the person,” Evans continues. “It is the language we use and by putting it next to Spanish, it made it seem less political.”
Accustomed to being the centre of attention, the young pop star clearly enjoyed the more collaborative process of making a film. “It was nice to be inconspicuous, to be a part of something and to be following rather than leading,” she says. “It is an innocent place to be, whereas when you are a leader it is quite scary.”
Cautious about revealing what her next film project might be, Duffy is proud of her first step in this perfect vehicle for her old-fashioned style. “Smokey Robinson said he wrote about love because it was everlasting. It is the one emotion that will still remain. The world may completely change but we will still probably love each other,” she says.
“I like to go for the more fundamental rules of existence. I think this is what this film stands for.”

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03 Mar: Duffy@Pataogonia Welsh Premiere, Cardiff

The 3 photos below are credited to The Cardiffian, Rich Welbirg, who reports:

Welsh starlet Duffy, 26, dazzled on the red carpet promoting her first movie Patagonia last night at Chapter Arts, Cardiff. Duffy, 26, was accompanied by boyfriend, Welsh rugby ace Mike Phillips, 28, and the pair gazed lovingly into each others eyes between interviews.

More photos below from WalesOnline:

The article below is from Walesonline.

Stars on red carpet for Patagonia’s Welsh premiere

JUST 24 hours after the star-studded London premiere of her debut film, Duffy was at a small independent cinema in Cardiff last night for the Welsh launch of Patagonia.

But the Grammy Award-winning singer arrived late for the screening after she and rugby star boyfriend Mike Philips got caught in the capital’s rush-hour traffic.

She later teamed up with director Marc Evans and some of her co-stars, including Nia Roberts and Matthew Gravelle, for the red carpet event at Chapter Arts Centre.

Following the exclusive screening, she was due to entertain guests at the after-show party on a makeshift stage.

Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys, who also stars in the road movie, was unable to attend due to filming commitments in Los Angeles for the ABC series Brothers & Sisters.

But among the VIP guests who were sent invitations to the screening, which also marked the launched of the Wales One World (WOW) Film Festival, were Charlotte Church and members of the Welsh rugby team.

The night before the Welsh premiere the stars had been at the Odeon in Covent Garden for the London showing.

Actress Roberts, wearing a cream chiffon blouse and navy shorts, said: “It was amazing. I have never experienced anything like it before. We wanted to take the film out of Wales but it was really important to us to premiere in Cardiff tonight and invite the people we wanted there.”

Patagonia is Evans’ eagerly-awaited film which explores the bonds shared by Wales and the eponymous South American Welsh-speaking region of Patagonia.

It features two different stories – one is about a Welsh woman travelling East to West through the Argentine autumn, while the other is about a Patagonian woman travelling South to North through the Welsh springtime. Duffy plays an aspiring singer living in a caravan park in North Wales who strikes up a romance with a young man from Patagonia.

She said of her character Sissy: “I based her on who I used to be – this girl who was a bit of a misfit, didn’t fit into the small town, who used to long for the big smoke.

“ So it was nice to go back and be captured that way.

“I don’t know if it felt like acting really. I heard a really great bit of advice once – the way to be a good actor is to not act.

“There was no pretence really.”

And it’s not just her singing talents which are showcased – she proves an expert on the ukulele too. The 26-year-old, who is from Nefyn, had to teach herself how to play the instrument especially for the role.

“Music is part of our culture in Wales, we’re very musical, so it didn’t feel as if I was going back to my roots as a singer,” she said. “It just feels like a kid from Wales would be able to sing a hymn and play the ukulele, so I happily took that on.”

As far as director Evans is concerned, Duffy is a natural in her first acting role.

“Duffy is a real discovery as an actress – she looks comfortable and she does amazingly well in the film,” said the Cardiff-born film-maker whose previous successes include My Little Eye, Trauma, House of America and Snow Cake.

“She was keen not to be ‘Duffy the singer’ in something. She’s very busy, as she’s so successful, so we thought it was far better for her to take a smaller part in something where the whole film doesn’t rest on her being in it, than to expose herself in something bigger.

“Welsh is her first language, but most of her lines are in Spanish, she can act and be herself on camera – and I think we captured that girl from a small town in Wales.”

The seeds of the film were sown when producer Rebekah Gilbertson, director Evans and actress Roberts – who also happens to be Evans’ wife – set off on a recce to Patagonia, intending to do the research to make a historical epic.

“In Wales, we’ve all grown up with the Welsh/Patagonian myth,” said Evans.

“A lot of Welsh boys have got an obsession with Patagonia, as it’s a unique adventure in our history. We learn about the early settlers, but no-one’s quite sure where or what Patagonia is.

“On our way back from our recce, I’d come up with a different idea – of an old woman travelling to Wales in search of her past, and a young couple travelling to Patagonia in search of their future.

“So we decided to make a contemporary road movie for romantics, instead of the historical epic.”

During their trip they also bumped into old friend Matthew Rhys who was in Patagonia filming a documentary.

Rhys said: “One day, truly in the middle of nowhere, I heard, ‘Oy Matthew!’ and there were Marc, Nia and Rebekah, who had tracked me down.”

He plays Patagonian guide Mateo, who falls for Gwen, played by Roberts, when she is visiting the area with her photographer boyfriend Rhys, played by Gravelle.

For Rhys, the part of Mateo was “everything I would ever want from a job”.

He said: “The script description was an Argentinean James Dean, and I thought: ‘Brilliant!’ But what I really liked about Mateo were the flaws behind the façade of the Zippo lighter and the rugged jeans.”

04 Mar: More comments by Duffy on the red carpet get into the papers...

This is from the Express newspaper.


Story Image

DUFFY has admitted that dealing with the huge pressure of fame is her ­biggest challenge and something that she has to cope with “one day at a time”.
The 26-year-old was reportedly close to having a nervous breakdown shortly after becoming a household name in 2008 with her song Mercy. She thought about becoming reclusive and found it “scary” when recognised in the street.
But at the premiere of her film Patagonia, in which she makes her acting debut, Duffy told us that she tries to keep positive.
“The hardest thing I’ve had to get through is my own mind. You have to keep your mind in check and make sure you enjoy the finer things in life like laughing and friends, Wales, cake, coffee, good books, good films, keeping yourself occupied with good things and not bad things. You could over-worry, over-think, lie in bed at night complicating your life. I like to keep things straightforward.
“I can’t predict my own future so I take every day as it comes. I want to be brave enough to take new adventures on.”
The singer’s life has certainly become sweeter since she got together with Welsh rugby player Mike Phillips 18 months ago.
And with the 28-year-old Ospreys star recently admitting that he is considering joining the rugby exodus to France when his time with the club is up, Duffy could well be exchanging the stresses of the UK for a quiet life on the other side of the Channel.
“She is big in France and would love it,” Mike told the Daily Express.
Less Mercy, more merci, Duffy?

4 Mar: Duffy's "adult movie" comments sweep the web

This story has got around the internet. It apparently started by comments Duffy made to OK!TV.
The below article is from AOL:

Duffy says she was told she 'should be a porn star'

Dominic Lipinski, PA Photos

Duffy's acting career was launched this week with the general release 'Patagonia' -- but she has revealed that some US movie producers thought she should play more "adult" roles instead.

The Welsh singer stars in the film opposite Matthew Rhys in her acting debut, but in an interview with OK! TV (viaContactmusic) it was apparently recommended that she should have tried starring in pornography instead.

Needless to say, the singer was left a little deflated by the suggestion and is delighted to have landed the role in the Welsh themed 'Patagonia' instead.

She said: "I always felt quite disappointed because whenever I went to America and met anybody they never really said I was a great singer, they said 'She should be a porn star!' and I'd say 'But what about the songs?' I couldn't escape it. I think I started at the right place with the part, with a connection to Wales."

As previously reported, it had been suggested that Duffy is on verge of quitting music after poor sales and feedback for her second album, 'Endlessly'. It has been a somewhat epic fall from grace for the singer, whose debut album 'Rockferry' had proved to be a massive hit -- and apparently now she just wants to "have babies, get married and live in the country."

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02 Mar: Duffy@ Patagonia Premiere, Odeon London

The below article appeared at BBC News.

Duffy on red carpet for film acting debut in Patagonia

Chart-topping Welsh singer Duffy arrived at London's Covent Garden for the premiere of the film Patagonia on Wednesday.

It marks her movie acting debut, and involves other well-known Welsh figures, the director Marc Evans and star Matthew Rhys.

Duffy plays a seductive student and is also featured on the movie soundtrack.

Patagonia is given its Welsh premiere at Chapter in Cardiff on Thursday and goes on general release on Friday.

Duffy, from Nefyn, Gwynedd, was due to be joined on the red carpet by Marc Evans, co-star Nia Roberts, and the ITV weather presenter Sian Lloyd.

The Brit-award winning singer, who made her name with the single Mercy and album Rockferry, plays Sissy, a Welsh student.

Sissy livens up the holiday of a young Argentinian man reluctantly chaperoning an elderly relative on a trip to Wales.

Duffy said she was persuaded to appear in the film by a "beautiful letter" from the director and felt a connection with her character.

Start Quote

This little girl lost in time looking slightly out of place, I remember being that person”

Duffyon her role in Patagonia

"I feel as though Sissy's character was very close to who I used to be," she said.

"I'm not saying I've changed dramatically, but there are elements of her that I think I've left behind so that's also what made me feel compelled to do the film.

"This little girl lost in time looking slightly out of place, I remember being that person.

"She resembled something that I had experienced growing up in Nefyn."

In a parallel romance, Matthew Rhys plays a tour guide who strikes up a flirtation with the female half of a Cardiff couple touring Patagonia, a region of Argentina settled by Welsh emigrants in the 19th Century.

Duffy and Nia Roberts at the premiere in LondonDuffy and Nia Roberts at the premiere in London

The film - described by director Marc Evans as a "low budget road movie" - was shot on location in Patagonia and Wales with dialogue in Spanish and Welsh.

The film was produced by Welsh production compnay Boomerang with backing from S4C, the Film Agency for Wales and private investors.

Evans said: "I feel a great affection towards this film. It is a very beautiful, visually stunning film, with beautiful countryside in Wales and Patagonia.

"I think of it as the perfect escape movie for a wet Sunday afternoon."

Patagonia is due for general release on Friday, including cinemas in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Llanelli.

The film will also be shown throughout April and May in a tour of arts centres in smaller towns around Wales, including Builth Wells, Caernarfon, Cardigan, Milford Haven, Mold and Pwllheli.