Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Duffy LIVE EP (TLA)

Buy it from iTunes here.


1. Warwick Avenue (Live At the Theater of Living Arts)

2. Syrup & Honey (Live At the Theater of Living Arts)

3. Rockferry (Live At the Theater of Living Arts)

4. Mercy (Live At the Theater of Living Arts)

5. Hanging On Too Long (Live At the Theater of Living Arts)

I haven't had a listen of this yet as I am unable to find it on UK iTunes (so it may be a US only release). Let me know if you find it on other iTunes sites....

It's always good to get a new Duffy release, but looking at the setlist it's a shame that they stuck with the album tracks (in fact its a shame there's no Stepping Stone as that one has to be my favourite) as the recording was from this gig in Philadelphia back in August 2008, and the original setlist was this:

Syrup & Honey
Hanging on Too Long
Breaking My Own Heart
Warwich Avenue
Cry To Me
Delayed Devotion
Stepping Stone
Oh Boy

Distant Dreamer

Friday, November 20, 2009

VV Brown slags off Duffy again to a reporter

This time to a Welsh reporter.... for a "very intelligent" person who turned down a place at Oxford, VV doesn't show much genius by slagging off Duffy on her home ground (i.e. to a reporter for a Welsh newspaper just before she plays a gig @ Clwb Ifor Bach tonight - I wouldn't be surprised if tickets were still available...)

Here's the article. But to save you the trouble of reading all about VV Brown I'll give you the key snippets:
VV Brown dumped a major record label because they wanted to manipulate her. She wonders aloud to Gavin Allen if Duffy could have done the same.


“I love Amy Winehouse,” she says.

“She is an amazing songwriter who reveals herself honestly in songs about her life. With Duffy it’s a bit like a record company got hold of a girl after the Amy Winehouse thing, got a lot of people to write soul songs for her, packaged her up and sold millions of records.

But one thing us Duffy fans will agree wholeheartedly with is VV Brown's opinion that Duffy and Winehouse are "pole apart". Yeah VV, you're not wrong there.

Finally, another "intelligent" insight VV provides:
“If [the record label] had made me like Duffy I think I would have died.”
Yeah, I agree: they would have had one hell of a job on their hands had they attempted such a feat.