Friday, November 20, 2009

VV Brown slags off Duffy again to a reporter

This time to a Welsh reporter.... for a "very intelligent" person who turned down a place at Oxford, VV doesn't show much genius by slagging off Duffy on her home ground (i.e. to a reporter for a Welsh newspaper just before she plays a gig @ Clwb Ifor Bach tonight - I wouldn't be surprised if tickets were still available...)

Here's the article. But to save you the trouble of reading all about VV Brown I'll give you the key snippets:
VV Brown dumped a major record label because they wanted to manipulate her. She wonders aloud to Gavin Allen if Duffy could have done the same.


“I love Amy Winehouse,” she says.

“She is an amazing songwriter who reveals herself honestly in songs about her life. With Duffy it’s a bit like a record company got hold of a girl after the Amy Winehouse thing, got a lot of people to write soul songs for her, packaged her up and sold millions of records.

But one thing us Duffy fans will agree wholeheartedly with is VV Brown's opinion that Duffy and Winehouse are "pole apart". Yeah VV, you're not wrong there.

Finally, another "intelligent" insight VV provides:
“If [the record label] had made me like Duffy I think I would have died.”
Yeah, I agree: they would have had one hell of a job on their hands had they attempted such a feat.


OzKylie said...

I can see VV Brown's point of veiw - is Duffy real or just a record company's money making image??

I think Duffy herself has answered that question in many of her interveiws - to an extent she was shaped by the label, but anyone who looks will know she was singing "soul" music well before fame, whether it be her 'soulful' performance of I Wish I Were A Single Girl Again, or the 'soul' influenced SOULego tracks.

Duffy & her label found a style that worked well for her & stuck to it. I'd think the fact she has said she may not change her style much for album 2 is an indication that she also enjoys it.

Ted said...

VV Brown has a point of view which is at odds with the facts; therefore her point of view is worthless - and so she lies.

Duffy wrote her album Rockferry well before she signed with Universal/Polydor/or whatever affiliate. So no way could they have influenced her music.

Rough Trade is not her record label but her management company. It was her now manager, Jeannette Lee, who signed Duffy in 2004 for an annual salary so that Duffy could concentrate on her song-writing. Bernard Butler certainly gave her tapes to listen to, and no doubt Duffy's music skills blossomed - but her soulfulness has always been inate and her songs are all her very own. Nobody else's.

VV Brown should get educated before she shouts off her mouth with falsehoods. Anyway it's GAMEOVER for Ms Brown as her records have all been inglorious flops - she should to go back to her rich daddy and disappear for good. That is all.