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21 Apr: Duffy nominated for three Ivor Novello Awards

This story is from Walesonline.

Welsh songstress Duffy has been nominated for three gongs at this year's Ivor Novello Awards.

The singer from Nefyn on the Llŷn Peninsula is nominated in the Most Performed Work and Best Selling British Song categories for her number 1 single Mercy, while Rockferry was nominated for the Album award.

Among the other artist nominated for awards is little-known guitarist and warehouse worker Nick Hemmings was nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in music today.

The 35-year-old made the shortlist for the best song musically and lyrically prize at the 54th Ivor Novello Awards.

Here is a full list of nominees.

Best song musically and lyrically

My Mistakes Were Made For You – Miles Kane and Alex Turner, performed by The Last Shadow Puppets

One Day Like This – Guy Garvey, Richard Jupp, Craig Potter, Mark Potter and Peter Turner, performed by Elbow

The Last Of The Melting Snow – Nicholas Hemming, performed by The Leisure Society

Best contemporary song

Dance Wiv Me – Nicholas Detnon, Calvin Harris, Dylan Mills and Tyrone Paul, performed by Dizzee Rascal

Grounds For Divorce – Guy Garvey, Richard Jupp, Craig Potter, Mark Potter and Peter Turner, performed by Elbow

That’s Not My Name – Julian De Martino and Katie White, performed by The Ting Tings

Best original film score

Quantum of Solace – David Arnold

The Escapist – Benjamin Wallfisch

There Will Be Blood – Jonny Greenwood

Best television soundtrack

Fiona’s Story – Ben Bartlett

Trial and Retribution 2008 – Anne Dudley

Wallace and Gromit (A Matter of Loaf and Death) – Julian Nott

PRS for music most performed work

Mercy – Steve Booker and Duffy, performed by Duffy

Sweet About Me – Gabriella Cilmi, Nicholas Coler, Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Timothy Larcombe and Tim Powell, performed by Gabriella Cilmi

Viva La Vida – Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, performed by Coldplay

Best selling British song

Mercy – Steve Booker and Duffy, performed by Duffy

Paper Planes – Maya Arulpragasam, Topper Headon, Mick Jones, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Paul Simonon and Joe Strummer, performed by M.I.A

Viva La Vida – Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, performed by Coldplay

Album award

Rockferry – Bernard Butler and Duffy, performed by Duffy

Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends – Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, performed by Coldplay

We Started Nothing – Julian De Martino and Katie White, performed by The Ting Tings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

15 Apr: Caprices Festival, Crans-Montana (CH)

If you have any pics,vids,reviews or a confirmation of the setlist please leave a comment.

Massive thanks to Succo who found photos here and a review here.

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Your Favourite Duffy Interviews!!!

Putting this here since Succo and I were talking about it:

Rach's fave:

Hollie's fave - phone rings during Jan 2009 NZ News Interview:

Hollie's 2nd fave:

LiamMom's fave - Blender interview during All Points West Festival 2008:

10 Apr: Mirror article about Duffy


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Duffy in ICON Magazine

German Article from 2nd April - Thanks to Succo!

Click photo for larger image. This article was scanned by Succo and is from a German newspaper supplement "Zeit-Magazin".

They have an online version here and you can put it through google translate to come up with the following translation. Fascinating article.
I have a dream "No compromise"

The soul singer Duffy is convinced that each and every one must remain true to himself - for the benefit of all. Since she is Welsh, this is not always easy.

"The sky was bright red. This was the day that the world was setting, "says Duffy
Photo by Thomas Rabsch

As an example, I was six years old, I dreamed that the end of the world had come. I stood with my friends on the playground. We wore our school uniforms and looked to the sky high. He was bright red. The sun appeared only as a pale yellow circle. And while we looked at the sky, we solidified on ice pillars. We knew: This was the day that the world down.

It was one of those dreams where you are frozen, completely frozen. Man tries to express something, but nothing comes out. I believe this dream came back to the shock that I had experienced, as our family from North Wales South Wales after moved. The other children did not want to be with me and my sisters play, because we are not talking the same language as them.

Wales is a small country, but the north and the south differ greatly from each other. In the north there are a lot of agriculture, everything goes slower. We are from the north are the underdogs. In the south, there are mines, ports, industry, life is faster. There are also some cities, where no Welsh is spoken in one of them, we were landed.

I realized then: If I wanted to survive, I had not just my way of thinking changed. I had to speak English, a language which to me seems strangely alien today. Many Welsh place high value on their Celtic origins. We have our language over the centuries protected. We are proud because they are one of the oldest in the world. I feel and think as Keltin often in Welsh.

When I some time ago in a Welsh language radio broadcast, there were complaints. I was accused that I had so the rest of the audience is excluded. Welsh is an idiosyncratic language. The word means love cariad. But if you say: "I love you", this means: "Dwi'n caru ti." I'm just learning Spanish, which I find easy, because both languages have the same roots.

06 Apr: Duffy on SYTYCD Australia

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05 Apr: Duffy Live@V Festival, Perth (AUS)

If you have pics,vids, reviews or can confirm the setlist please leave a comment.

"Stop" is below - Thanks to Samperth:

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04 Apr: Duffy Live@V Festival, Melbourne (AUS)

If you have any pics, vids, reviews or can confirm the setlist please leave a comment.

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02 Apr: Duffy Live@ Town Hall Christchurch (NZ)

If you have the setlist or any reviews/pics/vids please leave a comment.
Duffy in faultless performance
from here

Duffy, the petite Welsh lass with a powerhouse voice, had Christchurch fans begging for mercy last night.

After a quick game of "guess what gig is he/she here to see" in the foyer (elsewhere in the same building fans caught possibly the last Ferry Across the Mersey with Gerry and the Pacemakers celebrating their 50th anniversary with help from Shane Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying Cortese) it was time to find our seats.

Duffy's name was up in lights above the stage, so there was no doubt we were in the right place. No ferry journey for us.

The lights dimmed and a spine- tingling version of Syrup began to wild applause before Duffy's corn- blonde hair and figure-hugging red dress found the spotlight.

"Kia ora Christchurch," she said before launching into popular song Rockferry off her multiplatinum- selling, multi-Brit Award-winning album of the same name.

Technically faultless, Duffy possesses an extraordinary vocal range which, combined with her natural, down-to-earth demeanour, is a joy to hear.

The crowd yelled and catcalled their approval - some in Welsh, "what he just said was rude", Duffy informed us - before declaring New Zealand her new "home away from home".

Her latest single, Rain On Your Parade, as well as Breaking My Own Heart, Warwick Avenue, Stepping Stone and the standing-ovation of Mercy delivered via megaphone were the most enthusiastically received songs, but the dedicated dancing girls down the front boogied to Oh Boy, Fool For You, Stay and Stop.

Which brings me to Duffy's back- up singers. I spent the entire show bewildered by them. Two, presumably identical twin mini-Duffys, performed what I can only call "Barbie aerobics". However, her seasoned six-man backing band were phenomenal and their jam at the end of the encore song, Distant Dreamer, was a highlight.

Another review here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

01 Apr: Duffy Live@ TSB Arena Wellington (NZ)

If you have the setlist or any reviews/pics/vids please leave a comment.

Nice voice, shame about the sound

By SIMON SWEETMAN - The Dominion Post

Duffy won a stack of awards and racked up impressive sales for her debut album, Rockferry, released last year on the back of Amy Winehouse-related hype.

But it was clear on a first listen that Duffy has her own sound; a little bit of Dusty Springfield and Motown with the sass of infectious pop music.

There is a hint of Swinging London in her look and she switches gears effortlessly between funky pop singles (Mercy) and broken-hearted balladry (Warwick Avenue).

On stage she is a pocket rocket. It's hard to believe that huge voice is held somewhere in that tiny frame. And with just one album to push, huge efforts had been made to create a show; light banter between songs, backing vocalists that matched Duffy's look (imagine the Austin Powers Fembots) and an outfit that was long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep most people's attention.

Several tunes were rearranged slightly for live performance, a nice touch, meaning the songs were not performed as replicas; sometimes a near-recited chorus would announce the next piece and there were B-sides too (Stop, Breaking My Own Heart).

Sadly, the sound mix was atrocious. There were overloads of bass issuing cracks and pops from the rhythm section; Duffy's voice was occasionally forced in to a savage bleat; and the backing vocalists were buried, sounding thin and reedy. This all culminated in what should have been one of the songs of the night, Stepping Stone, sounding like an embarrassing mess - not the fault of the band.

They played on, professionals to the end and, in all likelihood, were probably saved the crude sound that the audience had to endure.

The TSB Arena has struggled on for years with inferior sound and, in the case of undersold shows like Duffy's (half full at best), it would have been preferable to hear a decent sound system in a smaller venue like the criminally underused Town Hall.

Duffy had everyone standing immediately for Mercy though, so the power of the performance transcended the blunt tools used to assist.

1 Apr: NZ Breakfast Interview with duffy