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German Article from 2nd April - Thanks to Succo!

Click photo for larger image. This article was scanned by Succo and is from a German newspaper supplement "Zeit-Magazin".

They have an online version here and you can put it through google translate to come up with the following translation. Fascinating article.
I have a dream "No compromise"

The soul singer Duffy is convinced that each and every one must remain true to himself - for the benefit of all. Since she is Welsh, this is not always easy.

"The sky was bright red. This was the day that the world was setting, "says Duffy
Photo by Thomas Rabsch

As an example, I was six years old, I dreamed that the end of the world had come. I stood with my friends on the playground. We wore our school uniforms and looked to the sky high. He was bright red. The sun appeared only as a pale yellow circle. And while we looked at the sky, we solidified on ice pillars. We knew: This was the day that the world down.

It was one of those dreams where you are frozen, completely frozen. Man tries to express something, but nothing comes out. I believe this dream came back to the shock that I had experienced, as our family from North Wales South Wales after moved. The other children did not want to be with me and my sisters play, because we are not talking the same language as them.

Wales is a small country, but the north and the south differ greatly from each other. In the north there are a lot of agriculture, everything goes slower. We are from the north are the underdogs. In the south, there are mines, ports, industry, life is faster. There are also some cities, where no Welsh is spoken in one of them, we were landed.

I realized then: If I wanted to survive, I had not just my way of thinking changed. I had to speak English, a language which to me seems strangely alien today. Many Welsh place high value on their Celtic origins. We have our language over the centuries protected. We are proud because they are one of the oldest in the world. I feel and think as Keltin often in Welsh.

When I some time ago in a Welsh language radio broadcast, there were complaints. I was accused that I had so the rest of the audience is excluded. Welsh is an idiosyncratic language. The word means love cariad. But if you say: "I love you", this means: "Dwi'n caru ti." I'm just learning Spanish, which I find easy, because both languages have the same roots.

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