Friday, February 29, 2008

Aimee Duffy Welsh CD (2004), Hedfan Angel

As everyone is probably aware Duffy previously released a 2004 Welsh EP (in the Welsh language) simply titled "Aimee Duffy".

It includes the following tracks:

1. Dim Dealltwriaeth (No Understanding)
2. Hedfan Angel (Fly Angel)
3. Cariad Dwi'n Unig (Lover, I'm Lonely)

The tracks are quite rocky in style (especially the third one) but they still show the great Duffy voice. You can download them on iTunes (just search for Aimee Duffy) or you can purchase the CD from cdbaby for just $8. Just search for Duffy. (No need to pay £15-£30 for one on ebay then!)

To give you an idea of these songs here is Dim Dealltwriaeth:

Below is Hedfan Angel:

And below is track 3 Cariad Dwi'n Unig:

English Translation of Dim Dealltwriaeth (No Understanding)

War on the land, what do we expect, accepting this for so long, keeping quiet, people crying, suffering with the strain, trying to run, like before

No understanding (repeats)where can we turn

So here we meet the world needs help and so we feel the world is being raped. On the land see our father suffer quietly, so stand up and here we wait on the fact


No love, no smile, my heart feels old


English Translation of Hedfan Angel (Fly Angel)

No answer in my memory, no light in the distance.
I'm here in the darkness, and here I belong.
No word and no reason, nothing
to look forward to,
You've left me here,
And everything's in pieces

A terrible accident and now I am dying,
Are you watching over me as I sleep soundly?

Will you kiss me softly and gently?
Now you've left me here - now
you have flown away

English Translation of Cariad Dwin Unig
(Lover,I'm Lonely)

My love I'm lonely tonight and where are you
My love I'm lonely tonight can I meet you
with the dawn?
Touching's so simple - which keeps me going
through the cloud
Touching's so simple - which keeps me


One little kiss to help me along - on the
long journey ahead,
Remember my heart when you're far away - but please
stay till I'm better.
My love I'm lonely tonight and where can I go?
My love I'm lonely tonight - I miss you so
my friend

I LOVE YOU.... x2

I love you .... I love you ....
My love I'm lonely tonight ...

Welsh "Pop Idol" Wawfactor 2003
Today I looked into it a bit more and found some interesting links concerning the younger, pre-Rockferry Aimee Duffy. Here is the original website for the 2003 Welsh "Wawfactor" competition which Duffy came second in (exert from the website below).

Image Hosted by

"Well, there's been loads of change in my life in the last year! I've switched Universities and I'm now at Chester University. I've released a Welsh single named ‘Rock, Roll & Soul' which is played a fair bit on Radio Cymru, done lots of interviews, locally and nationally and just got a new agent! My ambition, more than ever, is to succeed as a singer!

I think this year's competitors should remember to listen to the judges' advice, and not to take themselves too seriously. But maybe most of all is to enjoy every second!"

Regarding the above reference to 'Rock, Roll & Soul' - I have no idea what this isa nd whether it is available. There seems to be no other mention of it on the web so if anyone finds something or knows something please drop me a line!
EDIT: It seems 'Rock, Roll & Soul' was maybe some kind of provisional working title for the Aimee Duffy (2004) 3 track there probably isn't more Duffy songs out there that we don't know about..... apart from the other demos with The Invisible Wires but that's another story... :-)
This BBC page in Welsh gives this impression since it features the cover photo of the Aimee Duffy (2004) cd with the title 'Rock, Roll & Soul'....
This BBC page in Welsh also has a link to some kind of Welsh radio chat - if anyone who understands Welsh knows what they are on about feel free to drop me a line! One of the guys said 'not my cup of tea' but that's about all I understood I'm afraid.

Also, there's an early interview below, concerning Wawfactor (at least I think that is what is about - it's all in Welsh!) The song playing in the background at first is Cariad Dwi'n Unig (Lover, I'm Lonely). BTW, great hairdo and fab mascara....


Anonymous said...

In the radio clip they're reviewing the Welsh language EP. They're disappointed because the songs are slow and they were expecting something a lot more up-tempo after Aimee's appearances on Wawffactor. The voice is good, the production is good but the songs are too downbeat. They think the lyrics of Dim Dealltwriaeth are weak - compare it to Evanesence. One guy gives 6/10 the other 4/10

danyelle6974 said...

Hi, Thanks alot for that! I was wondering what they were on about. :-) Your comment comes up as anonymous so please do leave your name or tag as I am curious if it is you who has commented on my blog elsewhere. :-)

Ian Loomes said...

Would love it if Duffy released Cariad Dwi'n Unig in English as I really love that song and could see it doing really well