Monday, February 25, 2008

25 Feb: Mercy & B Sides UK Release on CD and Vinyl

Today in the UK, the single Mercy is released on CD and 7" Vinyl. To sample Mercy and the Official video catch my earlier post about the download release. Buy the CD or Vinyl from HMV to get the best price.

It is already number one in the UK (from downloads alone!) and it is getting LOADS of radio play so the future looks bright for this song... It is a catchy tune and Duffy performs it wonderfully. I read a review somewhere (sorry can't remember where) which said that the words she utters at the beginning of the song ("hit the beat and take it to the verse now") would be dangerous in anyone else's hands and that Duffy pulls it off, despite it being really corny. I agree. Having caught a few live performances of the song on TV and radio by now, I think Duffy really suits the song, which isn't surprising since (unlike some manufactured acts) she actually contributed to the writing of it...

What I think is most interesting about the CD/Vinyl Mercy release is the B sides. The B sides for the CD and Vinyl are different again, so now we have two more non-album tracks by Duffy. And they are both excellent tracks. Details below:

1. Mercy
2. Tomorrow
Release date: 25-2-2008
Catalogue Number: 1761794

7" Vinyl
1. Mercy
2. Save it For Your Prayers
Release date: 25-2-2008
Catalogue Number: 1761782

Tomorrow is a catchy tune, whereas Save it For Your Prayers is more soulful, so it is easy to see why the first went on the CD and the second was chosen for the Vinyl audience.

As if by magic I have put Tomorrow and Save it For Your Prayers below thanks to Youtube. Don't forget to support the artist and buy the release legally. If you like Save it For Your Prayers but don't have a record player then you can get these B sides on iTunes - just search the iTunes store for Duffy.

Tomorrow is below.

Save it For Your Prayers is below.

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