Monday, June 29, 2009

28 Jun: Duffy was supposed to be in Greece today. :-(

But the Rockwave festival was a washout... See the photos here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

26 Jun: Duffy Live@H2O Beach, Mamaia (ROMAINIA)

Some pics and links to vids here.

Duffy covers Micheal Jackson's song "Billie Jean" (mixes with Mercy) as a tribute:

It was mixed at the end of Mercy:

Stepping Stone has been getting a bit of a makeover in recent concerts:

Distant Dreamer:

Friday, June 19, 2009

19 Jun: Duffy Live@ Hurricane Festival, Germany

If you find more pics, some vids or the setlist please leave a comment.

Thanks to Succo who found that ZDF have the rights to the Hurricane Festoval coverage. They will show snippets from the festival during August. Please can someone in GErmany record these? Succo can you do it please? :-)
Here's the details:
Sonntag, 2. August, 22.55 Uhr

Mittwoch, 5. August, 22.55 Uhr und 23.40

Freitag, 7. August, 22.50 Uhr

(weitere Wiederholungstermine im Laufe des Augustprogramms)

Auf ARTE ist am 26. November 2009 ein 90-minütiger Zusammenschnitt zu sehen
More pics...

The "boho" necklace makes yet another appearance LOL:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 Jun: Secret Formula 1 Charity Gig Last Night

The Evening Standard says:
The 24-year-old Welsh singer seemed to avoid waiting fans, and our spy said: "They were complaining that they feel she is getting too big for her boots."


Click photos for larger images:

On 17th Duffy did a secret Formula One Party gig... More details if and when. :-)

LOL what was this in aid of?
"Big controversy as duffy ducks through the back...papparazi not at all happy! #F1 great ormond st hospital charit bash."Big controversy as duffy ducks through the back...papparazi n... on Twitpic

Pic from the gig (taken by F1 driver NelsonPiquet:

Duffy cantando no evento de caridade Great Ormond Street Hosp... on Twitpic

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 Jun: Duffy's advert is "fantastical" enough to avoid ban

LOL This today from contactmusic.


A Diet Coke commercial starring Welsh soul singer DUFFY has escaped a ban by Britain's advertising watchdog - after the footage was deemed irresponsible by U.K. road safety campaigners.
The Mercy hitmaker became the face of the soda giant's European TV campaign, which saw her riding a bike to the shops to pick up a can of her favourite carbonated drink.
But the ad came under fire as Duffy was not wearing a helmet or reflective gear as she cycled through dark streets - and road safety advocates called for the commercial to be banned as it may encourage young fans to emulate the star.
However, Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), have cleared the campaign - insisting the sequins on the star's outfit count as reflective gear in the U.K. Highway Code.
The ASA added no further action was required as most viewers, including children, would see the ad as "fantastical".

Guardian's take on it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 Jun: Duffy in studio recording

Zalon, Duffy and Dionne having fun while recording. These from Zalon's Twitter account.
Zalon, Duffy and Dionne having fun while recording on Twitpic*Studio diary* Zalon recording with Mark Ronson for Zalon's a... on Twitpic

Monday, June 15, 2009

Danish Newspaper Review of Duffy's Copenhagan show

Click photo for larger image.

Click here for further details of this gig (plus videos just added).

This review isn't very good. Find a better review here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

14 Jun: Duffy Live@Norwegian Wood Festival

Here's a review of the gig by NPK, which gives Duffy's performance 4/6. Here are some translated "highlights":
On a modest, but nice styled scene, entered the half-meter high diva Duffy on Sunday evening. Duffy moves from the debut album's title cut and transparent "Rock Ferry" and on through a fairly straight version of "Hang On Too Long" (suspiciously similar to "I Heard It Through The Grapevine ").

She is dressed for the occasion in a short black skirt and let us therefore dwell long on the pale and - relatively speaking - his long legs. "Serious" is the first song that seriously gives festival mood...

Duffy introduces the timeless "Stepping Stone" with the words "Here we go bitches", and reminds us viewers that the main character herself is a little bitchy. She is, in a classy way with the hint of slut.
Charming. At least NRK took some nice pics though:

Duffy's new style

Black eye makeup, long flowing straightish bouffanted hair and a "boho" 70s style in clothes... I just love Diana's montage showing pics of Duffy and Bridgette Bardot... Thanks Diana!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 Jun: Duffy Live@WTAI Festival, Stockholm, Sweden

Below photo from here.
Unfortunately the weather was rather rainy in Stockholm tonight as Duffy delivered the following set as part of the "Where the action is" Festival.
Setlist (52 mins):
Hanging on to long
Rain on your parade
Breaking my own heart
Warwick Avenue
Fool for you
Stepping stone
Delayed devotion
Review (Google translate result is below - rather poetic to say the least LOL:
It was especially nice. Duffy magical voice, really so self-propelled and urstark out of this thin BODY, WOBBLING true to once or two, and the formidable run-twins, synchronized as Welsh atomic clocks, must have frozen their pale bodies of gangrene. Yet spread the heat. Yet put Duffy in the band of cold fish stick rigid easy smile in the audience rocking with its incredibly beautiful soul. Undeniably more snajdigt professional Paul Weller / Working week / Ben Sherman than American rotsoul. Which also appeared in the clothes and Duffy cool Heels. We were of course, hits and in the eternal strilet, only to smile to the songs "Serious" and "Mercy" (with Duffy's gaze to the sky) almost hit us with life's deep irony. At its best was the band and Duffy to it in a slightly restrained "Stepping Stones". Above all, neat.
Another review.

Warwick Avenue live at Stockholm:

Mercy live:

Photo credit- Stora Skuggan:

Photo credit - Pär Olsson: