Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 Jun: Duffy Live@WTAI Festival, Stockholm, Sweden

Below photo from here.
Unfortunately the weather was rather rainy in Stockholm tonight as Duffy delivered the following set as part of the "Where the action is" Festival.
Setlist (52 mins):
Hanging on to long
Rain on your parade
Breaking my own heart
Warwick Avenue
Fool for you
Stepping stone
Delayed devotion
Review (Google translate result is below - rather poetic to say the least LOL:
It was especially nice. Duffy magical voice, really so self-propelled and urstark out of this thin BODY, WOBBLING true to once or two, and the formidable run-twins, synchronized as Welsh atomic clocks, must have frozen their pale bodies of gangrene. Yet spread the heat. Yet put Duffy in the band of cold fish stick rigid easy smile in the audience rocking with its incredibly beautiful soul. Undeniably more snajdigt professional Paul Weller / Working week / Ben Sherman than American rotsoul. Which also appeared in the clothes and Duffy cool Heels. We were of course, hits and in the eternal strilet, only to smile to the songs "Serious" and "Mercy" (with Duffy's gaze to the sky) almost hit us with life's deep irony. At its best was the band and Duffy to it in a slightly restrained "Stepping Stones". Above all, neat.
Another review.

Warwick Avenue live at Stockholm:

Mercy live:

Photo credit- Stora Skuggan:

Photo credit - Pär Olsson:

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