Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 Jun: Secret Formula 1 Charity Gig Last Night

The Evening Standard says:
The 24-year-old Welsh singer seemed to avoid waiting fans, and our spy said: "They were complaining that they feel she is getting too big for her boots."


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On 17th Duffy did a secret Formula One Party gig... More details if and when. :-)

LOL what was this in aid of?
"Big controversy as duffy ducks through the back...papparazi not at all happy! #F1 great ormond st hospital charit bash."Big controversy as duffy ducks through the back...papparazi n... on Twitpic

Pic from the gig (taken by F1 driver NelsonPiquet:

Duffy cantando no evento de caridade Great Ormond Street Hosp... on Twitpic


Anonymous said...

I guess the paps were fed up because Duffy didn't go on the red carpet and they missed the chance of selling some shots, the red top journos were miffed as well.

Why didn't Duffy go on the carpet, I'd guess it's because there would have been a lot of questions re the Coke ad decision earlier in the day.

Anonymous said...

Now the Evening Standard is saying that Duffy disappointed her fans and that they were saying she was getting "too big for her boots."

Mmmmmh James Ingham of the Daily Star was twittering from the red carpet last night and said Duffy was getting "too big for her boots."

My guess is that a couple of bored journos were inventing quotes for each other and creating a non-story.