Friday, October 31, 2008

31 Oct: Duffy Live@ Verizon Center (supporting Coldplay) in Washington

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or a review please leave a comment.

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I didn't notice this error (because I use firefox) but I had a couple of people contact me and say there was an error preventing you from reading my blog when using Internet Explorer.

I've googled and I think this is a bug in IE. This link says it is... I don't know much about coding (hence my blog is a standard blogger template) but I had a skim through the scripty bits on my template but couldn't find anything like is described on that website.

Plus I don't know why it suddenly is causing this error - why would it work OK before but not now? I haven't changed my blog in any way (as I said, I am not a coder). Someone said they got the error with some other websites too so I don't know what's going on.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I am aware of it although I can't see any way to fix it for you IE users.
I recommend using Firefox 3 instead. I have used Firefox for years. It is free, easy and had tabs way before IE even thought about it. There are some other great browsers out there such as K-Meleon and Opera, but if you are concerned about compatibility then Firefox is the most popular browser in the blogger community and it works with everything (videos, youtube, imeem, plus ebay's new selling page - you get wizziwig and everything).

31 Oct: The Sun interviews Duffy in New York

Click photo for a larger image!

The Sun has this article and new photos today.

This has sporned several articles about Duffy that have appeared around the web today, mostly about Duffy setting her hair on fire (no, not on a cigarette but a candle in her dressing room... plus someone reckons Duffy's hair burning smells like cooked chicken LOL I wouldn't want to go round his for tea LOL.

Article pasted below:

I've got fellas all over the world
In New York

POP sensation DUFFY is well on course to land a special milestone in an amazing, whirlwind career – becoming the biggest-selling UK artist of 2008.

The cute Welsh warbler should reach the incredible global sales tally of four million copies of debut album Rockferry by Christmas.

And it’s not just the charts the bubbly singer is setting alight.

Her blonde barnet went up in flames moments before she met CHRIS MARTIN — one of her musical heroes — in Cleveland, USA, last week.

Duffy, 24, real name Aimee Duffy, had to explain the odd smell in her dressing room to the COLDPLAY frontman when he popped in for a chat after she supported his band.

She said: “I was in the dressing room and I had music on and candles alight.

“The venue was a huge stadium, like a big sports centre. The dressing rooms had big white lights, no mirrors and lockers all along. They were super cool but you wouldn’t want to spend three hours in there.

“So I was giving it a little bit of razzle dazzle. I had dimmed the lights then I lit this candle and it started melting a bit.

“I thought, ‘S***!’ and started blowing it out. I got a cloth to wipe it and bent down, not realising it was still lit. Then the entire left side of my hair went up in flames.

“At that moment Chris was walking down the corridor to say, ‘Hi’. I hadn’t met him before and the place stank of burning hair.

“Somebody came in and said, ‘Is someone cooking chicken?’

“I had black crumbs of hair all down me so I had to give it a chop and pin it back.

“It was really bad and properly embarrassing. Chris could smell it. You couldn’t avoid smelling it.

“Can you imagine if I had gone up in flames? Nightmare. I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Chris laughed it off and sent Duffy and her band champagne before winding her up about their chart battle in America. I predict Chris will be on the losing end of that argument.

Duffy speaks like she lives her life — at 100mph.

She is full of energy and loving every second of performing with her band on the tour — even though most of her time is spent in a bus with a bunch of blokes.


I went out to meet Duffy in New York, where she played a sell-out gig at Webster Hall, Manhattan.

A crowd of autograph hunters, top heavy with admiring male fans, queued afterwards to get their pictures taken with the pretty girl from Nefyn, North West Wales, in her little pink dress.

It was a sign of her growing fame in America, where a series of performances on top TV shows and a Motown tribute gig in LA earlier this month have propelled her into the limelight.

But Duffy has found herself explaining in most of her interviews that she is not TOM JONES’ daughter, as rumour has it Stateside.

She joked: “I’d like to clear up now that he’s not my dad. That is nonsense — unless there’s something my mum wants to confess to.

“I suppose because we’re from the same country people team us up.”

Duffy is fiercely proud of her Welsh — and British — roots.

She even reckons she is an unofficial ambassador for the Wales tourist board.

She said: “It’s so nice to support the British music scene and I’m really proud to be part of it. I know it sounds a bit nationalist, but to represent Britain where we go is an honour.

“You can go to Japan and they don’t really know much about Britain other than London, so you sit there and talk about the music and the culture and how you were brought up — that’s what they will know about your country. Not many of them know where Wales is. I point it out on a map.

“Wales has a lot to be proud of, too. I’m a massive fan of boxer JOE CALZAGHE. He’s my idol.

“I read his book and I don’t read, so that’s an achievement for me. He’s very handsome, but taken.”

I interviewed Duffy in January this year when she was still learning her trade as a live performer.

Since then she has grown in confidence, blossoming into an impressive stage presence capable of holding her own vocally with stars such as her “showbiz dad” legend Tom.

And her cheeky smile and dimpled cheeks have been charming blokes across the globe.

Talking about the love in her life, she giggled and told me: “I have fellas in all different parts of the world.

“There are a couple of good-looking gentlemen dotted around to keep me entertained. I have different phones which work in different areas.

“I lost my English one so the English guy is just going to have to understand.

“Getting to spend time with them is another thing. It’s all based on a little bit of text banter. My phone bill was a whopper last month.

“There is one guy who is a plumber. He keeps coming in and out but he’s a text pest.”


Duffy’s cheeks lit up when I asked her if there were any naughty pictures on her lost phone which could come back to haunt her.

She giggled, bit her lip and said: “Let’s just say it’s just as well that I lost the phone in Chicago and not Wales.

“There are some, er, inflammatory texts which I’m a bit worried about. You know when you have one of those heart attack moments when you start frantically worrying about what is on it?”

Duffy’s success isn’t costing her only in mobile phone bills. She is already concerned about Christmas present expectations from friends and family.

She revealed: “I bought myself a watch. It’s a Cartier. It cost a few bob and should raise expectations at Christmas.

“I’m going to have to cough up for at least a round at the bar, which I’ve avoided for the past 24 years.

“The money thing is not like a f*** and run, for want of a better expression, which many of my friends do to certain gentlemen.

“What I mean is that my career is not a one-night stand.

“I don’t do that in my life so I’m not going to just run away with everything I’ve got.

“I could buy expensive cars but if it all goes tomorrow I still want to have a decent life.

“There’s a lot of talk about the credit crunch but all I know is that I can afford to take my mate out for lunch if I want to.

“I can afford to get a cab, I pay my rent on my place and I know a pint of milk is 98p.”

Well, a pint is nearer 42p these days, Duffy, but we won’t hold that against you.

Duffy’s new single, Rain On Your Parade, is out on November 17. A deluxe version of the album Rockferry hits shops on November 24, with the home leg of her tour starting on the same day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

30 Oct: Duffy sings at Saks Fifth Ave

This blog has a review of the event and this website says:
Capping off the evening, Welsh singer Duffy performed four songs, including her hit “Mercy.” Telling the crowd she had been given the opportunity to “clean out” Saks, the cutie songstress sang her heart out. She revealed Escada’s stylish role at the beginning of her career, when the brand dressed in her in one of her first designer duds over a year ago

Here is a report from the evening, pasted in below.

Duffy Takes the Stage at Saks

Duffy in Escada. Photo By: Steve Eichner

The second floor of Manhattan's Saks Fifth Avenue looked more like a concert venue and less like a department store on Thursday night when Welsh crooner Duffy took the stage at a fete in honor of Escada creative director Damiano Biella.

Hilary Swank, Blair Husain and co-host Amy Sacco were on hand for the event, which benefited Free Arts NYC, a charity that provides underprivileged children with education in the arts.

The evening was a change of pace for Swank. "I rarely ever party," said the actress before heading to a VIP area for the show.

Duffy, meanwhile, had cause to celebrate. After her set, the chanteuse was invited to browse the merchandise in the otherwise abandoned store.

"I feel like the president," she said. "I'd like to get a pair of good fitting underwear."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

29 Oct: Duffy Live@TD Banknorth Garden (supporting Coldplay) in Boston

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or a review please leave a comment.

"Little Miss Brown" by Paul Eastham and Duffy

This was a demo (with Paul Eastham who collaborated with Duffy on the early Welsh EP called "Aimee Duffy"). Listen to it below (via Paul Eastham's iLike page).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

28 Oct: Watch Duffy on "The View"

Duffy performed "Stepping Stone" on the US morning show "The View" which was on US TV this morning. Watch it below.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

26&27 Oct: Duffy Live@ IZOD Center (supporting Coldplay) in New Jersey

If you have the setlists, pics, vids or reviews please leave a comment.

PRE-ORDER NEW SINGLE Rain on Your Parade

At last here are some pre-order links for Duffy's "Rain On Your Parade"!

The CD:
1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Syrup & Honey

Release date: 17-11-2008
Catalogue Number: 1789249
Order it from HMV or Amazon.

7" vinyl:
A. 'Rain On Your Parade'
B. Smoke Without Fire

Release date: 17-11-2008
Catalogue Number: 1789250
Order it from HMV.

The websites still say 17th November is the release date but says "Available from 3rd Nov" and so does Duffy's myspace. It could be that it will be available as a download before it is released physically... guess we'll see when we check UK iTunes on 3rd Nov. :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

25 Oct: MGM Grand Foxwoods, Mashantucket

If you have the setlist, pics, vids, or a review please leave a comment.

Friday, October 24, 2008

24 Oct: Duffy Live@ Metropolis, Montreal

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or a review please leave a comment.

24 Oct: The Sun Article

Article here.

Pre Order Rockferry Deluxe from Amazon

I know alot of you have already seen that the Deluxe album is pre-orderable from, but I'm letting non-UK fans know that you can now pre-order it from Amazon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

23 Oct: Launch of Le Metier De Beaute cosmetics

Photos of Duffy attending the launch of Le Metier De Beaute cosmetics at Bergdorf Goodman on October 23, 2008 in New York City. More photos here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22 Oct: Duffy Live@ Webster Hall, New York

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or a review please leave a comment.

22 Oct: Tracklisting for Rain on Your Parade

(Click the photo for a larger image of the cover!)

The CD:
1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Syrup & Honey

7" vinyl:
A. 'Rain On Your Parade'
B. Smoke Without Fire

22 Oct: 'Rain On Your Parade' - Out November 3rd (Now 10th)

The Official website has now updated it's 22nd October message (which I previously posted below). It now says this:

'Rain On Your Parade' - Out November 17th


Duffy's next single will be the majestic string-laden stormer 'Rain On Your Parade', and it'll hit stores on Monday 17th November, with the digital release preceding it on Monday 10th November.

The stunning cinematic video shows Duffy at her breathtaking best and it's screening now for your viewing pleasure over at YouTube.

Click here to watch it now.

Plus, stay tuned for 'Rain On Your Parade' pre-order links - they're coming soon!


Official confirmation of the new single on the official website:

'Rain On Your Parade' - Out November 3rd


Duffy's next single will be the majestic string-laden stormer 'Rain On Your Parade', and it'll hit stores on Monday 3rd November.

The stunning cinematic video shows Duffy at her breathtaking best and it's screening now for your viewing pleasure over at YouTube.

Click here to watch it now.

Plus, stay tuned for 'Rain On Your Parade' pre-order links - they're coming soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21 Oct: Duffy Live@Quicken Loans Arena (supporting Coldplay) in Cleveland

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or a review please leave a comment.

Monday, October 20, 2008

20 Oct: Duffy Live@The Riviera, Chicago

If you have the setlist, pics, vids or reviews please leave a comment.

20 Oct: Live Lounge Version 3 is released today.

The third "Live Lounge" compilation CD is now out. Here are the covers and track listings. Duffy's amazing stripped down version of Mercy is the first track. Purchase from various places from Monday 20th October, including Amazon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

17 Oct: Duffy Live@ Showbox SODO , Seattle

If you have a setlist, pics, vids, reviews please leave a comment.

17 Oct: Rain on Your Parade Video

Polydor have put the official video for "Rain on Your Parade" (below) on youtube and have confirmed the release date for the single as November 17th.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Oct: Duffy Live@ The Orhpeum, Vancouver

UPDATE 1st Jan: The below interview (presumably done around 16th when Duffy was in Vancouver) appeared yesterday on youtube.

If you have the setlist from this gig, any pics,vids please leave a comment.

There's a review here.

The below photos are by the Vancouver Sun.

The Vancouver Sun also has a review of this gig which I've put below.

Review: Welsh sensation Duffy charms Orpheum Theatre crowd
by Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER - Welsh pop sensation, Duffy, unleashed her retro soul sound to a packed Orpheum Theatre on Thursday night singing from her hit debut album, Rockferry.

She did it in high style with more than a little sex appeal, none of which was lost on her fans.

Wearing a slinky, red dress, the 24-year-old blonde, whose sound has been compared to Amy Winehouse, was met with wild applause and plenty of whistles as she greeted her audience.

"There's one thing I know about you Canadians, you are lovely," she said, smiling. "It's a real pleasure to be here. "

The petite singer kicked off the hour-long show with a nice and crackly rendition of the song, Syrup and Honey.

Drenched in white spotlights, Duffy posed - arm fanning over her head, neck thrown back - and shuffled across the stage in stilettos.

Paying attention? You betcha.

"How are you doing?" she asked, suddenly interrupting the song to the cries of delight from the crowd before finishing off with more of her vocal twists and turns.

Next, she sang the title track from her album, Rockferry.

And this is where things became abundantly clear.

Live, Duffy is plain old sensational.

She's irresistible, from her big, nouveau Motown sound and soulful voice to her pin-up hairdo and retro dance moves.

It's no wonder Duffy, born Aimee Anne Duffy, is up for three MTV Europe Music Awards next month, including best new act.

She's really good.

First off, there's her signature, a surprisingly big, penetrating voice that seems capable of doing almost anything. It sort of criss-crosses from the past to the future, from soul to pop and from crackle to purr.

And then there's Duffy herself, the young diva from Whales, swinging a microphone and kicking up her legs.

When she introduced an energetic new song, Rain On Your Parade, she presented it by saying: "I'd like to take the pleasure of introducing it to you Canadians."

Another highlight was her performance of Warwick Avenue, a finger-snapping song that Duffy made bigger in her live show, thanks to her full-blown vocals.

This was true for Stepping Stone too, which felt slower and heavier than on the album - in a good way.

Next came the best part of the night with her hit, Mercy.

"You're all sitting down and I'm pouring my heart out to you," she said before singing the hit single. "Please feel free to get up and move your Canadian asses."

And everyone did. Especially Duffy, who was busy strutting to her own beat, without missing a note.

She seemed like she was having a blast and her enthusiasm was contagious.

At one point during the song she stood on a small, lit platform on-stage, against a wall of blinking lights. And she just swung the microphone round and round and round.

The crowd loved it, telling her so with applause and more whistling.

"Thank you so much Vancouver," she said, after tying a ribbon on the night with a perfect encore, the anthem, Distant Dreamer. "Thanks."

Right back at you Duffy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 Oct: Does anyone have BBC HD?!

Can someone record the Duffy St Lukes Session in HD? It's on BBC HD this weekend (Sat night and Sun night). Please leave a comment if you can record this!

BBC tv The BBC One Sessions: Duffy Sun 19 Oct, 00:00 - 00:45

Series of unique, intimate performances by some of the greatest legends and contemporary stars around. Welsh singer Duffy runs through songs from her debut album, Rockferry.

BBC tv The BBC One Sessions: Duffy Sun 19 Oct, 23:00 - 23:40


Monday, October 13, 2008

13 Oct: Duffy LSO St Lukes Session

It aired last night. More details about the actual gig here:
And some photos here:

You can view the 45mins that aired on bbc iplayer here for the next 6 days only:

Missing from the broadcast last night were;
Hanging On Too Long
Oh Boy (acoustic)
Fool For You (acoustic)

Then the BBC put up the first two as "web exclusives" here:

Plus an interview with Duffy here;

Not sure if non-uk people can view the videos at the above links so let me know.

I am on the lookout for the concert video in DVD quality.

Also, I have emailed the BBC about the missing track "Fool For You". I recommend that everyone do so and then they might actually do something about it since a response is not guaranteed. It would be horrible to think it will just sit there at the BBC gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. You don't have to be in the UK to air your views so don't be shy and let's give it a try:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 Oct: Alice Radio 'Now & Zen' Show, Golden Gate Park

UPDATE 14/10/08: This podcast is available from Alice Radio:
Duffy at Now and Zen 2008
Jayn interviews Duffy backstage at Now and Zen 2008.

UPDATE 14/10/08:
Alice Radio now has these photos of Duffy from their "Now and Zen" concert. There are a photos of an interview with Duffy so maybe they will update the link with videos.


Radio Alice held this event so I keep expecting them to air something from the concert and/or put something on their website.

If you find anything please let me know. If you see a schedule somewhere and you know in advance when Duffy will be on the radio please let me know.

There is this audience-recorded snippet on youtube but that's it so far:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

11 Oct: "Rain on Your Parade" released Nov 17th


Teletext (of all people) have this today:

Duffy parades new single

Duffy releases new single Rain On Your Parade on November 17. It's co-written and produced by Steve Booker, who also produced Mercy. Although it's a new song not featured on her Rockferry album, it will be added to the album along with six other new songs when it gets a Deluxe Edition on November 24.

Also someone has upped the song on youtube:

Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct: Duffy Live@Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

UPDATE 13/10/08: Yet more videos by axe002 added below! I have replaced the vids with his playlist so that this webpage loads faster for you! Thanks again for the vids!

Axe002 says:
Duffy Live in LA 10 Videos
Here is almost the whole concert (minus 3 or 4 songs) of the Beautiful and Talented Duffy perfroming live that I recorded.

Axe002's Video Set List:
1. Syrup & Honey
2. Hanging On To Long
3. Rockferry
4. Serious
5. Breaking My Own Heart
6. *New Song* Rain On Your Parade
7. Warwick Avenue
8. Stepping Stone
9. Mercy
10. (Encore) Scared, Distant Dreamer

Watch the entire playlist below:


Thanks to axe002 for these brilliant videos from the gig!!!

If you have any pics/reviews of this gig please leave a comment.

10 Oct: Duffy's Tv Gig Packs The Pews

Some pictures of Duffy at the St Lukes Session appeared today in the Daily Record. Click the picture for a much larger image.

Duffy's Tv Gig Packs The Pews

CHART-TOPPING Duffy brought her award-winning week to an end with an exclusive gig on BBC1.

The Welsh singer, who won Best Breakthrough Artist at the Q Awards, will perform tracks from her album Rockferry in an 18th-century London church for the show, to be shown on Sunday.

But Duffy is still shy of fame. She said: "The pop star thing really wasn't in my mind when I started.

"I just wrote a bunch of songs. I didn't want to be famous, and I still don't." Oops, too late.

10 Oct: Duffy's 5 Days in Japan

All the details of Duffy's trip to Japan are now here. I've pasted in below the google translate results from Japanese.

I still haven't found any videos of the TV appearances Duffy did in Japan, the most prominent that has aired so far being Duffy's appearance on NHK's "Music Japan". If anyone finds anything (even just a youtube type video or some photos) then please leave a comment!

  • Duffy Book of Japan (2008 September 29 - October 2008 5 days)
  • September 29th
    'Saturday Night Live' appearance was to stay in the United States for the evening aboard a flight arriving in Japan.
    A-line coat in red, black and black tights and ballet shoes, flat-topped Duffy appeared. Could you look a little tired, but very cute. To continue US tour that will also have the generous amount of luggage. (4 weeks worth of luggage!) Camel-colored bag with a set of unified. Feel a sense of her choice.
    The visit was really looking forward to it. Now, the town was very clean and were impressed.
    On this day, and slowly break at the hotel.
  • In the morning of September 30, and punctual. Duffy is the essential energy, it is surprising and coffee. Duffy loves Starbucks, for a latte will be available every time. On this day, white blouse, black miniskirt and Lacey, and black tights + shades of black and deep red high-heeled shoes. When the cold came purple cardigan.
    Duffy will be the point of style, the cardigan. Cardigan sweater than it was love.
    Because of the high heel, I see a very high stature, but Duffy's is a very petite.
    On this day, "I laughed," appeared on. 番組のSETをみて感動してました。 SET is expected to show were impressed. I'm not in the United Kingdom.
    The waiting time for rehearsals and production of the rice. Duffy replied to the request, miso soup and choice of drink shops. Today, the red challenge as a pretext. Basic, it was not like raw fish, the tuna sashimi, I tried to challenge. And it was delicious. Then, walk around in the dry-goods store, and clothing to the beauty of love at first sight, somewhere in the photograph is wearing a kimono and want to do! There is a request, because it takes time to dress, and came to Japan in March when in reality scuttle Let it!
    A bag of clothes, pack, with various knick-knacks and was fascinating to me.
    On this day, "I love Japan," OBOEMASHITA word. Incidentally, the "Hello" "Thank you" "hi" before the visit and has learned. After a good and the accompanying TSUAMANE, at the request of the monitor's uncle Tokyu Hands! However, Duffy said that it wants to see your clothes, to a certain department store.
    APC shops and a total of six points in the southeast (cardigans, jackets, shirts and two sweaters border, the border knit NOSURIVU) purchase of a sudden your clothes! Border is your favorite'll be comfortable + points. Tops on the small side I like to put together. Anyway, I think I have a loyalty to the style, and I think DAFIRASHII buy some things. And all of them were perfect.The Japanese have learned here, "cute". Shops as well as other people, all the "cute" and so I continued. Duffy pretext, the Japanese girls at the lovable and that they were stylish. I really enjoyed the shopping, as an excuse to buy too much, "I have always been a busy tour, and I do not buy, this much, I..分っmonths to do that.. "It was on.
    After returning to the hotel, get dressed. Now, the border of black tights, black knit dress and black shoes appeared in the flat. High-heeled shoes, shoes match the performance.
    Energetic coverage, and doing the best. Japanese right across the middle, or the answer to a question that contains a lot of humor, her head was forced feel good.
    After the interview, as tired as might be expected, slowly at the hotel.
  • During the morning of October 1, the Imperial Palace. MITARASHIKU a big carp, "It was like a porpoise," and was smiling. Liquid Room in a black jacket bought the previous day, appeared in a red shirt. "Japanese girls are all trendy, fashionable style of the girls I have been together!" Were saying.
    その後、今日のSHOWに向けて、念入りにメイク開始。 After that, for today's SHOW, elaborate makeup on. まずは、NHK First, NHK for the shooting of her, Navy and white mini wampee border, appeared in a red high-heeled.
    SHEILA meeting with her was a large and enthusiastic. SHEILA is a nice, and Duffy Wow. SHEILA's personality, and her shoes SHEILA love at first sight.
    I saw in the middle of a meeting of the Japanese immersion moving machine. My songs are written in Japanese, and wants to throw the most inclusive. After all the recording, back in the dressing room, this time to prepare for the SHOW.
    "What's on stage or I'll talk about that?" Seriously studying Japanese. Campe create their own. "NIHONNIKORETEURESHIIDESU" "KONNICHIWA" and write full ARRIVAL. I hear a lot to learn so fast. And other countries, Duffy is quick to drown the words of reason, her first language, but there is Welsh. Even in France, in the same way as Japanese, French, with a pincer that could respond to an interview.
    SHOWへの準備の中、楽屋で感動していたのが、とても小さいスチーマー。 in preparation for the dressing room was impressed with the SUCHIMA very small. "I have a nice handy! Never buy! When I tour, and carry a big SUCHIMA I'm not really hard," Akihabara has been eager to visit. After that, with the band, and relax, and eat a green soybean, and a break.
    Attractive and different from the album, and her live a unique and wonderful singing voice has to be drunk.
    Set list,
    1 Syrup&honey
    2 rockferry
    3 hanging on too long
    4 serious
    5 breaking my own heart
    6 rain on your parade
    7 Warwick avenue
    8 delayed devotion
    9 stepping stone
    10 tomorrow
    11 mercy
    12 Distant Dreamer
    In early March, also has decided to tour to Japan. Please, please, to taste raw emotion.
  • October 2, Duffy style of the day, was purchased at Takashimaya cardigan, jeans and black flats.
    Today, as the first one from Asia, conducted the interview.
    Udon noodles for lunch today. Pretty hard-core do not like Japanese food, noodles, I love it.
    I asked other staff during lunch, as is the fish are going, like a snail shell TSUBU have a veryROSHIKATTARASHIKU,
    And hidden the lid.
    Incidentally, the day before, I yam a flakes of the bad side of oneself that the eyes were averted. "Met with Japanese food come to London because" that the Japanese diet is still a beginner. Men want to have loved and much of a soybean paste miso ramen, or noodle stew with miso want to be a challenge.
    Japan's questions, and the music is very impressive and a lot of things. A fashion magazine shoot, the more stylish look with renewed vigor and makeup,
    Japanese and learn more. On this day, "KONBANWA" has learned. After the promotion, experience a massage, sleep.
  • Oct. 3 in the morning, black jacket (bought in Japan) + + jeans, black boots Inner +. Hair black hair ribbons appeared on the band-sister. Cute. Good luck gave up early morning. Because of Cast copy for the special! In fact, a women's magazine interview on Friday, graced the cover sample was submitted to Mr. Fukuyama, Duffy was love at first sight, what, in the dressing room next to her surprise that Fukuyama!
    DO happen! Make way, but still! That was flat out and女NO子RASHI.
    Dane gain in production, wearing a purple dress. Was also fashionable, right? Performance is a sight to see. Students listen to the voice of her more distinctive and attractive look. Cast ago was a little nervous is that the Japanese also showed a fresh mind, who Good luck and best.
    Then, just a little bit back to the hotel to sleep, and the best hotels in the box when he interviewed me.
    Edamame infinite bubble wrap? In moving! And the staff of the Japanese kimono patterns got back from the bowl and the excitement of the gift! All the friendly people of Japan, and is really nice and were impressed.
    In the first bullet train, and enjoy the scenery was said to sleep. I also like Mount Fuji.
    This date back to the hotel for bedtime snack.
  • October 4, Osaka, Nagoya promotions.
    First, you'll be impressed by the weather. The style of the day, a red gingham check, miniskirts, and Lacey Ivory beige shirt + flats.
    Catering is ready to "Edamame" to discover the KABURITSUI. In some interviews, too.
    And, "OOKINI" to acquire Osaka dialect!
    I love Edamame. In Udon lunch. Did not have the time, so as not eating End, but when it came next were going to go and NA.
    In Nagoya, DJ provided Swarowsky from the charm of the color green soybean! Great joy in that. Immediately radio stations to digital printing machine was a great joy. To see what looks like a lot of fun.
    Photo UTSUTTA a little "Psycho" to feel, say, in the face of the graffiti on their own, is mischievous.
    ZIP as the MUSE返RU also enjoy the aroma of the flowers. I love you like flowers? To dinner, with Shinkansen Mac. Filet-O-Fish is good! ARRIVAL and happy.Of course, do not forget chips.
    In the Shinkansen, UK for the radio to take the comment seriously worried ARRIVAL. 面白 I want fun and play like men and women fighting the comments were very hard on the idea,,,
  • October 5, for fatigue, relax, but unfortunately the tour was not reported.
    Review of the promotion for future promotions and said, to Narita. Japanese journalist's question about music to be heard in many, many very good question, or the characteristics of each country as well to understand that you have to work hard. Every time a promotional visit to the country in the country to study the market as well. In Japan, Duffy also become a favorite of one of the country.
    When visiting Japan in March, has a kimono, and more shopping and went to Kyoto, and many have a lot to love.
  • Re-Live in Japan, looking forward to us!

10 Oct: Duffy to Tour New Zealand in Spring 2009

The below article appeared here.

Duffy to Tour NZ

Press Release

What do you get when raw talent meets youth & beauty?

The unique sound and style of a young twenty-ish Welsh songstress by the name of Amy Duffy, or just plain Duffy as the world is coming to know and love her.

Blessed with a striking vocal range and an undeniable presence, this pocket- sized Welsh diva is bringing her phenomenal, distinctive voice and band to New Zealand in March/April 2009 for 3 very special shows.

Duffy first seeped into our consciousness earlier this year with the rhythmic grace of ‘Mercy,’ the first single from her classic retro-soul influenced album Rockferry. This stunning debut effort achieved 1 million album sales in 6 short weeks after release and made the number 1 spot in 11 countries - including New Zealand where sales have now exceeded double platinum. Written and recorded with the help of former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, Rockferry also boasts the emotionally soulful ballad, ‘Warwick Avenue’

Blue-eyed soul does not come any better than this.

Don’t miss Duffy, live, at:





10 Oct: Deluxe Edition Tracklisting and Artwork

Here is the cover artwork and tracklisting for the Rockferry 2cd Deluxe Edition. have it pre-orderable at £14.99 but I think I'll hang around and see what HMV/Amazon are offering it at. Released 24th Nov 2008.

Disc 1

  1. Rockferry
  2. Warwick Avenue
  3. Serious
  4. Stepping Stone
  5. Syrup & Honey
  6. Hanging On Too Long
  7. Mercy
  8. Delayed Devotion
  9. I'm Scared
  10. Distant Dreamer

Disc 2

  1. Rain On Your Parade
  2. Fool For You
  3. Stop
  4. Oh Boy
  5. Please Stay
  6. Breaking My Own Heart
  7. Enough Love

So we finally get a cd quality version of BMOH, aswell as 4 brand new tracks, one of which is the new single Rain on Your Parade.

10 Oct: Duffy - Chinese Interview

I think this interview by Chinese company Sina Entertainment took place in Japan around the time of the Liquid Room Concert. The photos are by Sina and the soft toy that Duffy poses with in these photos in their mascot based on their logo.

Here is a link to the interview. Here is a link to the page translated by Google, but you don't need this if you watch the video below of the interview which is in English.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

9 Oct: Article ~'I'm still at the beginning of what I'm doing'

The below article appeared in the San Diego Tribune today.

'I'm still at the beginning of what I'm doing'

Duffy launches her first North American headlining tour at Humphrey's tonight

Success is not always what it seems.

Just ask Duffy, the young singer who has been thrust into the international spotlight as both a solo star and a key figure in a growing retro pop-soul movement that also includes fellow United Kingdom vocal sensations Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone and the lone-named Adele and Estelle.

“People talk to me about success as if I know what it is,” said Duffy, 24, whose Web site describes her as “your favorite Welsh soul diva.”

“But I think success is what you feel when you are in your late 50s, with your feet up and a glass of whiskey in your hand. I'm not sure of the process. I'm still at the beginning of what I'm doing.”

That, she is.

But Aimee Anne Duffy is quickly discovering that budding stardom can be an exciting adventure that is also intensely demanding, no matter whether you feel successful or not. A quick look at her schedule demonstrates just how demanding.

Duffy's late-September trip to New York saw her do a photo shoot for InStyle magazine. It was sandwiched between rehearsals for the Sept. 28 telecast of “Saturday Night Live,” on which she performed two songs – “Mercy” and “Stepping Stone” – from her hit debut album, “Rockferry.”

On Sept. 29, she jetted off for her first visit to Japan for a concert and a week of interviews and promotional appearances, before returning to the United States to film her debut on PBS' “Austin City Limits.”

Tonight, Duffy kicks off her first North American headlining tour with a San Diego show at Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay. After 10 dates on her own, she opens five East Coast arena shows for Coldplay, before launching a European tour that runs through the second week of December.

“Well, first of all, you're frightening me, because you know more about me and my schedule than I do,” the blonde singer-songwriter said from New York, the day before her “Saturday Night Live” guest spot.

“I just follow the music, whether it takes me to Japan, San Diego or 'Saturday Night Live.' It seems to be a different thing every day, and I just keep doing it. I enjoy it very much. I spent a few years making this record, so it's great to get out and see the world.”

Duffy's debut album is steeped in the music of the 1960s in general, with specific nods to various Motown Records greats (think The Supremes and Smokey Robinson), Dionne Warwick, Phil Spector's fabled “Wall of Sound” records with Darlene Love, and such vintage Duffy favorites as The Walker Brothers and Ann Peebles.

Yet, it is the late Dusty Springfield to whom Duffy is most often compared by music critics, even though only one song on “Rockferry” – the album-closing “Distant Dreamer” – is especially reminiscent of Springfield. The comparisons suggest lazy journalism, since Duffy's eye makeup and big blonde hair are far more suggestive of Springfield than her voice.

“In the beginning, I didn't understand all the comparisons, because I never even met this woman,” said Duffy, whose singing style evokes that of 1960s “It” girl Lulu a lot more than Springfield. “I knew Dusty's songs and some of her records. But I was so heavily linked, it was like people thought I was a new version of her, which annoys me because nobody is replaceable. I find it quite amusing, really.”

Released early this year, “Rockferry's” sleek blue-eyed soul songs and retro-chic tone led Duffy to be hailed (and dismissed) as a “new Amy Winehouse.”

She responded by pointing out that she began work on her album in 2004, nearly two years before Winehouse's international breakthrough album, “Back in Black,” came out. Duffy also takes exception with those who place her in the same retro-soul school as Winehouse, Joss Stone, et al.

“I think it's a gimmick,” she said. “Right now, I feel on my own and I don't feel anybody is really lumped together. I think that, maybe at the beginning, people thought I was one thing – and I wasn't. It's quite exciting to keep people surprised and I look forward to doing that. I'm writing all the time and I have a new song, which will come out in a few weeks, that's a big, disco-y dance song.”

Like Winehouse and Stone, Duffy's voice and phrasing sound considerably older and darker-hued than one typically hears from such a young singer, let alone one from the tiny Welsh town of Nefyn (pronounced Nevy).

She may be 24, not 64, but Duffy sounds like she came of musical age in the 1960s, not the 1990s, and on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean from Wales, a small country of barely 2 million.

“It's more exciting to look back at stuff from 40 or 50 years ago, than 20 years ago,” she said. “Every time I'm in America, I feel there's some atmosphere – I can't put my finger on it – but there's some excitement that exists nowhere else. And I think it's because soul music, black music, is basically what started pop music.

“The most important thing in music is honesty, because that basically accomplishes everything. You might not be the best singer, or show your emotions the way you wish you could, but if you're honest, you ultimately do what you can.”

Duffy's album is accomplished and inviting, if rarely startling or innovative. Her performance at Coachella this year, like Winehouse's at the same festival in Indio a year ago, showed that she remains a musical work-in-progress, becoming more seasoned with each new show.

That Duffy is still a student, albeit an increasingly famous one, was reinforced by her response to the observation that the opening guitar licks on “Warwick Avenue,” a standout song from her album, evokes “My Girl” by The Temptations.

“The truth, which proves quite ironic for me, is I'm learning about music – not only soul music, but all kinds,” Duffy said. “And the truth is that I didn't know all these (older) songs as I was writing the record four years ago. It was quite instinctual, because I was so naive and I felt I could go anywhere. The more you know, the more you want to know, and I didn't know anything! I didn't even know what Tamla Motown was when I first started this record. I thought Tamla was one thing, and Motown another. Now, I can laugh about it.

“If you come from an isolated place, like me, how is anyone supposed to know about Scott Walker or Dinah Washington? Or that Michael Jackson was one of the Jackson 5? Or about (Motown Records' founder) Berry Gordy? You don't know these things; it takes years of passion and education to find out about them, and that's what I'm doing now.”

9 Oct: Duffy Live@ Humprey's By the Bay, San Diego

Duffy was live tonight at Humprey's By the Bay in San Diego. Here is a review:

If anyone has any vids, pics, reviews or the setlist please leave a comment.

9 Oct: Walesonline Article "Duffy in spotlight for TV show"

This from Walesonline.

Duffy in spotlight for TV show

CHART-TOPPING singer Duffy, pictured above, will end yet another award-winning week with an exclusive gig on BBC1 on Sunday.

The multi-million-selling singer from North Wales, who won Best Breakthrough Artist accolade at the Q Magazine Awards at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel this week, is set to perform tracks from her hugely successful debut record Rockferry in an 18th-century church in the city’s East End.

The 24-year-old from the tiny fishing village of Nefyn, on the Lln Peninsula, will be cramming her five-piece band and a string section onto the ornate stage of the Grade I-listed venue which has, over the years, played host to an eclectic array of stars from Bryn Terfel to Bruce Springsteen and even the late “Godfather of Soul” James Brown.

Airing at 11.25pm, the 45-minute set-list will include recent singles Stepping Stone and Warwick Avenue, as well as her international number one hit Mercy, which catapulted her in to the history books as the first Welsh woman to make it to the top of the pop charts in 25 years.

The show is said to end with a new track called Rain On My Parade, which is thought will be her next single release and which one fan commented sounded “very Bond theme-like”.

But, despite all her success, the former waitress is still managing to keep her head.

“My nan used to have a motto, which was ‘When you stop wanting, you stop wanting to live’,” she told the BBC. “So I don’t want to have everything.

“These days the door’s open and you can go where you want, you can do what you want, you can have what you want – but I just don’t want any of that.

“I’m just trying to be myself because that’s the only way I’m going to keep my sanity.

“The pop star thing really wasn’t in my mind when I started – I just wrote a bunch of songs.

“I didn’t want to be famous, and I still don’t.”

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8 Oct: EXCLUSIVE! Duffy taping for Austin City Limits

On 8th October Duffy did a taping for TV as part of Austin City Limits (ACL). We don't know as yet when this will be broadcast. I was fortunate enough to have a friend there, so this exclusive report comes from Tom Ordon who was there on behalf of The Duffy News Blog! Here is his report:

Duffy October 8 at 3 pm ~
Taping for Austin City Limits

by Tom Ordon for The Duffy News Blog

It was a great concert taping! Excellent sound and we were only a few yards from her, on the Jon Green side of the stage.

Set List:
1. Syrup & Honey
2. Rockferry (without the wooh wooh's at the end, like the cd version)
3. Hanging On Too Long
4. Serious
5. Breaking My Own Heart
6. Rain On Your Parade (both guitarists left the stage for this song, yet it was a loud and thunderous version, Duffy full of viscious venom, walking backwards and then straight to the front of the stage toward the main camera---you will be shocked at how much more powerful the live version is over the recorded version)
7. Warwick Avenue (with acapella beginning)
8. Delayed Devotion (with extra vocalizing at the end)
9. Stepping Stone
10. Tomorrow (when she sang "I pray" she held the microphone between both of her hands like she was actually praying in the traditional position)
11. Mercy

The setlist I grabbed off the stage also had a two song encore of I'm Scared and Distant Dreamer, but they did not play them since the show started half an hour late because a smoke detector went off in the dressing room from a steam iron, and it had to be checked out.

After the taping, we waited outside at the stage door and were told by security that there would be no autographs since they had to catch a flight to San Diego, but that did not deter us. From the German interview I watched on the internet, she taught the guy to say "How are you doing" in Welsh, so I copied it down, and when she walked out the stage door, I shouted, "Duffy, Sid-uh-woo-tee!" And she looked me right in the eye and said something back in Welsh, and I asked her to please sign my songbook,and she did, even though security was not happy with this development.

None of the other fans had a chance for an autograph since she was whisked away to a waiting van. But the van did not leave right away since the other band members were not out yet. Duffy saw us 6 or 7 fans outside the van with our pictures and programs and magazines, and she jumped out of the van and signed everybody's stuff and talked to all of us.

My wife asked her if "Rain On Your Parade" was the Bond song she wrote, and Duffy said "What do you mean Bond song?" And we asked if that was the song she submitted for the James Bond movie, and she looked us right in the eye and said with a smile, "I never wrote a song for the James Bond movie, so don't believe everything you read!"

8 Oct: Duffy's track Live and Let Die is delayed....

This is from here.

Duffy's charity delay

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

War Child's 'Heroes' album has been delayed because too many artists want to take part.

The charity compilation was due to be released next month but has now been postponed until February after organisers were inundated by requests from artists wanting to participate on the record, which features classic tracks performed by modern-day artists, who have been handpicked by the original singers.

A War Child spokesperson said: "We have been overwhelmed and amazed by the response to the project.

"The wealth of talent who have contacted us wishing to support the charity and contribute to the album is humbling and we are delighted to have been able to change our deadlines to accommodate some of them. It was impossible to say no."

Artists already confirmed to be taking part include Duffy, who has been chosen by Sir Paul McCartney to give her own interpretation of Wings' hit 'Live and Let Die'., Beck, who is covering Bob Dylan's "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat' and The Kooks, who have been asked by The Kinks to sing 'Victoria'.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BBC St Lukes Session on TV Sunday 12th Oct

Don't miss 45minutes of Duffy singing live at St Luke's on BBC1 on Sunday 12th Oct @ 11:25pm!

Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Oct: Listen to Duffy's new single "Rain on Your Parade"!

"Rain on Your Parade" featured on Sara Cox's BBC Radio 1 program on Monday 6th Oct@ about 10.50 am. To listen again (only available for 6 days) go to the show's webpage here, play the show and then scroll to 50 minutes into the show!

Doesn't it have a "Bond Theme" feel..... What do you think of it guys?

Duffy beats Adele for Q Awards gong

WalesOnline have this article:

Duffy beats Adele for Q Awards gong

Duffy has beaten Adele to the Breakthrough Artist gong at today’s Q Awards - but Coldplay were the biggest winners. The band won Best Album and Best Act in the World Today at the annual showbiz bash.

The Last Shadow Puppets, a side project of Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, was named Best New Act and Keane won Best Track for Spiralling.

The Kaiser Chiefs took the title for Best Live Act and Grace Jones was named a Q Idol.

Adam Ant won the Q Icon award and David Gilmour the Outstanding Contribution to Music title.

The awards took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

The Winners

Best New Act
The Last Shadow Puppets

Breakthrough Artist

Best Track
Keane, Spiralling

Best Video
Vampire Weekend, A-Punk

Q Classic Songwriter
Winner – John Mellencamp

Q Classic Song
Meat Loaf, Bat Out Of Hell

Q Inspiration
Cocteau Twins

Q Legend
Glen Campbell

Best Live Act
Kaiser Chiefs

Best Album
Coldplay – Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Q Innovation In Sound
Massive Attack

Q Icon
Adam Ant

Q Idol
Grace Jones

Q Outstanding Contribution To Music
David Gilmour

Best Act In The World Today

Watch Chinese Interview of Duffy

Here. Some nice photos.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

04 Oct: Duffy's New Single Hits UK Radio Playlists...

"Rain on Your Parade" is now on a couple of playlists so you should be able to get a listen very soon:

Capital FM
Trent FM

04 Oct: Duffy Live Shows in Japan

Duffy has done more shows/appearances in Japan. This official website has some details.

Oct 5th - Fuji TV: Duffy is on a program called "笑っていいとも!増刊号" (Something like "A Good Laugh" or "Your Smiling") which was recorded on 30th September. This seems to be a lunchtime Japanese show which is broadcast between 10am and 11:50am (Japanese time GMT+8) Sunday October 5th on Fuji TV. You can watch Fuji TV via Keyhole TV 3.09 (click to download) but maybe this appearance will appear on youtube or youku.

Oct 10th - NHK: Duffy is on NHK's "Music Japan" on Thursday night. I am also unsure of the time. Duffy will perform "Mercy" on the show.

Dec 19th - WOWOW: Duffy's concert the Liquid Room will be broadcast on WOWOW (I guess is this a Japanese TV channel?) December 19th at 19:50 (time may change).

If you can record these shows or know someone who can please let me know!

Friday, October 3, 2008

03 Oct: Duffy showcase 1st Oct Ebisu Liquid Room, Japan

UPDATE: Watch interview videos here.

Duffy has been in Japan over the last couple of days. She performed her first show in Japan to 900 fans at the Ebisu Liquid Room in Tokyo on October 1st. These photos are from this concert.

The concert was recorded and (from what I can gather from this link) will be shown on Japanese TV (?) on December 19th.

3.Hanging on too long
5.Breaking my own heart 5.Breaking my own heart
6.Rain on your parade (New Song, Duffy's next single. Produced by Steve Booker)
7.Warwick avenue
8.Delayed devotion

9.Stepping stone

12.Distant DreamerA review of the concert is at this link. I've pasted in below the Google Translate result:
Already the US and Europe, her debut album, Rock Ferry, about 350 million copies of the record sales. "2008, the biggest newcomer," is described by Duffy, Wednesday, Oct. 1 in Tokyo in Ebisu Liquid Live Show at the行NAIMASHITA room cases. "2008, the biggest newcomer," is described by Duffy, Wednesday, Oct. 1 in Tokyo in Ebisu Liquid Room of the live show line NAIMASHITA case.

Duffy is a big fan of the day's MC was introduced by SHEILA, Duffy appeared on the stage. Duffy is a big fan of the day's MC was introduced by SHEILA, Duffy appeared on the stage. First of all, with only a guitar聴KA song "Syrup & Honey" and the real power of her singing proved to be a spectator MASU (This is effective!). First of all, with only a guitar hearing KA song "Syrup & Honey" and the real power of her singing proved to be the audience (which effectively!). The music from the "retro" and "Soul" in the image representation She is to be, wearing a sexy white mini-dresses sing the actual Duffy, than had been imagined a stylish impression. The music from the "retro" and "Soul" is expressed in the pictures she is wearing a sexy white mini-dresses sing the actual Duffy, than had been imagined a stylish impression.

Duffy comes to mind as a personality, to say what the distinctive vocals. Duffy comes to mind as a personality, to say what the distinctive vocals. Sweetness in a husky accent, "BITASUUITO" the overwhelming voice, so I do not think the performance of rookie貫禄enough. Sweet accent in a husky "BITASUUITO" the overwhelming voice, so I do not think the performance of rookie貫禄enough. But her 24-year-old veteran of the ANEGO (anego hazard and should be written here?) Also looks The stability of first impression might come from. She's still a 24-year-old veteran ANEGO (anego hazard and should be written here?) Also looks to the stability of first impression might come from. However, during a performance, "KONNICHIHA, Tokyo," "NIHONNIKORETE, URESHIIDESU" Look at the Japanese greeting, like a cute little girl. However, during a performance, "KONNICHIHA, Tokyo," "NIHONNIKORETE, URESHIIDESU" and greeting the Japanese look at the cute girl like. This time, she wanted to greetings in Japanese, is likely to create their own Campe, Learned that at tremendous speed (I'm a good ear!). This time, she wanted to greetings in Japanese, is likely to create their own Campe, but learned that at tremendous speed (I'm a good ear!).

Angkor, including the stage about an hour. Angkor, including the stage about an hour. In addition to the songs album, produced by Steve Booker's new song "Rain On Your Parade" was also presented. In addition to the songs album, produced by Steve Booker's new song "Rain On Your Parade" was also presented. Of course, the hit song "Mercy" a huge upsurge. Of course, the hit song "Mercy" a huge upsurge. KURAPPINGU on hand to meet the audience. The audience was also to meet with KURAPPINGU hand. "Showcase in Japan, felt the pressure a little," Duffy said, but many live already has been doing just that, and the rookie Do not think so, both vocal and performance to establish their own world. "In Japan's case to show a little bit just to feel the pressure," Duffy said, but many live already has been doing just that, so I do not think a rookie, both vocal and their own performance Is to establish the world. A lot She has personality, full of surprising, so full of little surprises and charm. She has a lot of personality, full of surprising, so full of little surprises and charm. The next major stage in a little more, the divergence from all over the body and emotion and doing the watching? Duffy sing!! In the next stage, a little larger, systemic divergence from the emotion to sing while doing the watching? Duffy!