Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8 Oct: EXCLUSIVE! Duffy taping for Austin City Limits

On 8th October Duffy did a taping for TV as part of Austin City Limits (ACL). We don't know as yet when this will be broadcast. I was fortunate enough to have a friend there, so this exclusive report comes from Tom Ordon who was there on behalf of The Duffy News Blog! Here is his report:

Duffy October 8 at 3 pm ~
Taping for Austin City Limits

by Tom Ordon for The Duffy News Blog

It was a great concert taping! Excellent sound and we were only a few yards from her, on the Jon Green side of the stage.

Set List:
1. Syrup & Honey
2. Rockferry (without the wooh wooh's at the end, like the cd version)
3. Hanging On Too Long
4. Serious
5. Breaking My Own Heart
6. Rain On Your Parade (both guitarists left the stage for this song, yet it was a loud and thunderous version, Duffy full of viscious venom, walking backwards and then straight to the front of the stage toward the main camera---you will be shocked at how much more powerful the live version is over the recorded version)
7. Warwick Avenue (with acapella beginning)
8. Delayed Devotion (with extra vocalizing at the end)
9. Stepping Stone
10. Tomorrow (when she sang "I pray" she held the microphone between both of her hands like she was actually praying in the traditional position)
11. Mercy

The setlist I grabbed off the stage also had a two song encore of I'm Scared and Distant Dreamer, but they did not play them since the show started half an hour late because a smoke detector went off in the dressing room from a steam iron, and it had to be checked out.

After the taping, we waited outside at the stage door and were told by security that there would be no autographs since they had to catch a flight to San Diego, but that did not deter us. From the German interview I watched on the internet, she taught the guy to say "How are you doing" in Welsh, so I copied it down, and when she walked out the stage door, I shouted, "Duffy, Sid-uh-woo-tee!" And she looked me right in the eye and said something back in Welsh, and I asked her to please sign my songbook,and she did, even though security was not happy with this development.

None of the other fans had a chance for an autograph since she was whisked away to a waiting van. But the van did not leave right away since the other band members were not out yet. Duffy saw us 6 or 7 fans outside the van with our pictures and programs and magazines, and she jumped out of the van and signed everybody's stuff and talked to all of us.

My wife asked her if "Rain On Your Parade" was the Bond song she wrote, and Duffy said "What do you mean Bond song?" And we asked if that was the song she submitted for the James Bond movie, and she looked us right in the eye and said with a smile, "I never wrote a song for the James Bond movie, so don't believe everything you read!"

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