Monday, October 13, 2008

13 Oct: Duffy LSO St Lukes Session

It aired last night. More details about the actual gig here:
And some photos here:

You can view the 45mins that aired on bbc iplayer here for the next 6 days only:

Missing from the broadcast last night were;
Hanging On Too Long
Oh Boy (acoustic)
Fool For You (acoustic)

Then the BBC put up the first two as "web exclusives" here:

Plus an interview with Duffy here;

Not sure if non-uk people can view the videos at the above links so let me know.

I am on the lookout for the concert video in DVD quality.

Also, I have emailed the BBC about the missing track "Fool For You". I recommend that everyone do so and then they might actually do something about it since a response is not guaranteed. It would be horrible to think it will just sit there at the BBC gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. You don't have to be in the UK to air your views so don't be shy and let's give it a try:


Anonymous said...

DVD torrent of this great show can be found at Mindwarp PaVillion. Also available as a guest torrent on Mininova.

Trexter said...

Wow, this is a really special concert. I saw Oh Boy and it's really great. And Rain On Your Parade with the strings is even more powerful.

But non-UKs cannot see the whole concert... it's only available in the UK. That's what it says on my PC. So, I hope there's a way for Non-UKs to see this wonderful performance.

old git said...

Hanging On Too Long was great too.

Walter said...

Ugh this is so not fair, I'm not from the UK but I NEED to see this, what do I do? :(

Anonymous said...

You can download the torrent or maybe there will be a download of flvs soon, either that or they wil go on youtube maybe. Don't worry mate - we will sort it over the next few days I am sure.

Garnabiel said...

look that
in color