Friday, September 26, 2008

New Single +Duffy records BBC Session@ LSO St Lukes, London

This was a semi-secret gig, with some local fans being invited free to the gig (as floor-fillers for the tv program no doubt). The trouble was, despite the invited fans queuing for hours, the reports are that not many fans were let in and that quite a few who had secured "invites" by clicking on a link in an invitation email, were turned away and not let into the gig.....

Queuers say that the gig was filled by VIPs who had a wristband which allowed them to stroll in to a guaranteed place at the gig any time they wanted.... so it sounds like most of the crowd (when we eventually see this on telly) will be people on the BBC gravy train then... proper Alan Partridge style.

My friend however was one of the ones who queued for a very long time indeed and did manage to get in to the exclusive gig. She provided me with a few details and the setlist:

Hanging On Too Long
Delayed Devotion
Stepping Stone

(Acoustic section)
Fool For You
Syrup & Honey
Oh Boy
Distant Dreamer
(End of Acoustic Section)

Warwick Avenue
Breaking My Own Heart
Rain On

The final song "Rain on Your Parade" is reported to be Duffy's next single but I have no idea of the release date yet. Will it coincide with the release of the Deluxe Edition of the album or will it be earlier?

"Fool For You" was also a new song which premiered at this recording session. Who knows whether it is the B side, the following single or maybe even the "rejected" bond theme....?

At this gig Duffy apparently introduced "Oh Boy" as a B side which will feature on the forthcoming Deluxe Edition of the Rockferry Album... The Rockferry Deluxe Edition looks like it will be released on 24th Nov in the UK but no confirmation of the tracklist yet. The 7 New Songs referred to here include "Rain on Your Parade" and could include or exclude "Oh Boy" ( i.e. are there more than 7 bonus tracks but only 7 are "new" or is there only 7 bonus tracks and "Oh Boy" is one of them?). Here is the list of as yet unreleased Duffy tracks which may feature on the Deluxe Edition:

Rain On Your Parade (mentioned for Rockferry Deluxe Edition at the St Lukes gig)
Fall For You
Live and Let Die (McCartney Cover for "Heroes" War Child Charity Album)
"Bond Theme" (submitted but rejected - title not revealed)
Please Stay (Telstar Soundtrack)
Enough Love (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People soundtrack)

Back to the BBC recording session at St Lukes.... it it thought that it will be aired as part of the BBC4 Sessions and may in time appear at this link which is a list of the BBC4 Sessions. Keep an eye on searching for BBC Four Sessions or searching for Duffy. I hope to get someone to record this for us when it does finally appear on telly.


Ashley said...

Hey I was also very fortunate to get into this gig after replying to the e-mail. It was true that family/friends had preferential seating down the bottom as the avid fans were sat up in the balcony, although saying that the whole view of the church was amazing. I did like it when she refereed to the floor 'nice to see so many familiar faces' obviously unbeknown to her that they were probably not proper fans just exceptionally lucky to have links. 'Ooh Duffys on tonight might as well check out the buzz'!

I had yet to see Duffy live and she simply blew me away, what an exceptional voice she has live.

The new song 'Rain On My Parade' is an absolute stomper and better than Mercy imo, I expect this will do her very well in the charts, funny you should bring up 'James Bond' having not known she had a rejected single I mentioned to my friends that 'Rain On My Parade' sounded very Bond soundtrack.

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks Ashley for your comments about this gig! ;-)

danyelle6974 said...

This is being aired (well 45mins of it) on BBC1 on Sunday night 12th October @ 11:25pm