Monday, September 1, 2008

1 Sep: Stepping Stone released?

Yes we all thought that Stepping Stone was going to be released today and I guess it has been on cd/vinyl but where on earth are the digital downloads for the b sides?

For the Warwick Avenue B sides 7 digital released them (now incidentally available in mp3 320 whereas I had to buy them in wmv 192 so what is that about? why can't they allow me to download the mp3 sinne I paid for the flippin' things?).

But now 7digital has nothing regarding Stepping Stone. I was expecting iTunes to have them, but again nothing as yet.

There's not even and ads yet for Stepping Stone on the Official Duffy site or on Duffy's myspace. And of course no links to buy.

What's going on?

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Anonymous said...

I was think the same thing