Thursday, September 11, 2008

11 Sep: New Duffy track released by 29th Sept!

Hello People,
Today happens to be September 11th and so, before going on with the rest of my post about Duffy, I wish to offer up my thoughts and prayers to those who were affected by the Sept 11th attacks.

This is a "blog" afterall and although I try not to impose my thoughts and opinions on you guys too much (after all, you're probably only here for a bit of Duffy news) I do hope you are reminded of the tragedy, the terrorism, as well as the bravery, love and compassion shown by those heroes who saved lives that day back in 2001. Spare a moment some time in your day to be silent and remember... and thank the Lord we have such brave men and women who are/were willing to join the Forces (including the Police and Firemen who helped on that very day in New York) to fight for justice and to protect us against further attacks.

My original Post:

I am sure you will all be pleased to hear that a new Duffy track will be available for purchase very soon.

The track "Enough Love" (produced by Bernard Butler) has been speculated about for a while in the forums now, but since I never got confirmation that it was the "rejected" Bond Theme for sure I never posted about it.... People who figured it was the Bond Theme weren't so far off though because it appears to be the theme song to that other movie mentioned in connection with Duffy a while ago - How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

The soundtrack to the movie will be released (according to amazon) on 29th September. Pre-order it at Amazon here. I have no idea whether it will be officially released as a single by Duffy. Speculations say that Duffy will release "Please Stay" as a single in October. If that's true I'd be surprised if this was released as a single aswell, but I hope so: there's always room on my iPod for more Duffy LOL


hilda said...

Just some information: the Duffy track 'enough love' written by richard j. parfitt and owen powell, and produced by bb, was never the rejected bond track -0 in fact it was earmarked for 'how to lose friends and alienate people' in Feb, way before the bond fiasco started up. This information was gleaned from the wiki entry to the film.

danyelle6974 said...

thanks for this Hilda.

Yeah once i figured out it was the HTLF soundtrack i realised it would never have been the Bond theme -who'd want a reject LOL

"Enough Love" was simply speculated at being the rejected Bond theme before we knew it was the HTLF soundtrack.

Thanks for your comment - pleased the wiki has been updated.

hilda said...

also - im pretty sure enough love is not the single - as i have heard rumours that the single will be a duffy/steve brooker collaboration

danyelle6974 said...

I'm hoping the soundtrack cd will be avail on itunes so I can just buy the one track. :-)

Maybe you are right Hilda! Someone in Brazil found this talking about the new single: