Friday, September 26, 2008

26 Sep: Telstar Movie release imminent - soundtrack confirmed.

We've been waiting for an official release of "Please Stay" which Duffy has sung live a few times... Speculation earlier in the year said it would be released as a single in October. Who knows whether it will actually be released as a single by Duffy (or whether it will appear on the Deluxe Edition of her album) but we are hoping that soundtrack CD for the movie will be out soon.

Confirmation that the movie will premiere on 25th and 28th October at the London Film Festival is at this link and also here. In addition the Daily Mail have written about the movie here.

The soundtrack cd tracklist is confirmed on the Telstar movie website:

1. Traitors Theme
by Flee-Rekkers

2. Johnny Remember Me
by John Leyton & The Outlaws

3. Swingin’ Low
by The Outlaws

4. Telstar
by Tornados

5. Don’t You Just Know It
by Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

6. The Isle of Capri
by The Packa Beats

7. Play it Cool
by Billy Fury

8. Jack the Ripper
by Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

9. Been Invited to a Party
by Heinz & The Saints

10. Be-bob-alula
by Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps

11. The Bee Song
by Arthur Askey

12. Just like Eddie
by Heinz & The Saints

13. Three Coins in a Sewer
by Alan Klein

14. Temptation Baby
by Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps

15. Have I the Right
by Honeycombs

16. Night of the Vampires
by The Moontrekkers

17. Crawl Daddy Simone
by Syndeycats

18. Please Stay
by Duffy

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