Saturday, September 6, 2008

6 Sep: Duffy is N0.1 Sexiest woman in Wales.

The 50 sexiest women in Wales

From politicians to models, teenagers to OAPS, the sexiest women in Wales come in all shapes and sizes.


SHE may be one of the biggest selling artists in the world right now, but Aimee Duffy – better known to her fans as just plain Duffy – is nothing if not modest.

After a polite “thank you very much” when she hears that she’s been named this year’s sexiest woman in Wales, she laughs and says it’s “the most ironic of ironies”.

“It’s bizarre, getting this, coming at this point where I don’t particularly feel sexy. Or maybe I do feel sexy because I’m happy in who I am but I don't feel gorgeous or anything.

“I was quite an unattractive child,” she admits.“At school I remember a boy told me I was ugly and I cried! “Maybe I was one of those swans or something.”

She doesn’t sound convinced.

“It’s really hard, we’ve just been doing a fashion day today so you’re talking to a woman who’s been spending the whole day thinking about her body.

“I’m quite short, I’m five foot two and a bit – people are surprised when they meet me that I’m shorter than they expected – and I’m quite… voluptuous.

“I’m like a figure of eight, is how I put it. I can’t just follow the latest trends, I have to alter things to my size and shape.”

Having sold more than three million of her debut album Rockferry, which launched her onto the scene just six months ago and went into the charts at number one, Bangor-born Duffy has become a household name.

But this is no ego-driven diva. Duffy’s reputation for being unaffected and naturally charming are not without foundation, and she’s refreshingly open about her own occasional lack of confidence.

“The one moment where I struggle with the way that I look and who I am is when you hand your happiness over to someone else,” she says.

“When you find a lover or a boyfriend it’s got to be the right person because if it’s not then that’s going to eat away at you. When you’re strong and happy with yourself, if someone comes in and shakes that up it can be tricky. It’s something I’ve experienced for myself in my teens and up to now.”

It’s not difficult to believe, having listened to some of the heart-rending lyrics on her debut album, many of which deal with love turned bad. So has getting hurt put her off romance for good?

“For me it’s quite different because I’m 24 and in this unusual position – it’s not every day that you become famous, for want of a better word.

“It’s so hard for me at the moment to actually find a bloke who doesn’t feel…” she trails off, unsure of how to finish the sentiment, before changing course slightly.

“I’m still human, if I go on a date the best comment I can get is ‘You look lovely’ and I think ‘Lovely? I took three hours getting ready, I want better than lovely!’”

Despite all this, Duffy insists that being sexy is about much more than looks.

“I think it’s about being happy in your own skin, it’s about being truly content with yourself and being able to smile through. I don’t think it’s about how you look really. It’s finding that happiness in yourself. When you finally get there you realise that you don’t need a lover or a best friend to tell you that you look great.

“It’s not about fitting into a pair of skinny jeans if they’re not meant to fit you. It’s about knowing yourself and your body. I heard a saying once that if you concentrate on your looks, one day you’re going to be very disappointed because age and gravity will get the better of you.

“For me someone’s face and the way they dress and their physique is just a mask. It’s more important what’s going on inside them.”

Asking whether she knows what makes her sexy provokes a burst of laughter. “God no, I don’t even know if I am. I walk around quite oblivious really,” she says.

“Personally I think Shirley Bassey should win – anybody who can look that good in a pair of diamante wellies is at the top of my list!”

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