Friday, July 31, 2009

When I'm feeling better....

.. then I'll update this blog. But for now I have a horrible cold and just don't feel very good at all. I will be back though. So if you have anything of note drop me an email or message in the shout box. Meanwhile check out this video - don't know why everyone is making such a big deal really! Isn't the audio what we've already heard and hasn't the video been up on facebook for like years?!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Speculation continues about Capri trip.....

Why they keep calling Jon a "mystery man" is beyond me. Also they seem to avoid the fact that Tom is in some pics...

A prime example of this is here. Page 1 shows Tom, Page 3 shows Jon, Page 5 shows Tom again, Pages 8 and 9 make it look like just Duffy and Jon are hanging around on the pier, Page 10 shows another guy altogether, and it's not until Page 12 that you see it is a boat trip with loads of people on there (Jon, Tom, tattoo guy plus more LOL).

Maybe Mr Pap got it right when he explains:
She’s used to performing in front of packed-out arenas, but yesterday Duffy played at an all-together more intimate venue when a very wealthy Italian businessman paid the star thousands of pounds to sing at a family wedding.

Apparently the singer and her entourage were flown by private jet to the Amalfi Coast where they were given luxury suites at Richard Branson's refurbished Palazzo Sasso, which is ranked among the top 10 best hotels in the world.

And do you want to know how much Duffy was paid to play in front of guests at the wedding? Around £100,000! The lucky thing.

Surprise, surprise then - Duffy is with her bandmates and it's not a romantic holiday at all!

But then he obviously misses the point and says this:
Anyway yesterday before her performance we spotted Duffy going on a little sightseeing tour around the beautiful Amalfi coast with a mystery man. The Mercy singer has often complained about being single in the past, but judging by these snaps she may have actually managed to find a new man!

Not exactly genius detectives then, these paps. Check Duffy out on youtube and you can identify the "mystery man/men" LOL.

The Sun adds to speculation and seems to place alot of emphasis on Duffy's bra-less escapade... wake up Sun. We're in a post-feminist era now you know. Kiddies learn at school how their grandmas burnt their bras... or at least they should do if I was deciding on the curriculum. LOL

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Duffy the Vampire Slayer

Very poor "comedy" sketch if you ask me. The BBC have been plugging this on the BBCiPlayer channel.
  1. Why does Duffy look fat in the cartoon?
  2. Why is there nothing more to this sketch other than a similarity between the names "Buffy" and "Duffy"?
  3. Why now? Last year there was a point (when Duffy was lesser known) when it seemed every interviewer asked her about the vampires... but that jokes seems to have worn off by now so why is this sketch on now?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

18 Jul: Duffy Live@ Superbock Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

Intro (Rockferry)

Snippet of Rockferry:

Snippet of Serious:

Stepping Stone:

Warwick Ave:

Rain On Your Parade:


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Duffy - Interview in Finland

Thanks to Duffysmate's efforts we now have the interview on youtube!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 Jul: Duffy Live@Pori Jazz Festival, Finland

The above article is from a Finnish newspaper. Click it to see a larger, readable image.
The text from the article I'm pasting below:
Pieni D

Duffy Kirjurinluoto Arenalla torstaina.

Let the sunshine in!

Kirjurinluodon torstain päättänyt Aimée Duffy aloitti siitä, mihin Raphael Saadiq lopetti. Aika oli edelleen Aquariuksen, mutta maantieteellinen painopiste siirtyi valtamerihöyryllä sinne, missä kivihiili tuoksuu sateisessa illassa, olut nautitaan kädenlämpöisenä ja onnelliset engelsmannit huristelevat pyöreämuotoisilla Morris-henkilöautoilla pitkin pensasaitojen reunustamia teitä. Mustavalkoisessa televisiossa svengaa Dusty Springfield.

"Groovy", virnistäisi Austin Powers.

Porissa kaikki sujui yhtä sympaattisesti. Pieni vaalea nainen tepasteli liian isolle lavalle ultrapiukassa sinisessä shortsiasussa eli farkkumikroissa ja alkoi laulaa ainoan albuminsa nimiraitaa Rockferryä.

Vibraatto osoittautui voimakkaaksi. Jos Duffyn ääni olisi viini, se olisi vahva, kireä, nariseva ja ehdottomasti värisevä. Hieman yksiulotteinen.

Yleisö ei riehaantunut

Mitään suurta Walesin pieni D ei esittänyt – eikä häneltä sellaista voinut odottaakaan.

Yhden albumin materiaalista on paha nyhjäistä enempää kuin kymmentä laulua vaihtelevassa järjestyksessä ja pienillä bonuksilla täydennettyinä. Yksi lisuke oli Stepping Stonen käynnistäminen Paul Revere & The Raidersin ja Monkeesin melkein samannimisellä 1960-luvun hitillä.

Vaikka kaikki oli hunajaisia soundeja myöten periaatteessa kohdallaan, yleisö ei riehaantunut tosissaan bailaamaan. Kohteliaan kiinnostuksen viilipyttypinnan rikkoivat vasta Warwick Avenue ja varsinaisen setin päättänyt Mercy. Sen jälkeen kuultiin enää Distant Dreamer.

Naapurintyttö ei sählää

Samaan aikaan Duffyn kanssa Suomessa esiintyi Britney Spears.

Siinä missä jälkimmäinen on yksiselitteisesti ja avoimesti viihdebisneksen luomus, Duffy on sentään olevinaan työläistaustainen naapurintyttö. Sellaiset eivät aiheuta skandaaleja. Sellaiset eivät anna kohulausuntoja salamavalojen räiskeessä. Sellaiset eivät esittele bikineitään tai poikaystäviään Daily Mailissa.

Sellaiset vain laulavat mukavaa musiikkia aurinkoisilla festivaaleilla ja vaatettavat minikokoiset go-go-tyttönsäkin Duffy-lookiin.

Siis vaikka Walesin tiikeri ei tullut Poriin, niin kissa saatiin kumminkin.
Maybe doesn't make much sense but I figured I'd paste it in and then we might get some nice Finnish fans finding us and coming and telling us what it says LOL and what they really think. :-) The google translate result is pretty poor but make of it what you will:
Small D

Duffy Kirjurinluoto Arena on Thursday.

Let the sunshine in!

Kirjurinluodon Thursday decided Aimée Duffy started as to which Raphael Saadiq stopped. The time was still Aquariuksen, but the geographical focus of ocean steam to where the smell of coal rainy evening, the beer consumed in kädenlämpöisenä and happy engelsmannit huristelevat pyöreämuotoisilla Morris-passenger cars along the hedge-edge to you. Black and White TV svengaa Dusty Springfield.

"Groovy", virnistäisi Austin Powers.

Pori, everything went as sympathetic. A small blonde woman tepasteli too big a platform ultrapiukassa blue shortsiasussa of jeans in the microwave and started to sing the only album title track Rockferryä.

Vibraatto proved stronger. If Duffy would be the sound of wine, it would be a strong, tight, creaky, and the quavering. A little one-.

The audience does not riotous

Nothing great Welsh small-D did not make - and he was an able to wait either.

One album of material is a bad twitch by more than ten songs in varying order, and the small supplemented bonus. One side dish was a Stepping Stone launch Paul Revere & The Raiders and Monkeesin almost the same, called the mid-1960s hitillä.

Although all was the sweet sounds deep in principle in place, the public does not really riotous party. Courteous interest viilipyttypinnan broke the Warwick Avenue and the full set of clubs decided to Mercy. Following consultation with longer Distant Dreamer.

Neighbor girl not sählää

At the same time, Duffy with Finland was Britney Spears.

While the latter has to be explicitly and openly entertainment business creation, Duffy is still on airs työläistaustainen neighbor girl. Those do not cause scandals. Those do not give a fuss on the flash of lights räiskeessä. Those are not showing, bikineitään or boy friends in the Daily Mail.

Such a nice singing music festival in the sunny and vaatettavat mini-sized go-go-tyttönsäkin Duffy-lookiin.

So even though the Welsh tiger did not get to Pori, so the cat was regardless.
There is a another review here which doesn't translate very well unfortunately. But here is the google translate link anyway. The below photo is from that article and is really big - click the below photo to see larger image.
The Sun seemed to like Duffy's outfit:
Jazz kitten Duffy is thigh on life
IT wouldn't exactly grace the catwalks in Milan or Paris, but somehow DUFFY manages to pull off this little denim number.

The songbird took to the stage at the 44th International Pori Jazz Festival in Western Finland in a thigh-skimming playsuit.

She teamed the outfit with her trademark blonde locks and lashings of black eyeliner.

The Mercy singer, real name Aimée Ann Duffy, proved bling and excess isn't always best.

More pics below:



Hanging On Too Long:

Stepping Stone:

Warwick Ave:

Distant Dreamer:


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who came up with the idea for Duffy's Diet Coke ad?

Channel Bee would have you believe it was "drunk ideas man" LOL.

14 Jun: Duffy Live@Les Deferlantes d'Argeles Sur Mer "Parc de Valmy", France

Update 17th July: Better-looking snippets of Mercy and WA:



Mercy (not great quality):

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Version of Stepping Stone (Live)

Here's the version of Stepping Stone that Duffy has been performing live recently. As someone a little older and wiser than me kindly pointed out, it samples the old Monkees track called "Stepping Stone".
The audio and photos in the video are from the Main Square Festival, Arras, France (July 5th 2009). Hope you like it... I haven't made many vids before. :-)

Here's the Monkees version for comparison:

So I guess this is what Duffy was up to at H2O Beach (Romania) then and maybe she's done it at the other recent concerts too.