Friday, July 24, 2009

Speculation continues about Capri trip.....

Why they keep calling Jon a "mystery man" is beyond me. Also they seem to avoid the fact that Tom is in some pics...

A prime example of this is here. Page 1 shows Tom, Page 3 shows Jon, Page 5 shows Tom again, Pages 8 and 9 make it look like just Duffy and Jon are hanging around on the pier, Page 10 shows another guy altogether, and it's not until Page 12 that you see it is a boat trip with loads of people on there (Jon, Tom, tattoo guy plus more LOL).

Maybe Mr Pap got it right when he explains:
She’s used to performing in front of packed-out arenas, but yesterday Duffy played at an all-together more intimate venue when a very wealthy Italian businessman paid the star thousands of pounds to sing at a family wedding.

Apparently the singer and her entourage were flown by private jet to the Amalfi Coast where they were given luxury suites at Richard Branson's refurbished Palazzo Sasso, which is ranked among the top 10 best hotels in the world.

And do you want to know how much Duffy was paid to play in front of guests at the wedding? Around £100,000! The lucky thing.

Surprise, surprise then - Duffy is with her bandmates and it's not a romantic holiday at all!

But then he obviously misses the point and says this:
Anyway yesterday before her performance we spotted Duffy going on a little sightseeing tour around the beautiful Amalfi coast with a mystery man. The Mercy singer has often complained about being single in the past, but judging by these snaps she may have actually managed to find a new man!

Not exactly genius detectives then, these paps. Check Duffy out on youtube and you can identify the "mystery man/men" LOL.

The Sun adds to speculation and seems to place alot of emphasis on Duffy's bra-less escapade... wake up Sun. We're in a post-feminist era now you know. Kiddies learn at school how their grandmas burnt their bras... or at least they should do if I was deciding on the curriculum. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Duffy with bandmates on tour doesn't sell as well as Duffy on secret holiday with mystery lover and hey these paps have got to pay off the loans on their telephoto lenses and mopeds.

I liked the example of the pap who sold a picture of some Liverpool slapper as Duffy arriving at the 2007 Brits. That was a win.

Of course the newspapers are too busy whipping up the latest panic about swine flu to bother with boring things like fact-checking.