Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Jul: Duffy Live@ North Sea Jazz Festival

Rumours have apparently been going round (on tweets for example) that Duffy wasn't too great at North Sea Jazz. Judge for yourself from the vids we can dig up.
Warwick Ave:

Rain On Your Parade:

Mercy (check the rather "in-yer-face" tv cameras!):


Anonymous said...

As usual, Duffy was brilliant (in Ahoy).

Malicious rumours are always being spread about her performance, sound problems, crap band, fights in the audience etc. These totally untrue rumours began when she first started touring last year. And they have continually been spread - mainly at the beginning and end of her tours but also when she has performed brilliantly and been on the same bill as other perceived "rivals".

There are a few sick fans out there who think that by slagging off the best, their hero or heroine will somehow benefit. Very strange and sad behaviour, indeed.

SeptemberSpice said...

Like the dress, she's been looking really got at recent concerts.