Friday, July 31, 2009

When I'm feeling better....

.. then I'll update this blog. But for now I have a horrible cold and just don't feel very good at all. I will be back though. So if you have anything of note drop me an email or message in the shout box. Meanwhile check out this video - don't know why everyone is making such a big deal really! Isn't the audio what we've already heard and hasn't the video been up on facebook for like years?!

Thanks alot people.
Bye for now.
Cough, cough!
Sniffle, sniffle!


Claire said...

You might have seen it but alot of people might not have been looking at this site for long. I was excited to see it as I haven't been following Duffy for very long.

Garnabiel said...

i'll be waitin' for you