Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Duffy can’t wait to get started on album No 2 after being named the biggest-selling artist of the year so far.

Debut single Mercy has outsold every other UK single while album Rockferry is odds-on to the be the first album to hit the million sales mark this year.

Duffy, 24, told me: “I’m totally fired up for getting another album out as soon as possible.

“I feel everything and everyone has a time and this is mine. I really want to run with it, then I might disappear for a bit, whether that’s in one or five or 10 years’ time.

“I have the material because I’m writing all the time. I’ve got loads of books with ideas in. What’s important now is getting the sonics right.

“I think the producers thought I was mad sometimes when I was making Rockferry because I was going from the 50s to the 70s.

“I want the next one to be different, sound-wise. I have one idea that I’m playing with, but don’t worry – I won’t turn into Trance Duffy. Can you imagine if I went Beth Ditto and started wearing latex suits?”

The tunestress, who recently won Glastonbury over with a spectacular performance, isn’t sure she could do a Madonna, 49, and carry on for decades.

She explained: “You’ve got to admire Madonna, woman to woman. I mean she’s nearly 50. It’s cool ’cos she’s making that age young. But I wonder if she thinks about how long she’s got left.

“She’s really smart and has changed her style but with me it’s not a style thing at all. I won’t change who I am because it’s not planned or contrived.

“I’m never gonna be, ‘Hey this is who I am for this record and I’ll be someone else for the next one.’ This is me.”
Glad to hear it, lady.

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