Wednesday, July 2, 2008

02 Jul: Breaking News?! Come on Contact Music.....

... since when is this breaking news? Are they mad or what?

Article here.

Welsh soul sensation DUFFY lived in a safe house as a child - after her stepfather received death threats from his ex-wife.
The Mercy hitmaker feared for her life when a hitman was allegedly offered a large sum of money to kill her mother's husband, Philip Smith.
The star - full name Aimee Ann Duffy - was rushed to a secret location to protect her from the sinister plot.
Smith's ex-wife was later sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison - and the singer moved back in with her biological father, according to Britain's Reveal magazine.
Duffy explains, "It was a horrible experience. My stepdad went through a lot. He's a good man. We were really afraid and it ruined my mum. She became really shy.
"After a few years I decided I needed to find my own path in life and moved out - leaving everyone behind."

02/07/2008 19:05:44

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Anonymous said...

I don't suppose this story will do Duffy any harm with that vicarious thrill seeking crowd. You know the type who love Wino, not for her music, but for her dangerous lifestyle.

As Duffy has said it's just sad for Dawn Watson's kids ... having this raked up all the time.