Monday, July 21, 2008

21: Daily Mail article about Duffy

The below article is from the Daily Mail.

Puffy Duffy raises the roof and the hemlines in smoking hot Somerset House show

Welsh songstress Duffy stole the show in the summer series of concerts at London's Somerset House and celebrated her success with a cigarette.

The 24-year-old soul singer swiftly lit up as she left the performance wearing a mini dress.

Perhaps smoking gives Duffy, who has been described by critics as the new Dusty Springfield, her prematurely rich and husky voice.

Innocent-looking Duffy shatters the illusion as she leaves Somerset House, cigarette in hand

Life's a drag: Perhaps smoking gives the Welsh songstress her husky voice

Or she may have caught cold thanks to her short, strapless number.

Her skimpier choice appears to be part of a new style as the singer raised the hemlines even more.

Duffy, who's hit single Mercy was named song of the year at the Mojos, performed in the 'Vieilles charrues' French music festival in hot pants.


old git said...

Yeah, didn't think she'd give up.

Anonymous said...

Tom Jones had to give up cigs but still smokes cigars. For Tommy Woodward, it was a case of: from beer and cigarettes to champagne and cigars.

Nice outfit Duffy is wearing here. Is her gear all by D&G? She must be paid shedloads to wear these outfits - some of which have been weird to say the least.

Garnabiel said...

that blog is great
look at that
was a present for her, but
a cant give it to her when she comes to barcelona
but the concert was amazing
there are two draws :D
i love her
sorry for my english is really bad