Friday, July 18, 2008

18 Jul: Duffy Live@Somerset House, London

This entire gig was webcast live and is available to watch again here at

The Setlist:
Hanging On Too Long
Stepping Stone
Warwick Avenue
Breaking My Own Heart
I'm Scared
Delayed Devotion
Stepping Stone

Cry To Me
Distant Dreamer

Here is the audio to this concert.

Duffy did a capella style intros to Warwick Avenue, Delayed Devotion and Mercy. It was a superb concert.

If you have reviews/photos please leave a comment.

Cry to Me:

EDIT: There is a review of this gig here. There is also a review here with LOADS of photos!


Anonymous said...

Does she say "F..king Friday" ?!? If so, that's the first time I've heard her swear.

old git said...

It was a great gig. I was a little bit disappointed the way she rushed into the beginning of Stepping Stone and talked over the end of it, it kind of destroyed some of the atmosphere of that song for me. Still an amazing gig though.

Jamie-Lee Bassingthwaighte said...

I was at the Somerset House gig last night, at the front on the barriers and had a total blast.

I've uploaded my videos of 'Hanging On Too Long' ( and 'Tomorrow' ( onto YouTube; I'll post another comment with my photos when i've uploaded them...

Guitarfreak said...

Agree OG, Anonymous lol yeah she did. And Jamie you mustve been by me haha!

Anonymous said...

She said at Coachella "It's so f*cking hot here"
She swears all the time. She said shit at various concerts too.
She is not so innocent as the pres makes out. She talks about sex all the time in interviews and now she wears sexy clothes like those hot pants she wore at Glastonbury. When asked why she thought she was such a big attraction at a Scandanavian festoival, she said it was because she had boobs and loegs. She is worldly and getting more worldly all the time. It is a bit of a shame since at Pigalle club, at Maide Vale studies in Dec and on the hootenanny she wore such classic clothes like calf-length shift dresses. Whereas now it is all flesh out everywhere and foul language. I saw on a forum that people were saying she looks cheap and I agree. Totally different Duffy now compared to last year and early this year.

Bad_Girls_Lament said...

To anonymous.. ITS SUMMER!!! She's wearing shorts and shorter dresses. I for one didn't know that was a crime.

Anonymous said...

She dresses slutty whether its hot or cold.

danyelle6974 said...

I like how all these horrible comments are coming from Anons LOL. Put your name there if that is what you really think!