Thursday, July 31, 2008

31Jul: Watch Duffy Live At Lollapalooza

If you can't make the trip to Chicago to see Duffy play the Lollapalooza Festival - don't despair, you can watch her whole set live and direct when it streams on AT+T's Blue Room webcast.

Visit The Blue Room website at 4:30PM CST on Saturday, August 2nd to check out Duffy's performance.


old git said...

Is that 6 or 7 hours earlier than BST?

Anonymous said...

Surely the wrong day, Shirley? Or is it a recording?

danyelle6974 said...

Duffy's myspace says 1st Aug but the Festival/Webcast sched says 2nd.... it is funny though because Duffy is playing Toronto on the evening of the 2nd so if it was live surely that would be pushing it.

I believe Duffy is on the webcast at 10:30pm UK time (GMT+1)