Friday, July 18, 2008

18 Jul: Stepping Stone Video and Release Date

There is an article in the Daily Star today which is providing a little detail about what the Stepping Stone video is about. It is also claiming that the release date for the next single has been postponed to September 1st.

After all the confusion between Universal and Polydor who knows if this is what will really happening....


POP babe Duffy will shock fans by turning her new music vid into a steamy sex flick.

The promo for Stepping Stone – one of the raunchiest ever released – will feature the Welsh siren, 24, in a sizzling bedroom romp.

She will be transported back in time to the swinging 60s, where she is picked up in a seedy Soho club.

The Mercy singer will be seduced by the suited stranger and taken to bed. She will be seen lying among white sheets apparently after having sex.

The camera will track round to reveal a man’s polished shoes. And as he walks up and down by the side of the bed she can’t keep her eyes off him.

A source confirmed last night: “This video will be one of the hottest ever released – very suggestive, but tasteful. The sexual encounter will be hinted at and not shown.

“But some of Duffy’s older fans at home in her native, rural Wales are bound to be shocked. She is clearly growing up fast.”

The song is released on September 1.

This story was also picked up by Contactmusic and The Sun (article below):
Duffy takes kit off in new video

SHE may look like butter wouldn't melt, with her blonde locks and luscious smile - but DUFFY is set to shock fans.

The Welsh star will get pulses racing with her new steamy music video which shows her in bed after having engaged in sex.

In the video for Stepping Stone, the songstress will be depicted as a 1960s sexpot who is seduced by a stranger in a nightclub.

She will be seen lying nude in bed with only sheets to protect her modesty.

The track, the fourth single to be released from album Rockferry, is a JIMI HENDRIX cover originally released 18 years ago.

A source revealed: "This video will be one of the hottest ever released, very suggestive but tasteful. The sexual encounter will be hinted at but not shown."


Anonymous said...

I like the Sun's take on this:

"She will be seen lying nude in bed with only sheets to protect her modesty"

..... mmmmh quite modest then. Infact I went to work today, quite naked except for a few clothes to protect my modesty. Hot Hot Hot .... sizzling!

Anonymous said...

Anyone got experience of the webcast site? It's supposed to be showing Duffy's Somerset House gig tonight.

danyelle6974 said...

yes - you have to install their video player plug-in but the it works fine.
Duffy at Somerset House is on tonight.I imagine it will be on about 9pm but we don't really know.

danyelle6974 said...

The channelbee website archive all their concerts anyway so it should be there to watch afterwards.

Anonymous said...

So what's the catch? How do they get revenue?

danyelle6974 said...

No idea cos there is no adverts on it when you are watching. And you don't need to log in to watch the live concert or an archived concert. All you have to do is install their plugin.... so I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Is that stuff about Jimmy Hendrix correct????!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Very strange - I'd like to watch, but can I trust the plug-in? That's the quandary - it could be spyware-ridden. I guess I'll have to take the chance.

Btw, it says 1800hrs start on the Duffy website.

Anonymous said...

How do they know she'll be nude if the sheets are covering her? Ah, the X-ray eyes of the media-scum.

old git said...

That's a load of rubbish about it being a Hendrix cover. He wrote a song by the same name, but it's totally different. God, I wish papers would get their facts straight. Duffy's song is such a feminine song and very personal as well.

Anonymous said...

Someone who was going told me the gig started at 7.45pm and there is a support act on first and that the doors don't open until 7pm so that 6pm start on her myspace must be bull. So 9pm sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes you can trust their plugin. Just uninstall it when you've watched the concert!

danyelle6974 said...

Anyone with the CD can see who wrote the songs. "The Sun" are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Duffy is actually going to sing Stepping Stone as a duet with Jimmy Hendrix who is her long-lost father ...... yep I could write for the Sun!!!

It's a shame really because back in March the Sun actually did a great run-down by Duffy on what each of the Rockferry tracks meant to her

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. This is what she said about Stepping Stone:

That was written with Steve Booker towards the end of the recording process. I feel very lucky I met him because we wrote this song and Mercy. With Stepping Stone, I had the intention to say something. It’s quite personal where other songs are more about storytelling or creating scenarios.

I never really use music as a way of communicating my own feelings — I do it because I enjoy music. On this occasion, I abused my authority and let my emotions in. I really love performing it live.

I met Steve because he was living in a flat I went to see when I was looking for somewhere to live in London. At the time, we were pretty much wrapping up the record.

I called Jeanette Lee (at Rough Trade) and said: “I’ve met this guy. Do you think it’s a good idea to do some songwriting?” She said: “It would be good for you to relax and forget about the production of the album and be creative.” Later, I called her back and said: “You know what, I’ve got something.”

It was quite special to go away from Bernard and Jimmy Hogarth, who I worked with so long over two years, and come back with a strong song. It meant a lot to me. Music has got to be impulsive and open-minded.

Anonymous said...

I rarely use the word "amazing" but Duffy meeting Steve Booker in such circumstances was ..... serendipitous. OK, amazing too.

Steve's autobiography should be entitled: "When a little Welsh girl knocked on my door". LOL.