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02 Jul: Norwegian article about Duffy/Hove Festival

Here is a Norwegian article about Duffy at the Hove festival. The photos are by CM Nordby and are from the article. Click on them for much larger images.

Below I have pasted in the google translate result for this article:

Sukkersøt soul: Read the review of Rockferry Dank Duffy out Amy? About Hove 2008

Welsh Duffy has been great in record time, in fact as soon that festivalle delsen had to reshuffle in the program and move her to a larger stage when they knew what they had booked.
Big shoes to fill

Many people, both those that are open and those who are more negative, Duffy has called the new Amy Winehouse. And so had seen the concert at Hove a certain symbolic value. At last year Hovefestivalen Amy stood on the exact same scene, with just as many in the audience, and with roughly the same response.

And that's not entirely different, what she does. Duffy also plays neosoul, but where Amy is rough, jagged and dark, Duffy is soft, smooth and brown. A kind of nydusjet Amy Winehouse, in other words. With deodorant under arms.
Stilsikker ...

There are many fine things to say about Duffy. She is in possession of an amazing voice, she writes many of the songs himself (and is quite good for it), she is the style in every possible way - and she looks like a million dollars, which the Americans say it.

However, there are quite a few ufine things to say about her, too, and we can start with that it's not particularly festive to see her play.
... and calculated

The problem is that one gets the impression that everything is prepared, that someone has done a marketing analysis and found that it platekjøpende the market is ripe for a white, pretty souldame on high heels that says sweet things to the audience while she sprained back and forth across the stage . That it is not playing any role that the musicians seem as if they usually play at Smuget, that nothing should provide resistance, it will smell suds when they play.

The result is a gelatinbelagt soulpille as sliding down completely friksjonsfritt leaving behind a taste of strawberries in munnhulen.

When she says for the fourth time that the audience is infinitely beautiful while she break down in a Dorthe Skappell-pose, then it should go up for some each that they are witnesses to a publikumsfrieri of those rare, and that what apparently is charming is in the process of being rid of the vulgar.

It looked, however, appear to be the audience had the bonus of Duffy-gig, and, not least when she fyrte up his biggest hit as the last song. The problem is that I had already had the title of the track in the head a significant amount of time; Mercy.

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