Saturday, June 28, 2008

28 June: Duffy Live@Glasto

Duffy was live at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday. She played the following set:
  1. Syrup And Honey
  2. Rockferry
  3. Hanging On To Love
  4. Serious
  5. Warwick Avenue
  6. Breaking My Own Heart
  7. Stepping Stone
  8. Delayed Devotion
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Mercy
  11. Distant Dreamer
But the BBC only broadcast 7 songs:
1 Syrup & Honey
2 Rockferry
3 Hanging On Too Long
4 Serious
5 Warwick Avenue
6 Mercy
7 Distant Dreamer

You can watch it all on the BBC website
here. Or download the flv file here. Play it with free FLV PLAYER. Download MP3 audios here:
Glasto Syrup&Honey
Glasto Rockferry
Glasto Hanging on Too Long
Glasto Serious
Glasto WA
Glasto Mercy
Glasto Dis Dreamer

Syrup&Honey followed by Rockferry is below:

Distant Dreamer:

Mercy followed by interview afterwards:

Duffy also did an acoustic version of Mercy:

27 Jun: Duffy Interview (Babyshambles)

Friday, June 27, 2008

27 Jun: Duffy on Rotten

27 Jun: The Sun has some old videos of Duffy

Here is the article with links to watch 2 vids that were shot on a mobile phone.

27 Jun: Duffy show ‘ban’ denied

This response to yesterday's allegations!

Duffy show ‘ban’ denied

WELSH language board officials last night insisted they did not try to ban singing sensation Duffy from performing at a North Wales concert because she would sing in English.

Pwllheli-based music promoter Paul Brett said the incident happened in 2002 when Duffy, from Nefyn, was still unknown.

He claims the Welsh Language Board offered to contribute £100 towards the costs of a concert in Pwllheli but when they found out Duffy would sing only in English they insisted she be taken off the bill.

But both Meirion Prys Jones, the board’s chief executive, and Rhodri Williams, who chaired it at the time, said they had no recollection of the incident.

Duffy, a fluent Welsh speaker who comes from Nefyn, has taken the British and American music scenes by storm.

Language board chief executive Meirion Prys Jones said: “I was deputy chief executive at the time and have no recollection of this. We have no problem funding bilingual events.”

Rhodri Williams, who chaired the board at the time and is now director of Ofcom in Wales, said: “I have no recollection of this at all.

“A grant of £100 would not come before board members. I would not have countenanced any decision to refuse a grant on the grounds that one of the performers was singing in English.”

Writing in Music Maker magazine, Mr Brett claimed: “We were running the Pwllheli Music and Arts Festival in the summer of 2002.

“On the day of the show in the morning, I had a call to tell me the Language Board had insisted that Duffy was taken off the show because she was singing in English.”

Thursday, June 26, 2008

26 Jun: Duffy Live@ Hove Festival, Arendal Norway

NRK streamed ALL of Duffy's set at Hove live on their website, but unlike other bands which are still available to watch, Duffy's concert is not available 'on demand'. My Norwegian friend emailed them asking why and they replied and said they didn't the rights to air it, so for those of us who missed it that is quite a shame.

If you recorded the audio/video live then I know a group of folks who would love to hear/see it so please leave a comment if it ever crops up!

If you have the setlist/pics/vids please leave a comment!

Video of Mercy from the crowd:

26 Jun: Welsh board wanted English-song Duffy banned

This story from today:

Welsh board wanted English-song Duffy banned

by Martin Shipton, Western Mail

A MUSIC promoter who helped singing sensation Duffy in her early years has claimed the Welsh Language Board wanted her banned from performing at a concert because she would be singing in English.

Paul Brett, who has lived in Pwllheli for 10 years and used to run the A&R record label, makes the allegation in an article for Music Maker magazine.

Last night both Meirion Prys Jones, the board’s chief executive, and Rhodri Williams, who chaired it at the time, said they had no recollection of the incident, which Mr Brett says happened in 2002.

Duffy, a fluent Welsh speaker who comes from Nefyn, on the Lln peninsula, has taken the British and American scenes by storm. Her debut album Rockferry has sold more than 700,000 copies in the UK and her song Mercy won the 2008 Song of the Year Mojo award.

In his article, Mr Brett writes: “A few years ago, a young local girl asked my partner, Michele Breeze and I, to help her with her singing career. She was a teenager who had her eyes on being a star in today’s music industry. What’s her name ? Aimee Duffy, better known to the world simply as Duffy.

“We were running the Pwllheli Music and Arts Festival in the summer of 2002. We suggested to Duffy that she enter our talent competition along with quite a few other local singers. She did so and won her heat hands down. We had eight finalists appearing in the festival talent contest. Again, she was voted the best of those on show.

“Shortly after the festival, in the autumn of that year, we sponsored and ran a Pop Cymru show at our local theatre (Neuadd Dwyfor), to give any local young bands and singers the chance to perform in a serious theatre venue to a seated audience.

“Helping us put this show together was a legendary figure in Welsh punk music, Rhys Mwyn, the bassist in Welsh punk band Anhrefn. Rhys is now a top manager in Wales, involved in many projects working with and for acts globally. We were funding the show and Rhys booked the local bands apart from Duffy, who we included in the programme.

“Rhys called me one day and said the Welsh Language Board were impressed with the idea and wanted to contribute the grand sum of £100 towards the event.

“On the day of the show in the morning, I had a nervous and somewhat embarrassed call from Rhys to tell me that the Language Board had insisted that Duffy was taken off the show because she was singing in English. The other eight bands were singing entirely in Welsh, their choice.

“I took a deep breath, thought about it and told Rhys that it was not in our remit to dictate to young talent what they should perform, or in what language they should sing. He wholeheartedly agreed. I then spoke directly to the local guy from the Language Board who had called Rhys and he passed the buck, saying it wasn’t him but his boss in Cardiff who had insisted on Aimee being taken off the show.

“Surprisingly enough, there are two words in the English language that mean exactly the same in the Welsh language and I trust you people who are reading this article know which two I mean.

“So I promptly told the local guy to pass these words on to his boss in Cardiff and instead of taking Duffy off the bill, I took them off and saved taxpayers’ money.

“We never told Duffy about this situation because I fear if we had at that stage in her life, it may have damaged her confidence for the future.

“Saving and promoting a language is admirable, but denying someone the right to speak theirs is a criminal and morally unacceptable thing, especially when it’s being funded by the UK taxpayer.”

Language board chief executive Meirion Prys Jones said: “I was deputy chief executive at the time and have no recollection of this. We have no problem funding bilingual events.”

Rhodri Williams, who chaired the board at the time and is now director of Ofcom in Wales, said: “I have no recollection of this at all. A grant of £100 would not come before board members. I would not have countenanced any decision to refuse a grant on the grounds that one of the performers was singing in English.”

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Jun: Duffy Live@Accelerator Festival,Stockholm

Today Duffy was live at the Accelerator Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. To buy prints of the above photo and loads more go here.

Warwick Avenue
Breaking My Own Heart
Stepping Stone
Delayed Devotion
Distant Dreamer

Apparently, in an interview after the show when asked why she drew the biggest crowd at the festival answered `Because I’ve got boobs and bare legs`.
If anyone has a link to that interview please leave a comment.

25 Jun: Duffy parties with her twin sis (Sun article)

This "news" article from today's Sun.

Duffy parties with her twin sis

Duffy and her siblings

DUFFY’s twin has finally come out of hiding.

The Welsh warbler has been trying to keep her sister secret for months – but finally cracked on a night out for their 24th birthday.

The Duffys – star Aimee Anne, twin Katy and older sister Kelly (centre) – were out on the smash in a swanky club in London’s West End.

It’s only up the M4 but it could have been a million miles from their home town, Nefyn.

The siblings were supposed to be having fun but they make Manc misery MORRISSEY look chipper.

A Duff night out then, girls?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

21 Jun: Duffy Live@Fete de la Musique 2008

Broadcast live on France2 today, here is Duffy performing Mercy (skip to 6mins into the vid to see Duffy).

21 Jun: Courteeners fancy festive Duffy duet

Several articles all over the web today have this story, including here, The Mirror, and Digital Spy:

Courteeners fancy festive Duffy duet
The Courteeners singer Liam Fray has said that he would like to collaborate with Duffy.

Fray claimed the Welsh soul singer is a "dangerous talent" and proposed that his band record a Christmas duet with her.

"I wouldn't mind doing something with Duffy," he told Orange. "She's got a fantastic voice.

"She's a dangerous talent. We're labelmates as well so we're not ruling anything out at this early stage. Christmas single perhaps."

The Manchester band release their new single 'No You Didn't, No You Don't' on June 23.

Friday, June 20, 2008

20 Jun: Duffy sings live WXPN (World Cafe)

The setlist:

Warwick Avenue
Stepping Stone (extra song by Studio request)

Download the MP3 here.

18 Jun: Duffy Live@ FNMTV

Duffy performed live at FNMTV, which was aired on US TV on Friday Night MTV 20th June.

UPDATE 15th July 2008: An EP, featuring Mercy and Warwick Avenue from the show, is available to download only in the US. Click here to view it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

19 Jun: Duffy Live@ El Rey, Los Angeles

Duffy did a live concert at El Rey tonight.

If you have the pics/reviews/vids then please leave a comment!

Thanks Tom (and others LOL) for the setlist:
Syrup & Honey
Please Stay
Delayed Devotion
Warwick Avenue
Stepping Stone
Hanging On Too Long
Breaking My Own Heart
Oh Boy
Distant Dreamer

And thanks to for this video review:

Estorreson ( posted this review:
I found the perfect date night. Too bad it was a one-time-only show in my area — at least for a while. Last night Welsh import Duffy sang jazzy love songs to the sold-out El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for some crowd surfing, an occasional serious injury, screaming rock stars and a lot of jumping around, a Duffy show is not for you. But if a chilled-out crowd, some music played right on point and a good love songs are your thing, get your tickets now.

I can’t put a finger on exactly the type of crowd that was at the show, because frankly, it was a little bit of everything: people in suits coming straight from work, young pop-loving girls (after all, her music has been featured on “The Hills”), couples in their 40s and even an L.A. hipster or two.

And she isn’t just good date music, she may help cure the broken heart as well. Throughout her show, Duffy made clear that most of her songs were written because she was mad at somebody, not blissfully in love. “I won’t bore you with my issues” she said. “I have therapy for that.” Pretty up-front for a sold-out crowd, I think.

Thanks to guymenton for these vids:



Please Stay:

Delayed Devotion:

I'm Scared vid:


Warwick Avenue:

Stepping Stone:

19 Jun: Duffy on Jay Leno again!

Duffy was on Jay Leno tonight for a second time. Warwick Avenue.

19 Jun: Duffy Reigns atop of European Chart

Duffy reigns supreme on European charts

'Mercy' leads Hot 100 Singles for second week

By Paul Sexton, Billboard

June 19, 2008, 01:08 PM

LONDON -- A&M/Universal's Duffy continues her reign on Billboard's pan-European sales charts, as "Rockferry" starts a third consecutive and sixth aggregate week atop European Top 100 Albums and "Mercy" leads Eurochart Hot 100 Singles for a second consecutive week, and third overall.

The Welsh singer adds a third triumph on the European Radio Airplay chart, tabulated by Nielsen Music Control, on which "Mercy" climbs from the second to first spot.

"Rockferry" climbs from No. 2 to No. 1 in Sweden, 9-5 in Austria, 7-5 in Switzerland and 10-7 in Germany. That follows live shows in Cologne and Berlin last week. Duffy's next European date is Wednesday at the Accelerator Festival in Stockholm.

Madonna's "Hard Candy" (Warner Bros.) is at No. 2 for a third week on Top 100 Albums, which it had earlier led for four weeks. It's up from No. 7 to No. 5 in France, but tumbles from the first to fifth spot in Greece. The former Eurochart No. 1 "4 Minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake is at No. 2 behind "Mercy" for a second week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18 Jun: Duffy chats with Ryan Seacrest on Kiis FM

Duffy was interviewed on Ryan Seacrest's morning show on Kiis FM today. (For those Brits who aren't aware, he's the presenter-guy off American Idol TV show!)

Listen here.

18 Jun: Duffy sings Mercy Live (Norway)

This video turned up on today. I think it was recorded in April and maybe aired in Norway on 30th May.


There is a full DVD of Duffy's Shepherd's Bush show available from - just email him to purchase. It's available in US or UK format!

He's doing a deal until the end of June. Not only does this DVD come boxed with colour label/cover, but he is also giving away a FREE DVD of Duffy's TV appearances including the following:
Jonathan Ross Show - 02/08 4m
Culture Show - 02/08 5m
Later With Jolls Holland - 22/02/08 17m
4Play - 03/08 11m
Album Chart Show - 03/08 12m
Warwick Avenue Promo - 2008 4m
E4 Presents Duffy - 27/04/08 23m

But hurry because he says he's only giving away the extra DVD until the end of June, so purchases after that time will only get the Shepherd's Bush full gig DVD and not the TV appearances (although he is a reasonable guy so maybe he'd include it for an extra fee if you are not reading this until after the end of June 08).

Below you can see a sample of his Shepherd's Bush DVD, but obviously the DVD will be a better quality picture since it was shot on mini-dv and transferred to DVD:

18 Jun: Duffy in Gulf News

This today in Gulf News. Click the photo for a larger image.
GET DUFFY'S LOOK Wear vintage designer clothes, because you can never go wrong with that,” says the star. “At the moment I’m wearing vintage Chanel and I also like vintage Gucci, especially little handbags that are old and battered and been around for 40 years. I love wearing things that have been around longer than I have and seen and done more than me.

18 Jun: Duffy on Jay Leno (again)

Duffy will be on Jay Leno on Thursday 19th June. Can someone in the US dvd-record this for me?

I'm also after the MT2 program which airs on Saturday and features Duffy.

Please drop me a comment if you can help me out.

Details of program times here.


Contactmusic has this article today. No doubt it has been exaggerated somewhat, as usual.


A case of mistaken identity reportedly left DUFFY in tears on Monday night (16Jun08) - after punk rocker JOHNNY ROTTEN barked at the star for embracing him.
Rotten - real name John Lydon - was speaking to reporters backstage at London's Mojo Awards when the Welsh singer approached him from behind to give him a hug.
The Sex Pistols frontman was said to have then flown into a rage, whipping round to face the 23-year-old and snarling, "You never, ever do that to me."
Holding back tears, the singer fled from the scene, while Lydon, 52, declared to journalists the scene was like a "bad advert for binge drinking".
But a spokesperson for the Mercy hitmaker has denied she was devastated by the incident, adding, "She went up to John to say hello and he seemed to push her out of the way.
"She was naturally upset but she didn't let it spoil her night and left on a plane yesterday morning to go to the States to do (U.S. talk show) the Jay Leno show. She's over it."
Meanwhile, Lydon has since admitted he is a fan of the star. He says, "Oh, she won an award? I quite like her."

Metro has an article about this "incident".

Duffy in tears after Rotten night

Grumpy punk granddad John Lydon left Welsh star and Mojo Award winner Duffy in floods of tears after verbally abusing her at the Mojo Awards.

Moments after the rising beauty collected her Song of the Year prize for hit Mercy, witnesses say Duffy and Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, were involved in a bust-up.

The incident happened as double doors leading to a press room where Lydon was giving an interview swung open into Duffy's face, slamming her against a wall, witnesses claimed.
'It happened just as everyone was getting ready to have the group winners' picture taken,' said a source.

An eyewitness claims one of the Sex Pistols' aides then became involved and Lydon abandoned the show and left before the event's dinner ended.

Meanwhile, Duffy was left crying and had to collect herself before heading back to the awards' dinner.

Duffy, 23, had apparently been heckled by Rotten during the night. 'He seemed unhappy a pop star was picking up an award at a traditionally rock event,' an insider said.

Rotten, 52, saw his own band picked up the Icon Award.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh star, who left straight after to perform on the Tonight Show in LA, said, 'She went up to say hello to someone she admired and he knocked her out the way. She was very upset and it wasn't very nice. She's fine now.'

A friend of Rotten's, said, 'He was being interviewed and had his back to door and she banged into him and then grabbed him. He then turned round in no uncertain terms to tell her to back off him. He didn't slam a door or pin her up a wall.

Obviously this "story" has spread like wildfire:
Digital Spy
Daily Record
Showbiz Spy

Here Duffy has morphed into Hilary Duff.... Chinese Whispers or what LOL.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 Jun: Duffy Bond Rumours Continue

It started up again with BBC 6 I think:

More articles/rumours:

17 Jun: Distant Dreamer Live!

Some of this session was aired on 3rd April 2008 on French TV - Mercy, Warwick Avenue and interview can be viewed on video here:

But this MP3 appears to be the full session - and this includes DISTANT DREAMER live, which I think is a first isn't it? First time we have found it live on all these TV/Radio appearances I mean.


Warwick Avenue
Stepping Stone
Distant Dreamer

32:36 mins
MP3 ~

17 Jun: Duffy wins Best song at MOJO awards!

Various articles on this today including the BBC.

Watch a video of Duffy accepting the award:

The BBC's article is below.

Duffy wins Mojo best song award

Welsh singer Duffy's single Mercy has been named song of the year at Mojo magazine's awards in central London.

The soul singer lost out in the best breakthrough act category to The Last Shadow Puppets - the side project of Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner.

And she was beaten to best album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Other acts honoured at the reader-voted Mojo Honours List bash at The Brewery included Led Zeppelin, Paul Weller, the Sex Pistols and Genesis.

As she collected her award, Duffy said she had "never won anything" in her life.

The 24-year-old dedicated her win to her father, who is retiring after running a club in her home town, Nefyn, for 35 years.

"He tells me he's only got four bingos left," she said. "So this is for him tonight and thanks everyone for your support."

Mojo's editor-in-chief Phil Alexander told the audience Mercy won because it was "a timeless song".

"It could really have come from any period in time over the last 50 years," he said.

Full list of winners
• Song Of The Year Award: Mercy by Duffy
• Best Breakthrough Act: The Last Shadow Puppets
• Best Album Award: Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
• Hero Award: Motorhead
• Icon Award: The Sex Pistols
• Best Live Act Award: Led Zeppelin
• Classic Songwriter Award: Neil Diamond
• Hall Of Fame: The Specials
• Lifetime Achievement Award: Genesis
• Special Award: Judy Collins
• Legend Award: Irma Thomas
• Classic Album Award: Loveless by My Bloody Valentine
• Inspiration Award: John Fogerty
• Outstanding Contribution To Music Award: Paul Weller
• Roots Award: Toots Hibbert
• Les Paul Award: John Martyn
• Maverick Award: Mark E Smith
• Vision Award: Julien Temple for The Future Is Unwritten
• Compilation Of The Year Award: Juno Original Soundtrack
• Catalogue Release Of The Year: Pillows & Prayers Cherry Red Records 1981-1984

Contactmusic photos:

Metro has a video of the awards.

ITN also has a video.