Monday, June 2, 2008

02 Jun: Duffy Live@ ABC, Glasgow

Duffy was live at the ABC in Glasgow tonight.


Syrup & Honey



Delayed Devotion

I'm Scared

Put it in Perspective

Oh Boy

Warwick Avenue

Stepping Stone

Hanging on too Long

Breaking my Own Heart




Please Stay

Distant Dreamer


Thanks to hollowmancam for the video of Mercy below:

Take a look at Bopshop's photos here (or should that be Bopsiop! LOL)



Fred said...

Rockferry and reprobates.

"The midnight trains are boarding, all reprobates..."

Reprobate - Synonyms: tramp, scoundrel, wastrel, miscreant, wretch, rascal, cad, rogue, outcast, misfit, pariah.

Sounds good to me, especially on a Saturday night! ;-).

Anonymous said...

That was a great performance from Duffy

Anonymous said...

What with the reprobate comment, the Ellen "Degenerate" interview you mentioned on this websites omehwere, BOPSIOP and various other questionable words Duffy comes out with in interviews, I think this just shows her first language is Welsh!
It is a stupid idea educating people in Welsh so they end up with a poor command of the English language!
This is a serious issue for Welsh-speakers. Teach us in English and then we won't come out with silly English which is embarrassing to all fellow Welsh people.

danyelle6974 said...

I think reprobate IS a silly word and although those synonyms you mention Fred are perfectly valid synonyms, reprobate is a term of abuse and shouldn't be used.

The noun means:
1. A morally unprincipled person.
2. One who is predestined to damnation.

Neither of the above are pleasant and are for sure terms of abuse.

She wouldn't have written "midnight train is loading all slags, thickos and degenerates" (ok the last word was for the anti-Welsh nationalist Anonymous LOL)
Reprobates simply doesn't fit and that is why it is amusing..... still maybe Duffy thought it just fit the music well (which it seems to do)
Back to the anti-nationalist Welshie - you had better watch out. I know some Welsh Nationalists read my blog and they won't be happy with you. So the Welsh language seems a bit pointless but it is Welsh culture and they have a right to carry it on. And it is no proof of her intellectual capacity or linguistic ability - maybe you'd make a few gaffs Anon if you were in the spotlight with jetlag. And hey maybe she though Bopsiop was funny. I know I would if I was Welsh and I'd had a few bevies....

danyelle6974 said...

Be brave and write your name you anti-nationalist Welshie LOL
"Every morning I wake up and thank the Lord I'm Welsh"
Now I bet that isn't your fave song, is it Anon?!

Fred said...

Reprobates is a good word to use in this context, actually. I remember being called a reprobate once for being late home and a bit worse for wear. The meaning has changed over the years from the religious clap-trap to the synonyms mentioned. So it is a perfectly valid use by Duffy.

As for the cowardly anti-Welsh twit, he deserves a thorough shoeing - it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant these racists are. Ignorant and pompous ass.

Anonymous said...

Is it really reprobates though .... I don't think we've had the definitive answer yet have we, just speculation?

As for the anti-Welsh Welshie ... well Duffy is proud of her linguistic heritage, so good for her .... what a boring old world it would be if everyone spoke mockney.

BTW anti-Welsh Welshie Duffy went to an English language secondary school ... Sir Thomas Picton in Haverfordwest ... I believe she was in the year below Connie Fisher.

Please don't try to speak for all Welsh people ... I'm sure that very many of us are far more embarrassed by the occasional Dic Sion Dafydd ... The Australians have a good term for such out-dated attitudes ... they call it the cultural cringe.

danyelle6974 said...

Anon is right in saying we haven't had the definitive answer... although in all the ones I have heard I do think that is the word.

As for Fred well I don't know where you are from (The US?) but I am in England (I am only 26 too so no excuses) and I understand the word reprobate to be a harsh term of abuse meaning either a person with no morals or one of the 'unsaved' in religious terms.... when I was a child I remember it being used in a rather harsh way... it does mean the same as your synonym list Fred but can you imagine Duffy singing "Midnight train is loading all miscreants,wretches,outcasts,misfits". Methinks not.
As for the others, cad, scoundrel, tramp, they have been 'disneyfied' and softened and have different semantics. They are not as harsh as reprobates....

I knew that linguistics degree would be good for something LOL Seriously though, it is an odd word. Even if Duffy thinks people getting on the train at midnight are all reprobates who is she to judge and why is she getting on it at that time, how is she any better than all the reprobates? LOL Not the best lyric in the world, now is it?

And as for anti-nationalist Welshie - you are entitled to your opinion, but no need to slag off Duffy for making a faux pas or whatever it is best to call the degenerate episode....

Fred said...

No, you are wrong, Danyelle, linguistics degree or not. What matters in the end is common usage not the dead page of a dictionary.

I am Welsh, and I have worked all my life in London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt-am-Main. I now live in Wales. I speak five languages fairly fluently.

I worked for six years in London, in the seventies, where reprobate was in fairly common usage. It was not meant as harshly derogatory and could be used as a term of endearment (a bit like the four letter word beginning with C). It was used to describe someone out-of-the-usual, not run-of-the-mill: non-conformist or misfit if you will.

Now, surely that is what Rockferry is all about. She is not saying that all people boarding the train are reprobates, only that all reprobates in the area are boarding (as I said: a typical Saturday night occurence where I once lived). And in the song she, herself, is a misfit where she is living, and that is why she is moving to a more solid place in Rockferry.

I am amazed you can't see this!

danyelle6974 said...

Duffy's album isn't exactly poetry and is very simple in that respect (which why some have criticised the lyrics for being run-of-the-mill cheese which has all been done before and why others, like myself, like it so much - it is so easy-going).

The connotations of the word for me are all wrong. It sticks out when you listen to the song and this is enough for it to be a poor choice IMO.

Linguistics was fun and has alot to say about semantics, but my Literature degree taught me that in our post-modern state there are many interpretations ("death of the author" and all that) so don't go calling me wrong. LOL

The fact people can't be sure what the lyrics actually are for the song also show it is a poor choice (some lyrics websites show it as "wrap-up 8s" - what on earth does that mean?!).