Monday, June 9, 2008

09 Jun: Duffy Live@ Palladium, Cologne, Germany

Duffy did a concert live in Cologne tonight.

01: Syrup & honey
02: Rockferry
03: Serious
04: Stepping stone
05: Hanging on too long
06: Perspective
07: Please stay
08: Warwick Avenue
09: Delayed devotion
10: I'm scared
11: Breaking my own heart
12: Tomorrow
13: Mercy

14: Oh boy
15: Distant dreamer

Duffy did something a little different with her hit Mercy - she sung the first verse a cappella and judging by this vid I found on youtube, it sounded superb!

The below vid of 'Please Stay' was taken by Rickstasy:

Below is Put it in Perspective:

Stepping Stone:


Head to one side for Syrup & Honey by SanderHeartxtina below:

View some photos of the gig by Christoph here.

More video links here:
Stepping Stone
Warwick Avenue
Oh Boy
Distant Dreamer

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