Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 Jun: Goldfrapp thinks Duffy is an Amy Winehouse clone

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Alison Goldfrapp thinks Duffy is an Amy Winehouse clone

Alison Goldfrapp has spoken out about her dislike for the never-ending conveyor belt of cloned female singers nowadays -reserving special scorn for Duffy.

Speaking to, the star also said she did not understand why Pete Doherty is called as a genius.

Speaking about female singer/songwriters, Goldfrapp declared that Duffy is merely an Amy Winehouse clone - even though she's got a great voice.

She said: "Great, we've had Amy Winehouse, so now let's have 10 of them, and we'll train them up. That's essentially what Duffy is. I think she's got an amazing voice but essentially she's been trained to sound and be like that.

"It wasn't some crazy idea she had. It was a business plan. Ultimately, if you're talented then it doesn't really matter, but I suppose what it does is breed, whereas it would be nice to have a few runts around."

Goldfrapp also had something to say about Babyshambles frontman Doherty.

"Like the tradition of 'rock star' - what's his face, Babyshambles? - classic, fucked up, takes drugs, he must be a genius," she mused. "That really winds me up because he's read some books on poetry, so therefore he must be a fucking genius?"


John T. said...

(From a Duffy fan in Seattle, USA) Forgive me as an outsider to the UK snipe patrol, but who is Alison Goldfrap? I've seen a few similar comments on YouTube comparing (sometimes negatively) Duffy to Amy Winehouse, but I dont get it -- their voices are not similar at all, nor is the music they sing. Seems to me that such commentators must have a LOT of time on their hands to dream up such silly (and bitter) comparisons. Just enjoy the music, OK?

Anonymous said...

Search youtube for goldfrapp and you'll hear they do have a distinctive sound of sorts.... it seems to me all these singers are endlessly bithin about each other.. As soon as one gets more success then the others then they get targeted by snide comments. What a circus.

Anonymous said...

42 year old Alison Goldfrap(p) dresses like a 12 year old ... her image seems to be based on the work of the German photographer Helmut Newton - although she looks more like Vivienne Westwood. I suppose Newton was pretty big when she went to art college in the mid-Eighties. Musically she's a bit of a Kate Bush wannabe with a Kraftworky beat.

I guess she is really fed-up because her latest album came out about the same time as Rockferry. She could try getting her facts straight but at least it got her name in the papers ... well NME if nowhere else. I quite like her but I am cooling rapidly.

You want some cheap publicity ... hey just slag off Duffy ... losers