Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Contactmusic has this article today. No doubt it has been exaggerated somewhat, as usual.


A case of mistaken identity reportedly left DUFFY in tears on Monday night (16Jun08) - after punk rocker JOHNNY ROTTEN barked at the star for embracing him.
Rotten - real name John Lydon - was speaking to reporters backstage at London's Mojo Awards when the Welsh singer approached him from behind to give him a hug.
The Sex Pistols frontman was said to have then flown into a rage, whipping round to face the 23-year-old and snarling, "You never, ever do that to me."
Holding back tears, the singer fled from the scene, while Lydon, 52, declared to journalists the scene was like a "bad advert for binge drinking".
But a spokesperson for the Mercy hitmaker has denied she was devastated by the incident, adding, "She went up to John to say hello and he seemed to push her out of the way.
"She was naturally upset but she didn't let it spoil her night and left on a plane yesterday morning to go to the States to do (U.S. talk show) the Jay Leno show. She's over it."
Meanwhile, Lydon has since admitted he is a fan of the star. He says, "Oh, she won an award? I quite like her."

Metro has an article about this "incident".

Duffy in tears after Rotten night

Grumpy punk granddad John Lydon left Welsh star and Mojo Award winner Duffy in floods of tears after verbally abusing her at the Mojo Awards.

Moments after the rising beauty collected her Song of the Year prize for hit Mercy, witnesses say Duffy and Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, were involved in a bust-up.

The incident happened as double doors leading to a press room where Lydon was giving an interview swung open into Duffy's face, slamming her against a wall, witnesses claimed.
'It happened just as everyone was getting ready to have the group winners' picture taken,' said a source.

An eyewitness claims one of the Sex Pistols' aides then became involved and Lydon abandoned the show and left before the event's dinner ended.

Meanwhile, Duffy was left crying and had to collect herself before heading back to the awards' dinner.

Duffy, 23, had apparently been heckled by Rotten during the night. 'He seemed unhappy a pop star was picking up an award at a traditionally rock event,' an insider said.

Rotten, 52, saw his own band picked up the Icon Award.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh star, who left straight after to perform on the Tonight Show in LA, said, 'She went up to say hello to someone she admired and he knocked her out the way. She was very upset and it wasn't very nice. She's fine now.'

A friend of Rotten's, said, 'He was being interviewed and had his back to door and she banged into him and then grabbed him. He then turned round in no uncertain terms to tell her to back off him. He didn't slam a door or pin her up a wall.

Obviously this "story" has spread like wildfire:
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Here Duffy has morphed into Hilary Duff.... Chinese Whispers or what LOL.


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Rotten denies Duffy wrongdoing:

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Rotten accused of beating TV assistant:

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Looks like those good manners that he was brought up with are REALLY apparent.