Wednesday, June 4, 2008

04 Jun: Duffy Live@Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Duffy was live tonight at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London.

There is the full DVD of this show available from - just email him to purchase. It's available in US or UK format!
For £12GBP he's doing a deal until the end of June. Not only does this DVD come boxed with colour label/cover, but he is also giving away a FREE dvd of Duffy's TV appearances including the following:
Jonathan Ross Show - 02/08 4m
Culture Show - 02/08 5m
Later With Jolls Holland - 22/02/08 17m
4Play - 03/08 11m
Album Chart Show - 03/08 12m
Warwick Avenue Promo - 2008 4m
E4 Presents Duffy - 27/04/08 23m

But hurry because he says he's only giving away the extra DVD until the end of June, so purchases after that time will only get the Shepherd's Bush full gig DVD and not the TV appearances (although he is a reasonable guy so maybe he'd include it for an extra fee if you don't read this until after the end of June 08).

Below you can see a sample of his Shepherd's Bush DVD, but obviously the DVD will be a better quality picture since it was shot on mini-dv and transferred to DVD:

The Times only gave it 3 out of 5 stars! Here is their review below:

She was tipped to be the Amy Winehouse of 2008, but the comparison was wildly wide of the mark. Not only does Duffy’s retro soul steal from a different sort of Sixties pop – bright-eyed and British – but her career has been so meticulously managed that she may as well have been an X Factor winner rather than a runner-up on a regional relation. Yet while no one would wish Winehouse’s woes on another artist, a touch of the chaos and unpredictability of Amy’s performances would have been welcome at Duffy’s slick, but frequently soulless, sold-out Shepherds Bush Empire show.

The most successful of this year’s new pop prospects – her 1.5 million-selling album Rockferry has been in the Top Ten since its release more than two months ago, and recently entered at No 4 in the States – Duffy has yet to start acting the star. It was her sweet, girl-next-doorness that she played up during the hour she spent on stage. When she walked, she took baby steps; when she stopped, she mimicked moves seen on the Sixties TV series Ready, Steady, Go! There was the wrist flick, the hand on hip and head cocked to one side and, whenever the pace picked up, the sideways knee swivel. During Rockferry she stood on the drum riser and raised one arm in the air, though held the pose too long.

Duffy’s opening gambit to an audience of smartly dressed twenty and thirtysomethings too busy studiously studying the singer to move their feet or even show much emotion was: “It’s rude for me not to introduce myself – I’m Duffy.” The line has been reeled out on previous nights of this tour. Her six-piece, all-male band were note-perfect and never too intrusive and her arresting, lightly croaked vocals effortlessly filled the venue. In a puffy mini-skirt, sleeveless top and bright red high heels that she said made her feel like Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, Duffy looked yummy.

Yet there was a distinct lack of drama, at least until the current single, Warwick Avenue, arrived mid-set. A majestically swelling hip-shaker with chiming percussion, it was greeted with cheers, not least when Duffy claimed to have penned it four years ago on en route to a show here – news, perhaps, to its two co-authors. The ubiquitous but still superb Mercy was the only other song Duffy truly inhabited, although a stripped-down Oh Boy in the encore came close. The 23-year-old certainly has star quality, but at the moment it’s on loan from somebody else.

JamieLeeDay filmed Hanging on Too Long:

Some great photos here by Dan Griffiths.

Some more by Katie Nelson here.

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