Thursday, July 3, 2008

03 Jul: Duffy Live@Roskilde Festival

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Today Duffy played live at the Roskilde Festival.

If you have the setlist,reviews,pics,vids then please leave a comment!

Scandanavian fans can view Mercy,Stepping Stone and Warwick Avenue performances from this the concert on here. I cannot view these videos so if you can download them for me please let me know! It is really easy - just leave a comment and I'll tell you how.

Someone has already uploaded the Mercy video on youtube:

There are reviews here, here and here but they are not in English.

Some fab photos here. Click on them for larger images.

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Photo by Thomas Lekfeldt

Photo by Thomas Lekfeldt

There is another review here and their photo is below:


vernieb said...

Please let me know the trick to downloading videes off the net. Thanx

Anonymous said...

You have Windows? Use free program! Can you see the videos?