Thursday, October 30, 2008

30 Oct: Duffy sings at Saks Fifth Ave

This blog has a review of the event and this website says:
Capping off the evening, Welsh singer Duffy performed four songs, including her hit “Mercy.” Telling the crowd she had been given the opportunity to “clean out” Saks, the cutie songstress sang her heart out. She revealed Escada’s stylish role at the beginning of her career, when the brand dressed in her in one of her first designer duds over a year ago

Here is a report from the evening, pasted in below.

Duffy Takes the Stage at Saks

Duffy in Escada. Photo By: Steve Eichner

The second floor of Manhattan's Saks Fifth Avenue looked more like a concert venue and less like a department store on Thursday night when Welsh crooner Duffy took the stage at a fete in honor of Escada creative director Damiano Biella.

Hilary Swank, Blair Husain and co-host Amy Sacco were on hand for the event, which benefited Free Arts NYC, a charity that provides underprivileged children with education in the arts.

The evening was a change of pace for Swank. "I rarely ever party," said the actress before heading to a VIP area for the show.

Duffy, meanwhile, had cause to celebrate. After her set, the chanteuse was invited to browse the merchandise in the otherwise abandoned store.

"I feel like the president," she said. "I'd like to get a pair of good fitting underwear."

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