Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 Oct: Alice Radio 'Now & Zen' Show, Golden Gate Park

UPDATE 14/10/08: This podcast is available from Alice Radio:
Duffy at Now and Zen 2008
Jayn interviews Duffy backstage at Now and Zen 2008.

UPDATE 14/10/08:
Alice Radio now has these photos of Duffy from their "Now and Zen" concert. There are a photos of an interview with Duffy so maybe they will update the link with videos.


Radio Alice held this event so I keep expecting them to air something from the concert and/or put something on their website.

If you find anything please let me know. If you see a schedule somewhere and you know in advance when Duffy will be on the radio please let me know.

There is this audience-recorded snippet on youtube but that's it so far:

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