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10 Oct: Duffy's 5 Days in Japan

All the details of Duffy's trip to Japan are now here. I've pasted in below the google translate results from Japanese.

I still haven't found any videos of the TV appearances Duffy did in Japan, the most prominent that has aired so far being Duffy's appearance on NHK's "Music Japan". If anyone finds anything (even just a youtube type video or some photos) then please leave a comment!

  • Duffy Book of Japan (2008 September 29 - October 2008 5 days)
  • September 29th
    'Saturday Night Live' appearance was to stay in the United States for the evening aboard a flight arriving in Japan.
    A-line coat in red, black and black tights and ballet shoes, flat-topped Duffy appeared. Could you look a little tired, but very cute. To continue US tour that will also have the generous amount of luggage. (4 weeks worth of luggage!) Camel-colored bag with a set of unified. Feel a sense of her choice.
    The visit was really looking forward to it. Now, the town was very clean and were impressed.
    On this day, and slowly break at the hotel.
  • In the morning of September 30, and punctual. Duffy is the essential energy, it is surprising and coffee. Duffy loves Starbucks, for a latte will be available every time. On this day, white blouse, black miniskirt and Lacey, and black tights + shades of black and deep red high-heeled shoes. When the cold came purple cardigan.
    Duffy will be the point of style, the cardigan. Cardigan sweater than it was love.
    Because of the high heel, I see a very high stature, but Duffy's is a very petite.
    On this day, "I laughed," appeared on. 番組のSETをみて感動してました。 SET is expected to show were impressed. I'm not in the United Kingdom.
    The waiting time for rehearsals and production of the rice. Duffy replied to the request, miso soup and choice of drink shops. Today, the red challenge as a pretext. Basic, it was not like raw fish, the tuna sashimi, I tried to challenge. And it was delicious. Then, walk around in the dry-goods store, and clothing to the beauty of love at first sight, somewhere in the photograph is wearing a kimono and want to do! There is a request, because it takes time to dress, and came to Japan in March when in reality scuttle Let it!
    A bag of clothes, pack, with various knick-knacks and was fascinating to me.
    On this day, "I love Japan," OBOEMASHITA word. Incidentally, the "Hello" "Thank you" "hi" before the visit and has learned. After a good and the accompanying TSUAMANE, at the request of the monitor's uncle Tokyu Hands! However, Duffy said that it wants to see your clothes, to a certain department store.
    APC shops and a total of six points in the southeast (cardigans, jackets, shirts and two sweaters border, the border knit NOSURIVU) purchase of a sudden your clothes! Border is your favorite'll be comfortable + points. Tops on the small side I like to put together. Anyway, I think I have a loyalty to the style, and I think DAFIRASHII buy some things. And all of them were perfect.The Japanese have learned here, "cute". Shops as well as other people, all the "cute" and so I continued. Duffy pretext, the Japanese girls at the lovable and that they were stylish. I really enjoyed the shopping, as an excuse to buy too much, "I have always been a busy tour, and I do not buy, this much, I..分っmonths to do that.. "It was on.
    After returning to the hotel, get dressed. Now, the border of black tights, black knit dress and black shoes appeared in the flat. High-heeled shoes, shoes match the performance.
    Energetic coverage, and doing the best. Japanese right across the middle, or the answer to a question that contains a lot of humor, her head was forced feel good.
    After the interview, as tired as might be expected, slowly at the hotel.
  • During the morning of October 1, the Imperial Palace. MITARASHIKU a big carp, "It was like a porpoise," and was smiling. Liquid Room in a black jacket bought the previous day, appeared in a red shirt. "Japanese girls are all trendy, fashionable style of the girls I have been together!" Were saying.
    その後、今日のSHOWに向けて、念入りにメイク開始。 After that, for today's SHOW, elaborate makeup on. まずは、NHK First, NHK for the shooting of her, Navy and white mini wampee border, appeared in a red high-heeled.
    SHEILA meeting with her was a large and enthusiastic. SHEILA is a nice, and Duffy Wow. SHEILA's personality, and her shoes SHEILA love at first sight.
    I saw in the middle of a meeting of the Japanese immersion moving machine. My songs are written in Japanese, and wants to throw the most inclusive. After all the recording, back in the dressing room, this time to prepare for the SHOW.
    "What's on stage or I'll talk about that?" Seriously studying Japanese. Campe create their own. "NIHONNIKORETEURESHIIDESU" "KONNICHIWA" and write full ARRIVAL. I hear a lot to learn so fast. And other countries, Duffy is quick to drown the words of reason, her first language, but there is Welsh. Even in France, in the same way as Japanese, French, with a pincer that could respond to an interview.
    SHOWへの準備の中、楽屋で感動していたのが、とても小さいスチーマー。 in preparation for the dressing room was impressed with the SUCHIMA very small. "I have a nice handy! Never buy! When I tour, and carry a big SUCHIMA I'm not really hard," Akihabara has been eager to visit. After that, with the band, and relax, and eat a green soybean, and a break.
    Attractive and different from the album, and her live a unique and wonderful singing voice has to be drunk.
    Set list,
    1 Syrup&honey
    2 rockferry
    3 hanging on too long
    4 serious
    5 breaking my own heart
    6 rain on your parade
    7 Warwick avenue
    8 delayed devotion
    9 stepping stone
    10 tomorrow
    11 mercy
    12 Distant Dreamer
    In early March, also has decided to tour to Japan. Please, please, to taste raw emotion.
  • October 2, Duffy style of the day, was purchased at Takashimaya cardigan, jeans and black flats.
    Today, as the first one from Asia, conducted the interview.
    Udon noodles for lunch today. Pretty hard-core do not like Japanese food, noodles, I love it.
    I asked other staff during lunch, as is the fish are going, like a snail shell TSUBU have a veryROSHIKATTARASHIKU,
    And hidden the lid.
    Incidentally, the day before, I yam a flakes of the bad side of oneself that the eyes were averted. "Met with Japanese food come to London because" that the Japanese diet is still a beginner. Men want to have loved and much of a soybean paste miso ramen, or noodle stew with miso want to be a challenge.
    Japan's questions, and the music is very impressive and a lot of things. A fashion magazine shoot, the more stylish look with renewed vigor and makeup,
    Japanese and learn more. On this day, "KONBANWA" has learned. After the promotion, experience a massage, sleep.
  • Oct. 3 in the morning, black jacket (bought in Japan) + + jeans, black boots Inner +. Hair black hair ribbons appeared on the band-sister. Cute. Good luck gave up early morning. Because of Cast copy for the special! In fact, a women's magazine interview on Friday, graced the cover sample was submitted to Mr. Fukuyama, Duffy was love at first sight, what, in the dressing room next to her surprise that Fukuyama!
    DO happen! Make way, but still! That was flat out and女NO子RASHI.
    Dane gain in production, wearing a purple dress. Was also fashionable, right? Performance is a sight to see. Students listen to the voice of her more distinctive and attractive look. Cast ago was a little nervous is that the Japanese also showed a fresh mind, who Good luck and best.
    Then, just a little bit back to the hotel to sleep, and the best hotels in the box when he interviewed me.
    Edamame infinite bubble wrap? In moving! And the staff of the Japanese kimono patterns got back from the bowl and the excitement of the gift! All the friendly people of Japan, and is really nice and were impressed.
    In the first bullet train, and enjoy the scenery was said to sleep. I also like Mount Fuji.
    This date back to the hotel for bedtime snack.
  • October 4, Osaka, Nagoya promotions.
    First, you'll be impressed by the weather. The style of the day, a red gingham check, miniskirts, and Lacey Ivory beige shirt + flats.
    Catering is ready to "Edamame" to discover the KABURITSUI. In some interviews, too.
    And, "OOKINI" to acquire Osaka dialect!
    I love Edamame. In Udon lunch. Did not have the time, so as not eating End, but when it came next were going to go and NA.
    In Nagoya, DJ provided Swarowsky from the charm of the color green soybean! Great joy in that. Immediately radio stations to digital printing machine was a great joy. To see what looks like a lot of fun.
    Photo UTSUTTA a little "Psycho" to feel, say, in the face of the graffiti on their own, is mischievous.
    ZIP as the MUSE返RU also enjoy the aroma of the flowers. I love you like flowers? To dinner, with Shinkansen Mac. Filet-O-Fish is good! ARRIVAL and happy.Of course, do not forget chips.
    In the Shinkansen, UK for the radio to take the comment seriously worried ARRIVAL. 面白 I want fun and play like men and women fighting the comments were very hard on the idea,,,
  • October 5, for fatigue, relax, but unfortunately the tour was not reported.
    Review of the promotion for future promotions and said, to Narita. Japanese journalist's question about music to be heard in many, many very good question, or the characteristics of each country as well to understand that you have to work hard. Every time a promotional visit to the country in the country to study the market as well. In Japan, Duffy also become a favorite of one of the country.
    When visiting Japan in March, has a kimono, and more shopping and went to Kyoto, and many have a lot to love.
  • Re-Live in Japan, looking forward to us!

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