Saturday, October 25, 2008

25 Oct: MGM Grand Foxwoods, Mashantucket

If you have the setlist, pics, vids, or a review please leave a comment.


hawks299 said...

Duffy was fabulous - what a great concert! She wore a short black dress with black stiletto heels. It was amazing to see her in person, such a big, powerful voice! She performed 12 songs in just about an hour.

~Set List~

Syrup & Honey
Hanging on Too Long
Rain on Your Parade
Breaking My Own Heart
Warwick Avenue
Delayed Devotion
Stepping Stone
Distant Dreamer (Encore)

Duffy kept encouraging the audience to get up and dance or move to the music. Finally, during Mercy, an older female fan went up to the stage and high-fived Duffy. Then another woman did the same and Duffy took her hand and pulled her up onstage. Then a mad rush took place as several people also ran towards the stage. Approximately 10-12 people were dancing on the stage while Duffy kept on singing Mercy, before security kept the others at bay in front of the stage. The concert was very intimate and well worth the price. The only complaint would be that it was too short (MGM Grand had it advertised as being scheduled from 9:00 PM until 10:30 PM EDT). Duffy has a God-given talent that she graciously shares with music lovers all over the world! Cannot wait to see her again!

Anonymous said...

the lady that got pulled on stage was my mom. if you know of a video on youtube or some other site please let comment back. I was not there and would love to see it. thanks

Anonymous said...

Syrup and honey
Hanging on too long
Rain on your parade
Breaking my own heart
Warwick Ave
Delayed devotion
Stepping stone
Encore: Distant Dreamer

I preferred her performance in Boston in August in part because I'd rather hear Cry to me than rain on your parade, but mainly because the atmosphere was lacking at Foxwoods. The balcony wasn't open and the rest of the place was only 2/3 full and all seating with a not very appreciative crowd (people were leaving or going out and returning with drinks). She was very talkative - on her first time in a casino and did her best to involve the crowd but only really succeeded with Mercy when all of us near the front stood up. When a woman approached the stage Duffy literally dragged her up there to dance and soon there were a good 10 others on stage with her; unfortunately I was a bit too far away to gain access!