Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct: Duffy's Tv Gig Packs The Pews

Some pictures of Duffy at the St Lukes Session appeared today in the Daily Record. Click the picture for a much larger image.

Duffy's Tv Gig Packs The Pews

CHART-TOPPING Duffy brought her award-winning week to an end with an exclusive gig on BBC1.

The Welsh singer, who won Best Breakthrough Artist at the Q Awards, will perform tracks from her album Rockferry in an 18th-century London church for the show, to be shown on Sunday.

But Duffy is still shy of fame. She said: "The pop star thing really wasn't in my mind when I started.

"I just wrote a bunch of songs. I didn't want to be famous, and I still don't." Oops, too late.


Anonymous said...

Duffy's most exotic gig venue so far?

Anonymous said...

Duffy interview and two full songs at St Lukes: