Saturday, October 4, 2008

04 Oct: Duffy Live Shows in Japan

Duffy has done more shows/appearances in Japan. This official website has some details.

Oct 5th - Fuji TV: Duffy is on a program called "笑っていいとも!増刊号" (Something like "A Good Laugh" or "Your Smiling") which was recorded on 30th September. This seems to be a lunchtime Japanese show which is broadcast between 10am and 11:50am (Japanese time GMT+8) Sunday October 5th on Fuji TV. You can watch Fuji TV via Keyhole TV 3.09 (click to download) but maybe this appearance will appear on youtube or youku.

Oct 10th - NHK: Duffy is on NHK's "Music Japan" on Thursday night. I am also unsure of the time. Duffy will perform "Mercy" on the show.

Dec 19th - WOWOW: Duffy's concert the Liquid Room will be broadcast on WOWOW (I guess is this a Japanese TV channel?) December 19th at 19:50 (time may change).

If you can record these shows or know someone who can please let me know!


HDfan said...

Hi, i don't have idea, who capped Duffy in "Music Japan" on NHK

danyelle6974 said...

Just leave messages on relevant forums and blogs and get the word out and then we might get someone to record these...