Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Oct: Duffy Live@ The Orhpeum, Vancouver

UPDATE 1st Jan: The below interview (presumably done around 16th when Duffy was in Vancouver) appeared yesterday on youtube.

If you have the setlist from this gig, any pics,vids please leave a comment.

There's a review here.

The below photos are by the Vancouver Sun.

The Vancouver Sun also has a review of this gig which I've put below.

Review: Welsh sensation Duffy charms Orpheum Theatre crowd
by Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER - Welsh pop sensation, Duffy, unleashed her retro soul sound to a packed Orpheum Theatre on Thursday night singing from her hit debut album, Rockferry.

She did it in high style with more than a little sex appeal, none of which was lost on her fans.

Wearing a slinky, red dress, the 24-year-old blonde, whose sound has been compared to Amy Winehouse, was met with wild applause and plenty of whistles as she greeted her audience.

"There's one thing I know about you Canadians, you are lovely," she said, smiling. "It's a real pleasure to be here. "

The petite singer kicked off the hour-long show with a nice and crackly rendition of the song, Syrup and Honey.

Drenched in white spotlights, Duffy posed - arm fanning over her head, neck thrown back - and shuffled across the stage in stilettos.

Paying attention? You betcha.

"How are you doing?" she asked, suddenly interrupting the song to the cries of delight from the crowd before finishing off with more of her vocal twists and turns.

Next, she sang the title track from her album, Rockferry.

And this is where things became abundantly clear.

Live, Duffy is plain old sensational.

She's irresistible, from her big, nouveau Motown sound and soulful voice to her pin-up hairdo and retro dance moves.

It's no wonder Duffy, born Aimee Anne Duffy, is up for three MTV Europe Music Awards next month, including best new act.

She's really good.

First off, there's her signature, a surprisingly big, penetrating voice that seems capable of doing almost anything. It sort of criss-crosses from the past to the future, from soul to pop and from crackle to purr.

And then there's Duffy herself, the young diva from Whales, swinging a microphone and kicking up her legs.

When she introduced an energetic new song, Rain On Your Parade, she presented it by saying: "I'd like to take the pleasure of introducing it to you Canadians."

Another highlight was her performance of Warwick Avenue, a finger-snapping song that Duffy made bigger in her live show, thanks to her full-blown vocals.

This was true for Stepping Stone too, which felt slower and heavier than on the album - in a good way.

Next came the best part of the night with her hit, Mercy.

"You're all sitting down and I'm pouring my heart out to you," she said before singing the hit single. "Please feel free to get up and move your Canadian asses."

And everyone did. Especially Duffy, who was busy strutting to her own beat, without missing a note.

She seemed like she was having a blast and her enthusiasm was contagious.

At one point during the song she stood on a small, lit platform on-stage, against a wall of blinking lights. And she just swung the microphone round and round and round.

The crowd loved it, telling her so with applause and more whistling.

"Thank you so much Vancouver," she said, after tying a ribbon on the night with a perfect encore, the anthem, Distant Dreamer. "Thanks."

Right back at you Duffy.

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