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11 Mar: The Sun Biz Live Sessions from December


Edgy and distinctive ... Duffy in the Sun studios

Duffy performed these live sessions back in December, when she covered Nat King Cole's classic Christmas Song. Now The Sun have put up more songs from the Session.

Endlessly video:

The Sun article says:

Duffy's new 'mockney twang'

DUFFY has one of the most recognisable voices in the music business.

But the Welsh wonder has picked up a "city twang" since moving to London a year ago.

Professional ... Duffy
Ultimate professional ... Duffy

The singer set up home in the British capital mid-way through making her second album Endlessly.

Her rugby star fella MIKE PHILLIPS still lives in Wales and during a recent trip back their pals gave Duffy a royal ribbing.

"I'm sounding more and more English," she said.

"I've picked up a mockney twang. My friends tell me I have a city twang when I go home."

It wasn't evident during her Biz Session, which included single Well, Well, Well, Don't Forsake Me and Endlessly.

Instead Duffy's edgy vocals were backed by a soulful band which incorporated a BEER bottle into the set's percussion.

No doubt a nod to Duffy's fondness for a stiff drink.

The pint-sized singer is now preparing to move on again, both in her career and home.

A recent debut in small-time indie flick Patagonia has opened up her eyes to the movie world.

She's also seeking a move to France as she conjures up ideas of a third album.

Duffy said: "The film was brilliant. I got to become someone else for a little holiday during shooting for a few weeks.

"My character Sissy was the girl I used to be in Wales. A real misfit."

Of selling her London pad, Duffy added: "I get itchy feet. I've only had my place a year but don't like staying in one place for too long.

"One day when life makes a bit more sense, I might live with Mike or he'll live with me.

"We'll go to France. I feel embraced there. They treat me as one of their own."

The star then turned her attentions to future collaborations, adding: "JAY-Z is somebody who would be intriguing to observe.

"I also have a lot of respect for DIZZEE RASCAL. He's very cheeky."

Movie debut ... Duffy's character Sissy livens up an Argentinian chap's travels
Movie debut ... Duffy's character Sissy livens up an Argentinian chap's travels

Watch this space.

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