Friday, March 4, 2011

4 Mar: Duffy's "adult movie" comments sweep the web

This story has got around the internet. It apparently started by comments Duffy made to OK!TV.
The below article is from AOL:

Duffy says she was told she 'should be a porn star'

Dominic Lipinski, PA Photos

Duffy's acting career was launched this week with the general release 'Patagonia' -- but she has revealed that some US movie producers thought she should play more "adult" roles instead.

The Welsh singer stars in the film opposite Matthew Rhys in her acting debut, but in an interview with OK! TV (viaContactmusic) it was apparently recommended that she should have tried starring in pornography instead.

Needless to say, the singer was left a little deflated by the suggestion and is delighted to have landed the role in the Welsh themed 'Patagonia' instead.

She said: "I always felt quite disappointed because whenever I went to America and met anybody they never really said I was a great singer, they said 'She should be a porn star!' and I'd say 'But what about the songs?' I couldn't escape it. I think I started at the right place with the part, with a connection to Wales."

As previously reported, it had been suggested that Duffy is on verge of quitting music after poor sales and feedback for her second album, 'Endlessly'. It has been a somewhat epic fall from grace for the singer, whose debut album 'Rockferry' had proved to be a massive hit -- and apparently now she just wants to "have babies, get married and live in the country."

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