Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reply from Polydor regarding Duffy's second single

I got a reply to my email which asked two things:
1. Is Duffy giving up music for good?
2. Will Duffy's second single "My Boy" (and bonus track "Tell Me") be released?

The answer was a one-liner similar in wording to what we have read in a couple of articles. Here is is in it's entirety:

Hi Danyelle,

Thanks for your email

With regard to the below, Duffy is taking a break before starting work on her next album


As you can see, it doesn't answer the second question, so I promptly emailed back to confirm whether the second single would be released or not...and then got this reply:

That’s correct it won’t be released


So at this stage it looks like the second single will not be released. Who knows whether this means bonus track "Tell Me" is lost forever. It seems to me though that, since Duffy is making a few public appearances right now, it would be a great time to release a second single - even if it was just a download-only.

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