Friday, March 4, 2011

04 Mar: More comments by Duffy on the red carpet get into the papers...

This is from the Express newspaper.


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DUFFY has admitted that dealing with the huge pressure of fame is her ­biggest challenge and something that she has to cope with “one day at a time”.
The 26-year-old was reportedly close to having a nervous breakdown shortly after becoming a household name in 2008 with her song Mercy. She thought about becoming reclusive and found it “scary” when recognised in the street.
But at the premiere of her film Patagonia, in which she makes her acting debut, Duffy told us that she tries to keep positive.
“The hardest thing I’ve had to get through is my own mind. You have to keep your mind in check and make sure you enjoy the finer things in life like laughing and friends, Wales, cake, coffee, good books, good films, keeping yourself occupied with good things and not bad things. You could over-worry, over-think, lie in bed at night complicating your life. I like to keep things straightforward.
“I can’t predict my own future so I take every day as it comes. I want to be brave enough to take new adventures on.”
The singer’s life has certainly become sweeter since she got together with Welsh rugby player Mike Phillips 18 months ago.
And with the 28-year-old Ospreys star recently admitting that he is considering joining the rugby exodus to France when his time with the club is up, Duffy could well be exchanging the stresses of the UK for a quiet life on the other side of the Channel.
“She is big in France and would love it,” Mike told the Daily Express.
Less Mercy, more merci, Duffy?

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