Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duffy Live DVD - Is it Official?

The saga continues - read my earlier blogpost about it.

I was sent this photo from Duffysmate (Massive thanks Duffysmate!) who procured a copy from an Amazon marketplace seller for under a tenner. Make sure you guys don't get ripped off and pay £17+ for this (which an ebay seller is trying to get for it) as we still aren't sure whether it is official or not.
Click the photo for a larger image.

Duffysmate says:
I have received the Japan DVD and I have to say that both the visual and audio quality are superb. From the credits it looks like the production has been done by a small Japanese company, maybe licensed by Universal Group. Duffy's performance is one of the best I have seen her give. Certainly worth buying in my opinion, the box contains a picture disc and flyer with the same pic as the front cover and a track listing.
Personally I'm a happy with the version which was recorded from Japanese TV so I'm giving this one a miss for now....

Please leave a comment if you have any opinions or info about whether this DVD is official.

Merry Christmas Duffy fans!

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